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Just moved to Lebanon, Ohio where I saw one of the last remaining "eat in" Pizza Hut's.I was excited i could finally dine in. Unfortunately, one of the worst and I mean worst experiences i ever had...I was forced to eat buffet because of no staff. Salad Bar completely empty, no silverware, I had to eat off paper plates and watch lines of people gobble up buffet at 6:00pm at night when they finally decided to put up a pizza. It gets worse from there but i digress. The place was totally understaffed and the poor employees were fighting a losing battle. They said the owner, Gary Kumar just doesn't care and I guess they are right. Wake up Brand Pizza Hut. I can understand why they didn't have the lights on at the PIzza Hut outside..They were too embarrassed to have anyone come in. A shame to let customers and your staff down.

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