Forlocations Contribution Program

About The Contribution Program

Forlocations likes to reward those who are contributing to our website. This is why we have implemented a simple points program where YOU get REWARDED for every action that you perform. You can easily start earning points today that you can exchange for rewards later such as gift cards.

Once you create a new account on Forlocations (or login with Facebook or Google) every time you perform an action (see table below) your points will be accumulated in your "My Points" section. Collect enough points and you can redeem those for cool gift cards!

Start earning points now, create a Forlocations account!

How To Earn Points

For every action that you do on Forlocations we will award you "X" amount of points. These will show up when you are logged in under the "My Points" section. Here's the breakdown on how points are awarded.

Action Description Points
Add a review Add a store review or customer service review on Forlocations and earn 500 points. + 500
Add a new store location Add a store location to the Forlocations directory (ex: new Walmart) and earn 500 points. + 500
Edit store location info Edit a store location's name, address, phone number and/or fax number and earn 100 points. + 100
Add store location category Add a store location's category (ex: restaurant) and earn 50 points. + 50
Add store location hours Add a store location’s hours of operation and earn 250 points. + 250
Edit customer service info Edit customer service info: address, phone number and/or fax number and earn 100 points. + 100

Note: Limit of 25 actions per day. You may perform an action for the same company once every 3 months. If you edit a company's information you will be rewarded for the action that has the most points.
(ex: edit store info + add category + add hours = 250 pts)

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