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Delivery confusion

I placed an order for decking and chose to have it delivered. On Sunday 7/22/13 I received an email informing me the decking would be delivered on 7/31/13 and that I would receive a call for an estimated deliver time. By 7: P.M. on 7/30 I had not received a call. I called the delivery service and was told to call the store. The store told me I would get a call by 8 am on the 31st. The call never came. I called the store, after several misdirected transfers I got the delivery manager who told me he did not have my order. I called the delivery service and was told there was a delay and the shipment would arrive at the store today (31st). A while later the store delivery manager called to tell me that he called the manufacturer and the order hasn't been shipped. Does anyone at Lowes know what they are doing? Do any of them care?

-by (Jul. 31, 2013)

Extended Coverage

I called on the 18th of July about a dryer.they told me someone would call me from A&EFactory service in two business days, no one did, I called but they said they didn't have a record of us calling. I went thru the whole process again two more times, each time telling me it would be jULY 25TH. Nobody called or came & we stayed home all day. Now they are telling us it will be another week, Aug. 1st. What use is the extended coverage if we keep getting the run around....is this so we will give up & take care of it ourselves....Very disappointed In the whole process.....Better Business Bureau maybe??We tried to find out who they were sending so we could advise them when we would be home....they refused to tell us.

-by (Jul. 25, 2013)


I went to Lowe's in Chandler on Ocotillo Road to pick out carpet. I arranged with the sales agent for an installer to come and measure the home. I paid $35 for this "service". The installer called me 48 hours later to make the appointment. After measuring he stated that the info would be uploaded to my store the next day before 2 pm and then I could go pick out the carpet. Of course, when I went to the store after 2 pm the report wasn't there. The clerk gave me the contact name of the installer and I left a message for him to call me back and he did, 48 hours later! (must be his magic number! 48!) In the interim, I called another company to measure, which was the next day after the call and they installed the carpet the next day - $9000 worth of high quality carpet! The day after the carpet was installed with Empire, the installer for Lowe's called me and wanted to know some more information! Good grief. I think they must think people have nothing to do but wait for their wonderful calls. Shame on Lowe's. They missed a nice sale and I will not shop at their stores again. Very, very poor. I would like my $35 returned also!

-by (Jul. 23, 2013)


after Lowes quit accepting payments through My Check Free over a year ago i never got any statements my payments were $39 a month i mailed in $50. a month every month as requesting statements never got one after a years instead i got a call from a collection person she didnt know why i was turned over to collections while i was up on my payments so i ask you WHY

-by (Jul. 22, 2013)

returned merchandise

I would like to send a personal thank you to the assistant manager of the Lowes in McDonough, GA. I had to make a return today of an air compressor that was damaged. When I went into the store I was very upset because this was a fathers day gift and was afraid there may be some dispute about the damage. I spoke with Tina Archer and she was able to resolve the problem and returned the item with a new one. The experience and concerned she showed was beyond her job. Please if there is any way to show her our appreciation for her actions I would greatly appreciate them. Employees like her are an inspiring asset to the Lowes Corporation. Thank you and thank you Tina Archer.

-by (Jun. 16, 2013)

Undelivered Goods

I purchased a Delta shower set online over two months ago. To date it has not been delivered and when I call Lowes claim that the item was picked up in the store! Only problem is that I live in the Caribbean!

I have spent the last two weeks making calls to them and spoken to ever department. To date no one has called back or resolve the situation or grant a refund.

This is definitely my firt and last experience with Lowes

-by (Jun. 11, 2013)

dis satisfied

I went to Lowes today and for the first time they would not except my military card . They had only a few they excepted and coast guard was not one of them . In the past it was no problem. Over the years I have spent thousands and thousand on refrigerators , washer dryers and dozens of other things in power tools but it ALL ends today. If my service to my country is no good then neither are you. I will do ALL my shopping at Home depot from now on and once your in there computer it is hassle free. Good by Lowes , sorry I spent so much there in the past!!

-by (Jun. 10, 2013)

terrible treatment

I sent my husband to lowes in west winsdor to get are lawnmover repaired, they called and said it would be over a 100.00 dollars, I asked if that would cover an oil change and the blade sharpened, they said no so I said I don't want the repair send itg back. It arrived at the store disassembled and covered in oil, some one I believe did this on purpose for not doing the repair. This lady ann marie who heads the department was out raged at this rerturn and said to make things better she would repair it for free, well she called today and said it was reassembled and still doesn't start. I called the asst. manager and told him what happen and he called me back and said I didn't want to pay for the repair and I told him I could have bought another mover for another hundred dollars for what the repair would cost. my husband is 100% disabled vet and we live on a pension, lowes has always been are first choice but now we see what kind of treatment you give are veterans, and we will make sure that the vets hear of this, I'm glad I kept husband kept his word when serving the country, your employee made promises she couldn't keep and shouldn't have been made, thanks for showing your true costumer value for me and my husband

-by (May. 22, 2013)

Floor Tile

Today I visited the Lowe's on Gunbarrel Road in Cattanooga, Tn. A young man of college age named Garrettt was most helpful and knowledgeable regarding the types of tile as well as which would wear and be easiest to install. We were very pleased with the way this young person handled himself.

-by (May. 9, 2013)

Great Customer service!

Mr. Gorsuch from Lowe's Polaris, Columbus, Ohio is my new best friend!

