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I called for service on my Kitchen Aid Dishwasher the end of August and the first company that I was referred to didn't even show up. That took 1 1/2 weeks to resolve. The second company, A&E, showed up and the tech ordered the parts. The parts were to arrive before 9/11 when he was to come back but only half showed up. On 9/11 the tech arrived and told me that half the parts were not here and tracked them down and told me they were to be delivered that day and he would come back. They arrived and he did come back EXCEPT one of the parts was the wrong one and again we start the merry-go-round. As of now, I have no dishwasher that works, no correct parts, no future appointment and all I get is "We're sorry" from someone named "Tory" in an email. I'm writing corporate...not that it will help but just because I'm sick of this.

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