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Phone Number:1 (800) 829-1040

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Score 1.3
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Reviews For IRS Office Customer Service (58)

All correct

Why doesn't the IRS deal with all or some of the tax payers problems? My thought is that they simply don't care!!!!

-by (Nov. 30, 2015)

Can't reach

Phone numbers at local office changed, no new number given. Remember, this is the agency that will look after Obamacare.

-by (Nov. 5, 2015)


Can't speak to anyone!!!!!!

-by (Nov. 2, 2015)

IRS Office Hours

You go online to find out what hours the office is open and it just says "various hours", how are we supposed to know when we can go when we need paperwork? This is unacceptable, too many people out of work for the office not to be open regular hours.

-by (Oct. 9, 2015)

Impossible to resolve anything

There are no time consuming ways to resolve things with the IRS. I can only compare them to the KGB. Quick to garnish or assess. Impossible to resolve or talk to a live person.

-by (Sep. 16, 2015)

Rating - Zero?

I am NOT able to rate Customer Service at this time. After 4 hours of telephoning every number that I can locate (numerous!), each referred me via recording to This website doesn't address the issue that I need assistance with at all. The site is more than frustrating. It's amazing that my information is available to them, but service is not available to me.

-by (Jul. 10, 2015)

Anybody home?

Waiting two hours and nothing. Shouldn't be in charge of collecting taxes.

-by (Jul. 8, 2015)

can't get in touch with anyone

terrible ,can't speak to anyone to find out how much is my balance not even on line.WHY ??hire more people .not customer friendly at site not either.

-by (Jul. 8, 2015)

Is anyone at IRS listening ?

May I suggest more representatives to answer questions and give assistance. I have questions and I need help. I'm sure if you can't reach me I would receive a penalty! My rating is inaccurate as I can't reach the IRS.

-by (May. 29, 2015)


I just need to have a copy of my installment agreement mailed to me and I have tried for hours and hours to get a live person on the phone to request it!! How do they expect anyone to resolve tax debt with them if you can't speak to a live person!!!

-by (May. 6, 2015)

penalty for returned checks

I wrote a check for $32.00 and my account was closed... not sure when I closed this account but I need to know the penalty for this so I can resubmit payment ? no response via numerous phone calls local and main office ?

-by (May. 5, 2015)


The tax payers deserve a better service.

-by (May. 3, 2015)


This IRS customer service is disfuntional. All I want to do is pay them what I owe for back taxes. I cannot get in touch with anyone to find out the answer. Even the online service is not easy. Arg!

-by (May. 2, 2015)


When we call the hotlines its only automated and they told us after April 20 to call them and they will get it to us right away. Well we submitted our taxes Feb 1 its already almost been three months. But of course still no answer only automated.

-by (Apr. 26, 2015)


I have not been able to get my direct despoit and I have called every number and the automated system always says the same thing it does not help with phone service omg I'm getting mad have a newborn to support like really

-by (Apr. 7, 2015)


I call and always say call back next busness and then it says there ain't nobody I can talk to try back another wth I mailed in a return on Jan.29 and were on march 27 and still there ain't no info.what's going on and y can't I ever talk to a person not keep hearing a recording its really frustrated

-by (Mar. 27, 2015)

poor customer service

I'm on hold for an hour only to be disconnected. When I call the machine tells me that don't have anyone to talk yo me at this moment regarding issue I am calling for call back on another business day. They don't have a problem getting a hold of me but why can I get a hold of them.

-by (Mar. 23, 2015)

Where is my refund

The website states that most (electronic) will be processed within 21 days. However, I mailed mine on 2/4/15 and it was in review on 2/23/15 and to date no refund date is available. I used to always use electronic service until my information was used by someone other than myself. Why is there no option to speak with a live person?

-by (Mar. 18, 2015)

IRS Run Around

Filed electronically Feb 3. Son filed same on Feb 10. His return was within a week. Mine reads accepted 3 weeks, then under review for over a week. Cant get anyone live and from what I read they will only say "under review' if you do. They need an office that handles customers properly once returns are past the "21 days" they say you can call.

-by (Mar. 3, 2015)


Cannot get a live person on the phone!

-by (Feb. 20, 2015)