He has renewed my faith in Lowe's customer service. I went to Lowe's eleven times before getting in touch with Mr. Gorsuch and he is the best! I wanted patio furniture cushions, without the furniture. I was told by others that this could not happen.

Not only did Mr. Gorsuch find them, he custom ordered them and they were perfect when they arrived.

I thank you, Mr. Gorsuch for your kindness and attention to details!

-by (Apr. 16, 2013)


I recently went to Lowes on Alexis Rd., in Toledo, Ohio to order countertops. Customer representatives first comments were don't worry we will take care of you! While placing the order the customer service rep excused himself to use restroom. I waited. Order was finally complete. I was told it would takes 2 weeks and someone would contact me within 2 days. Measurements were to be taken, but contractor did not show for a week. I was then told by the contractor it would take two weeks from the time the measurements were taken to get countertops. Measurements were not turned in by contractor immediately. Then I was told I had to come in and sign a contract in order for work to begin. At the time I signed the contract it had already been three weeks. I was told they would call me within 3 days to set up installation. No phone call came. I called Lowes back and was told that the countertop I chose was no longer in stock but now special order!! For three weeks Lowes was not aware of this, the contractor told them this fact about the product that Lowes is supposed to be supplying, yet that sample was still on the in stock display!!!! Lowes will not let me out of the contract and it has been a month with no countertops and no installation date has been issued!! NEVER USE LOWES, THEY WOULD NOT KNOW CUSTOMER SERVICE OR THE TRUTH IF IT SLAPPED THEM IN THE FACE!!

-by (Apr. 2, 2013)

no counter top, why

so far its been two weeks and at teast 6 phone calls and repeted promoses to make mine a piroty all i want is a quote to pass on to a custermer..i loose this job im done . lowes altoona pa talked to three different sales people in countertops i have a business account , may not be for long.. home deopt one block away

-by (Mar. 15, 2013)

Lost again

I bought a new refrigerate at and it leaked water. I was told to call a repair place in Naples Fl. and that if it was a problem on there part that they would repay me the charges. I paid right at $100.00. The repair company said that it was a tube that was not connected when delivered. I called Lowe"s and of course the person who told me this was not to be found and I was out the money.

-by (Mar. 6, 2013)

discount or no discount

On the 24th of Feb I made a purchase of $1,557. I used my lowes card and Military ID to get my 10% discount. Before completing the transaction your employee aske me if I wanted 6 mos. interest free or 5% additional discount. I asked for the 5% discount. When I got home I realized I did not get an additional discount. When My Grandson went to pick up the order the next day, he asked about the 5% discount. He was told I had to come in with my card and I would get the discount. When I went in the next day I was told they don't do the additional discount. What's true????

-by (Feb. 26, 2013)

military discount

I would like to know the company policy on the military discount. I served for 7 years, carry a copy of my discharge papers this has worked at several stores but tonight I was told by an associate that I was not eligible for the discount

-by (Feb. 15, 2013)

getting bullied by the box store

instal sales requested me to install damaged goods as a good instaler that is not the right way to do it, then argued with me on the phone. they constantly owe me for work i have done for them then they say contractors are rip offs.

-by (Jan. 8, 2013)

Building Contractors are treated really bad!!

It's a shame that Contractors helped build your company to where it is now & we are slowly being fazed out! I spend over $300,000 a year & get lied too every time they are to deliver my order! I always try & make sure that I order it when no one else is in front of me, then someone comes in later that day & they are put in front of me!! This is why more & more Contractors are leaving your stores!! I have over 300 condo's & 350 Customers I take care of, if you guys keep going the way your going, I will move everything to Home Depot!! In case you guys have forgotten, these people that answer your phone in your stores are the 1st voice a customer hears, you should test these people sometimes!! I'm in your stores 3 to 15 times a day, 7 days a week! Your customer service is getting more like Walmart every day (& thats not Good)!! These are your Charleston WV stores!!

-by (Jan. 1, 2013)

second bad experience

Tried for two days to order on line. Site would constantly remove credit card number and not make payment. Tried today to order over the telephone, this time the rep told me I had to order on line. I GUESS LOWES SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS SOON

-by (Dec. 6, 2012)

Veterans ID Carrd

I have been going to your Hollister MO. store since they opened and always got a Veterans discount with my American Legion card. I was in the USS Navy from 1952 to 1960 during the Korean War and after. now you have a new manager there that will not honor this card.I have no reason to go to the VA Hospital to get the card that he wants but I talked to them and the only way I can get the card that he wants is that I would have to be wounded or have a military disability which I dont.I can prove that I was in the Navy I am a veteran. Do you give a discount to veterans or not? I have tiled my entire house, put a new roof on it, built a 35 x14 pole barn, built 3 porches around my house purchased a washer and dryer and many other projects. I am a VETERAN Fred

-by (Nov. 27, 2012)

Customer Satisfaction


I wanted to take a few minutes out of my busy schedule to write this recommendation on an employee of yours. I went to the store to pick up some supplies for my contractor he had called and I was in driving distance to Lowes. Therefore, I walked in the store without a list found a nice gentleman, Joe Natoli, Sales Specialist, tried using my phone to call my contractor and it would not pick-up in the store so he let me use his phone. He took the phone from me and spoke with my contractor and helped me get a list of items. He was great, this helped save me and the contractor time. Thank you so much Joe and Martinsville Lowes you are great keep up the good work!!!!!!!

-by (Nov. 12, 2012)