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Phone Number:(604) 310-1010

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Score 1.8
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-by (Dec. 18, 2015)


I just want to say pizza hut has the worst customer service ive ever experienced before I will never be ordering from them ever

-by (Nov. 18, 2015)


The Pizza Hut on Popular Street, Pittsburgh, Pa 15205 does not accept coupons. This is the case for on line orders, in store orders, delivery and carry out.

-by (Oct. 21, 2015)

Delivery Service

Ordered a 2 pizzas, hot wings and dessert @ 3:15 pm. After appx 1 hour called to locate pizza. I was told it would be here by 5:30/ 6:00 pm. Damn shame. Will not be ordering any more pizza from your company. That is just bad service all around.

-by (Jul. 19, 2015)

Worst service in Smyrna Pizza hut at south cobb parkway

Worst service in Smyrna Pizza hut at south cobb parkway

-by (Jun. 19, 2015)


Pizza Hit just shot a commercial with the toppings going on with no gloves... That is just gross and wrong... Pizza Hit should get a health check again.

-by (Jun. 12, 2015)

Great services

They are very fast.. even I can't make my coffee that much early.

-by (May. 24, 2015)

terrible pizza and was starving

I was told that my delivery time would be 90 minutes. I was okay with that after aboiut 15 minutes they called to say they did not have thin crust. When I one of the pizza it was cold and hard and almost green.

Denham Springs, La. 70726

-by (Feb. 23, 2015)


I been trying to call your Mt.Pleasant store for weeks even stop in there and been told its the new phone set up, I like to know whats going on and why I can't call from a regular phone and order a pizza where now I have to go to another pizza place because no one at your shop won't answer the phone.

-by (Feb. 5, 2015)


The new commercial talking about sexual situations and intercourse was in poor taste. I don't understand why you thought that would be funny. Another commercial I need to screen from my 10 year old twins that will be watching the game. Smarten up.

-by (Feb. 2, 2015)

bad service

this is the second time that we've went to Pizza Hut in Clarksville AR and we were not served. It seems that these kids don't want to wait on adult patrons. The first time I just wrote it off as a bad night, but this time we were treated so rudely, that I cannot let it pass.

-by (Feb. 1, 2015)

Gluten Free

So we just read that you soon will be offering Udi's Gluten Free pizza!! We are beyond excited! We live in San Diego ca 92117 Do you know if there will be location near us?!!

Thank you

-by (Jan. 14, 2015)

why bother?

If you're going to offer ONLINE deals, wouldn't it make sense if the site actually functioned? We wanted to order two specials and the site refused to complete the order. After trying two different computers I gave up on the order and went to Papa Murphys.

-by (Jan. 1, 2015)


ordered from pizza hut ray rd and 48th st phx az 2 medium pizza for 6.99 each delivered charged 23.51 that charge should have been 18.09 delivered 13.99 2.95 del 1.16 tax ?was charged extra 5.00 dollars

-by (Dec. 29, 2014)

Do know what to expect.

The workers always friendly even though the customer service is not great. The pizza is sometimes good and most of the times not good because it is dry, even when you ask for extra sauce. I do not ever know what to expect from the pizza so, I have stop going.

-by (Dec. 27, 2014)

Great ServiceThe service at Pizza Hut ROCKS!

Excellent service and such friendly associates!

-by (Dec. 16, 2014)

your pizzas

Over the past few months I've noticed less and less pizza sauce on our pizzas. Last night there was zero sauce to be found or tasted on our pizza. This is totally inexcusable. You're pizzas have always been my favorite. Not anymore. I'll never purchase another PIZZA HUT pizza again. And will be posting my disappointment on social media. What's even worse is that your management doesn't care either.

-by (Dec. 4, 2014)


If you want to win back customers get rid of all that salt you use in your pizza. Salt is a killer ingredient in more than one way and you are not doing your customers any good by adding so much of it to the dough. Change that one thing and you will have a great product that people can enjoy no matter what age they are.Thanks for listening now please act upon my request.

-by (Nov. 21, 2014)


called the grandview store on hold 12 minutes then hung up on. called the 800# still on hold after 15 minutes. Service sucks!!!!!!!!!!

-by (Sep. 24, 2014)

What a shame

Just moved to Lebanon, Ohio where I saw one of the last remaining "eat in" Pizza Hut's.I was excited i could finally dine in. Unfortunately, one of the worst and I mean worst experiences i ever had...I was forced to eat buffet because of no staff. Salad Bar completely empty, no silverware, I had to eat off paper plates and watch lines of people gobble up buffet at 6:00pm at night when they finally decided to put up a pizza. It gets worse from there but i digress. The place was totally understaffed and the poor employees were fighting a losing battle. They said the owner, Gary Kumar just doesn't care and I guess they are right. Wake up Brand Pizza Hut. I can understand why they didn't have the lights on at the PIzza Hut outside..They were too embarrassed to have anyone come in. A shame to let customers and your staff down.

-by (Sep. 18, 2014)