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I had a memorable experience when I moved last week. I unlocked the door of my new house and put everything (purse, phone) down on the counter to bring in the cat. Once Coco was settled, I walked back out to the garage to unload the car, carefully shutting the door behind me. Having been "home" for ten minutes, I had promptly locked myself out of the house. It was blazing hot, no one was home in my neighborhood, and then here comes the Lowe's truck with my new refrigerator. Jeff and David from the Clayton, N.C. store, took one look at me, got me into the truck where the air conditioning was mercifully cool, handed me an unopened bottle of water from their cooler and told me not to worry. They'd figure this out. And they did. Within a half hour Jeff was explaining my new refrigerator to me and David had unloaded my other purchases. I have never imagined delivery people to be so kind and to go out of their way like Jeff and David did. Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you both. And thank you, Lowe's, for hiring such quality human beings.

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