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About two months ago, I ordered two Larson storm doors at South Parkersburg Lowe's store. I wanted a Lowe's associated contractor to install them. Never having done this before, I assumed I would have to get the name of one of the contractors, then contact them for installation. The Lowe's salesman kept bitching saying this was doing things backwards. He never offered to explain the "right way" to handle the project.! Nevertheless, the doors came in, and they assigned some clowns to install them..! I have never seen such botchwork in my life.One door installed upside down, the other was digging in to the jam when it closed. I have very poor health, having been on dialysis for six years, but I have been struggling to try to make the doors usable.! Meanwhile, you can refer to me as "Sad in West Virginia.....but.....I will NEVER buy from Lowe's again..!!!

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