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Faulty Merchandise

Purchased a commode that leaks, called customer care to ask about returning it due to the fact that I had thrown away the box; I was told they would come out and measure and I can purchase another.

-by (Sep. 3, 2015)

poor service

LG refrigerator waiting over a month for parts.lowes action team never calls back their local service provider never calls back. When you call the service number they tell you the same thing every time. I would never buy an appliance from lowes again. Support your local appliance store

-by (Jun. 23, 2015)


I bought a Samsung washer at Lowes that broke down in 4 months. Its been 80 days and Lowes has not been able to provide me with replacement even after it was determined that it was not repairable. Long story short they have very nice customer care people who can only deliver nice words but zero service. Too much red tape and no zero accountability.

-by (May. 14, 2015)

Still waiting on a double oven. Poor practices

We paid Lowes of Tigard Oregon for a double convection oven November 2014, we were told by the sales staff, and customer services the stove would arrive at the store 7 to 10 buisness days. Then told before Christmas, then the first part of January , then middle of February. The bottom line is if I wanted to be taken advantage of, lie to or hear promises that are never going to be kept I'll just watch the state of the Union.

-by (Jan. 27, 2015)

Do not back up products

I purchased a whirlpool fridge just 18 months ago from Lowes and it is still under warranty. Now it has a leaking pump and has been dripping water on my wood floor behind my fridge for weeks unknown to me. Customer service line was rude to me and refuses to offer any compensation towards fixing my floor that their faulty fridge ruined.

-by (Jan. 13, 2015)

no right at all

they fired my friend for its not right its stupid do not shop ther at all in hazard ky

-by (Dec. 3, 2014)

Another Dissatisfied Contractor

I am a contractor who has spent well over $100,000 last year on kitchen cabinets and vanities. I have a customer who pick out a vanity that cost $4000. They went to Lowe's where they were told that they should purchase their own cabinets instead of having a contractor purchase it. They were told that he could give a discount. I have never received a discount from Lowe's! Even with all the cabinets I've purchased and all the money I've spent. Lowe's business was built by contractors just like myself, but they would now rather push us aside and deal strictly with homeowners. I have purchased my last cabinet from Lowe's. I case your aware their is another company named Home Depot that would love my business and will give me a 10% discount. GOODBYE LOWE'S

-by (Oct. 12, 2014)

"Above and Beyond"

I had a memorable experience when I moved last week. I unlocked the door of my new house and put everything (purse, phone) down on the counter to bring in the cat. Once Coco was settled, I walked back out to the garage to unload the car, carefully shutting the door behind me. Having been "home" for ten minutes, I had promptly locked myself out of the house. It was blazing hot, no one was home in my neighborhood, and then here comes the Lowe's truck with my new refrigerator. Jeff and David from the Clayton, N.C. store, took one look at me, got me into the truck where the air conditioning was mercifully cool, handed me an unopened bottle of water from their cooler and told me not to worry. They'd figure this out. And they did. Within a half hour Jeff was explaining my new refrigerator to me and David had unloaded my other purchases. I have never imagined delivery people to be so kind and to go out of their way like Jeff and David did. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you both. And thank you, Lowe's, for hiring such quality human beings.

-by (Jul. 14, 2014)

Exterior Doors

I went in your Lowes store in Albany on April 13, 2014 to select two exterior doors and 1 window. Lowes came and measured on April 15, 2014. Doors etc were ordered on April 23, 2014. On May 1, 2014 I paid $1611.90 for the 2 exterior doors. As of today I still do not have my doors. I had to go back to the store and complain about the window and finally it was installed on June 10th. I had already paid for it, $368.84 in advance. I have been a Lowes customer for 30/35 years and I am very unhappy. I plan to go to your store in Albany Friday, July 12, 2014 and ask for my money, $1611.90 back. Remember I selected the door and April 13. 3 months and nothing.

-by (Jul. 9, 2014)

construction Coordinator

Holly at the customer Service Desk at Lowes store #0687 in Henrico County is by far a better asset than # 48 Jimmy Johnson ( well close anyway) When Lowes wanted to reach 5 star customer service levels they hit a home run with Holly. That's my 2 cents

-by (Mar. 5, 2014)


I like the Lowes store in Camden Delaware.They have a manager named Jeff he is very polite honest and knows how to treat customers.The problem I am having is this survey. put total amount time ID no and the rest if any to take survey it keeps saying I need time ID No. I have answered their questions to take this survey what is wrong?I am going to call Jeff tomorrow morning. Thanks Frances

-by (Dec. 29, 2013)


I was at your store on Dixie highway in Louisville, Ky,#705, several times in the last few days. Where is your help? Lines going nowhere. What is going on at that store? I will not be returning. There is a Home Depot right up the street. I will be going there from now on. Thank you.

