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Phone Number:1 (800) 600-2540

Shortcut: Press 5

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Score 1.6
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Customer service # off the hook

I was told when I signed up in Ft Lauderdale that it was very easy to cancel. Just call customer service,the man said. Well, I have been trying for a week to cancel without success. They do not answer. Deception, I am tired of it. I called my credit card company and disputed the charge. I hope this works.

-by (May. 19, 2015)

Good Service

This store has good customer service. The prices are a bit high.

-by (Dec. 20, 2014)

Need for rowing machines

Hello. I am a member at your club on Brittan parkway in Dublin Ohio. I would love to see a couple of rowing machines in the club. I have spoken to other members and they feel the same way. Please take this in consideration as some of us cant do the tread mill or elliptical due to bad knees. It is a great way to do cardio and I am sure they will get plenty of use. THANKS!

-by (Dec. 12, 2014)


Gym at East Cobb Georgia is always hot. They make rules not letting member using phone number to get in. Customer Service not friendly.

-by (Aug. 4, 2014)

the chemical in the pool and hot tub

the chemical in the pool and hot tub are not being monitored and people are getting sick because it is too high, please people lets get together and do a class sue against this company

-by (Mar. 2, 2014)


How do I go about canceling my gym membership. I have belonged for 20= YRS.

-by (Feb. 8, 2014)


Your customer service phone number is not working.....seems like one of many problems.....get it together LA!

-by (Dec. 28, 2013)


This place is great for exercising after a big feast.

-by (Nov. 26, 2013)


I dont really care for this place due to overcrowdness.

-by (Nov. 25, 2013)

pool problem

the pool is on the fritz and staff have no idea when it will be fixed,

-by (Nov. 14, 2013)

unhealthy environment

staff is lazy, does not clean,...get sick every time i go there. bring my own lysol wipes. unbelievable that management does not require cleaning staff to maintain a regular schedule cleaning equipment- never seen them do it. members have to do it themselves or get sick.... customer service is a joke, so unhelpful .

-by (Oct. 26, 2013)

Cancellation Policy

Your cancellation policy is designed to make it as hard as you can to cancel your membership. I made the mistake of signing up for a 2nd membership because the rep said the policy had been changed. He was a LIAR! There is no way to send an email to you to cancel and there should be.

-by (Sep. 28, 2013)


I been reading the reviews I'm so glad I have never experience what you ppl r saying are you sure you are at LA fitness mayb your confusing the gyms anyways love love it and love staff keep up good work sharkey

-by (Sep. 3, 2013)

Terrible customer service

Terrible gym. They don't care about their customers what so ever. Speaker in cycle room has been broken for 3 weeks and STILL not fixed

-by (Aug. 19, 2013)

Terrible customer service

Terrible gym. They don't care about their customers what so ever. Speaker in cycle room has been broken for 3 weeks and STILL not fixed

-by (Aug. 19, 2013)

foul play

I was approached by a sales person at the white bear lake mn club to lower my monthly payments. I submitted paperwork to the salesperson which never made it to corporate and they refuse to call me back. what the heck goes on here. Absolutely no one is in charge and no one cares. My daughter who is in high school could do a better job.

-by (Aug. 12, 2013)


I feel that it is a total rip off that they want to charge us extra money to work out at different clubs .They opened up a club a couple of miles from my house , I went there but they would not let me in stating that I have a 1 club membership that i would have to pay an extra $ 100 to be able to work out at other clubs > the other club is about 13 miles away from my residence I was a member oh the YMCA and even if i was out of state I can work out at any YMCA clubs as long of course that you show proof of membership

-by (Aug. 10, 2013)

Lake of management leadership

The LA Fitness in Round Lake Illinois has an ongoing problem with sound systems. Many classes are cancelled or delayed because of this. There is no leadership or problem solving by management. The manager sits at the front desk and takes no responsibility for providing the teachers with portable players. Teachers arrive and have to run around trying to share the one working player. The manager is unconcerned, though polite. Perhaps he has a sports injury and cannot move from behind the desk. . Maybe you need to provide some training and problem solving techniques. this has been going on for 4 weeks.

-by (Jul. 31, 2013)

Horrible customer service

They hire very young people who are only concerned about getting members. They do not show good customer service once youve joined.

-by (Jul. 27, 2013)

punishment for members

they shut down the sauna because some members put water on rocks..instead of putting up a sign to deter this practice they punish the other members by shutting down the sauna until further notice

-by (Jun. 19, 2013)