-by (Nov. 26, 2013)

100% Satisfaction

We purchased tile and had Lowes install, We were told 100% satisfaction on the installation. The installers were very respectful, however on the 1st day, we were not happy with their workmanship. we stopped the installation. The installation manager from Lowes came to our house and agreed, The origina;l installer was switched out, We are very pleased with our floor, however, we were disappointed that Lowes was not aware of the shotty work of their contractor. We were in a dusty mess for 2 weeks, in what should of been 5 days. The manager of Lowes was great, also our salesperson. In Hilsborough County Florida, I can honestly say that Lowes stands behind theier work! Riverview/Gibsonton

-by (Nov. 24, 2013)

service nightmare

Purchase Order 161537079 from San Dimas, Ca. installation was to be Oct 5th but when installer came out the order was wrong. No Deco frame molding with the kit for my shutters. now told six more weeks! store; 1170, project 389852786

-by (Oct. 7, 2013)

Stay Away! Lowe's Customer Service

Loews.com orders that I paid for were never delivered--Lowes CSR responded to my email that I should contact local police and after I asked again about undelivered orders they responded, and I quote: "If the police need to speak with us directly, they're more than welcome to contact the corporate office for further assistance. The number is 1-800-445-6937. You may want to speak with your bank to dispute the charges for this order and continue to work with your local police force to get this problem taken care of.". What a joke--Loews get your act straight and take responsibility for the orders that I paid for and were never delivered to me.

-by (Sep. 19, 2013)

Lousy Service with a contract

I called for service on my Kitchen Aid Dishwasher the end of August and the first company that I was referred to didn't even show up. That took 1 1/2 weeks to resolve. The second company, A&E, showed up and the tech ordered the parts. The parts were to arrive before 9/11 when he was to come back but only half showed up. On 9/11 the tech arrived and told me that half the parts were not here and tracked them down and told me they were to be delivered that day and he would come back. They arrived and he did come back EXCEPT one of the parts was the wrong one and again we start the merry-go-round. As of now, I have no dishwasher that works, no correct parts, no future appointment and all I get is "We're sorry" from someone named "Tory" in an email. I'm writing corporate...not that it will help but just because I'm sick of this.

-by (Sep. 12, 2013)

Installation Nightmare

About two months ago, I ordered two Larson storm doors at South Parkersburg Lowe's store. I wanted a Lowe's associated contractor to install them. Never having done this before, I assumed I would have to get the name of one of the contractors, then contact them for installation. The Lowe's salesman kept bitching saying this was doing things backwards. He never offered to explain the "right way" to handle the project.! Nevertheless, the doors came in, and they assigned some clowns to install them..! I have never seen such botchwork in my life.One door installed upside down, the other was digging in to the jam when it closed. I have very poor health, having been on dialysis for six years, but I have been struggling to try to make the doors usable.! Meanwhile, you can refer to me as "Sad in West Virginia.....but.....I will NEVER buy from Lowe's again..!!!

-by (Sep. 8, 2013)

Lowes pop up ads

Can't close them. This should be a violation. Ads pop up in my email program, can't close the ad, can't get to buttons in my email. Bad decision on someone's part at Lowe's.

-by (Aug. 25, 2013)

customer service

I go to buy several sprinkler parts, you either are out or they are up in the boxes in storage. Then when I go to the cash register I have to scan my own items. No other check stands were open but self check. You need to have at least one check stand open for people!! I had to scan $200.00 of small sprinkler parts. You really need to work on your customer service!!!

-by (Aug. 21, 2013)

Poor service with service contract

My Frigidaire refrigerator (purchased at Lowes) became non-functional early Friday morning, August 2, 2013. I called Lowes because of my Lowes service contract, and they couldn't find anyone to come out until Tuesday, August 6. A WSH Appliance Service technician (http://www.wshrepair.com/) was sent to my home to repair my refrigerator on Tuesday, August 6, 2013. The technician stated that he did not have the needed part in his van and that he would order the part, and return "first thing" Friday morning, August 9. On Friday, August 9, I got a call at 12:30 PM stating the technician was running late, and he would be there soon. A different technician arrived at 1:15 PM, without the necessary part!! He tried to contact his office without success. Before he left, he said that we would need to take care of it next week. I told him "no, it needs to fixed today". He left, and neither Loews nor WSH has contacted me as of 7:15 PM. Needless to say, I am quite upset with both Lowes and WSH appliance!!

-by (Aug. 9, 2013)