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Phone Number:1 (305) 378-3535

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better burger

why don't u make a burger with flat bread sum people don't like that much bread

-by (Sep. 18, 2013)

crew memberr

i am an employee of bk i was sick and missed work twice i promissed i wouldnt call in again and i havent but yesterday i went to work and got sent home due to illness my boss sol said to me today that if i cant be healthy everyday i need to b on disability he also called me a drunk i had disclosed the issue of me being an alcholic in private to him and he put it out for all the other employees to hear totally cruel and unprofessional i have also heard him threaten to fire who ever he wants whenever he wants where is job satisfaction or job security if he continues to do this i cant believe you would want him to run your store i am sure i will get fired for sending this but thought you should know

-by (Sep. 12, 2013)


burger king is my favorite fast food place to go get something to eat they are always nice and there customer service skills are great.tha girl who work at the kitchen indira i think is her name she make my whooper everyday day soutlan mall Burger King the best place to go

-by (Aug. 29, 2013)

ripoff proces

I quit going to this Burger King about four years ago when I found out that their prices are considerably higher than the BK in Sun Prairie. Complaints to regional reps did no good. They lie and change staff to cover their ass. They treat their employees like dirt.

The Sun Prairie always has soggy greasy hash rounds. At first I just threw them on the ground. Now I don't even go there either.

-by (Aug. 13, 2013)

Good service, most of the time.

Sometimes the food is amazing and sometimes, nothing comes out right. Orders will be all jumbled, but most of the time i love it and everything's good.

-by (Aug. 8, 2013)

Didn't get all my food/Grandchildren in town

Today is 8/6/13 and I have all my grandchildren in town. Went to the Burger King at 1211 Hwy. 171 in Lake Charles, Louisiana and ordered lots of food. Seeing that I was in a rush, because I had someone watching the children for 30 minutes, I didn't check my order (I really shouldn't have to check order). I got home only to find that I didn't receive an extra portion of bacon, the double sausage burrito meal. I also asked for a water and didn't receive it. Needless to say we didn't have enough food to go around to feed all the children. My order # 512 at 10:02 in the morning. Not sure if I'll be visiting a Burger King anytime ever again. I had crying children that were hard to calm down. Wendy's is just down the hwy...I think they will get my business from now on.

-by (Aug. 6, 2013)


Burger king is building its way up the later. Especially as for the one on Campbell lane in Bowling green, KY. The cashier that waited on me and my family was proper and polite. He joked around with my daughter and our order was correct. While sitting in the lobby I assume to be a manager wearing a white shirt was making sure everyone was getting proper service. I would definitely recommend this Burger king to anyone.

-by (Aug. 3, 2013)

Poor service

Yesterday I waited in the drive in fir 15 minutes to place my order. I had a coupon for a free whopper. I also ordered a sm fry and a strawberry slush. While sitting at the window I watched the employees slowly walking back and forth doing nothing. I waited another 10 minutes for my order. After I got heading home I checked the order, I was charged for the whooper and was missing the fries. I went back to get the fries and asked for a manager. When she finally came out she did give me the money for the whooper. By that time I had spent at least 40 minutes of my day trying to get my order. This is the LAST visit I will make to the BK in Winter Garden, FL. You are loosing a lot of customers at that location. Jean St John, Oakland, FL.

-by (Jul. 30, 2013)

i love burger king

burger king is my favorite fast food place to go get something to eat they are always nice and there customer service skills are great

-by (Jul. 26, 2013)


My favorite place to go and get fast food....will never give it up!! You guys are the BEST!!!!!

-by (Jul. 23, 2013)

Good food great service

Gotta love burger king< and they always have great coupons on the web

-by (Jul. 21, 2013)

Can't Get It right

I visited the Weatherford, TX Burger King of Hwy 51, ordered two cranberry apple salads, and paid for these, but was given two salad wraps. I pointed this out and was told they could make the salad in three minutes. I advised them that it has always taken at lest five to six minutes in the past. The salads were ready in three minutes, but was given only lettuce and chicken in the salad, and citrus dressing, not the apple cider that i requested. No mixed salad, no blue cheese crumbles, just a crappy thee minute salad. To add insult to injury, I asked the server, if everything was added to the salad, and was told "oh yea" it was. The orders were to go, so did not check. I wish that I would have as we were unable to enjoy our dinner. Gues it is back to McDonalds where, at least, they can get the orders correct.

-by (Jul. 12, 2013)

mercy sakes

I bought my meal and the server said that I would get a free sandwich on my next visit, if I completed the survey. I tried to do the survey, but it kept asking for the store number, saying it was on the ticket.

There is no number on the ticket. I tried to find the store number on line... haven't been able to do so, yet.

What is this, anyway?

-by (Jul. 10, 2013)

Dirty restaurant

I visited my local Burger King in Camp Verde, AZ on Ssunday, July7, 2013 at 12:15pm. The restaurant has been refurbished and looks good. Every table in the restaurant was filthy, the touch screens on the computer games were so dirty it was hard to see the game name. When did it become acceptable to allow customers to sit on a dirty chair in front of a dirty table? I will go back to this restaurant to see if things are cleaner, but, I will look at the restaurant before I order food. If its still dirty I will not purchase food. If the front of the house is filthy, what does the kitchen look like?

-by (Jul. 8, 2013)


I had an absolute horrible experience with this General Manager of the Robinson Township, PA Burger King. She was extremely rude and unprofessional and should not be in this position. She screaed at me and hung up on me.

-by (Jun. 23, 2013)

Don't You Care?

Your bag says you want to hear from us however when I submitted my experience at your Butler Hill store in St. Louis, much to my surprise I never heard a word. I went to this store with a coupon for a free whopper when another is paid for. I ordered 3 whoppers and 2 fries in all. When I looked at the receipt I did not see a credit. When I asked the girl in the window, she assured me she credited 1 whopper. I went inside to talk to the manager on duty who could have cared less. She refunded me my money and didn't even say I'm sorry. Guess what, when I got home, I had 1 whopper and 2 fries. Thoroughly convinced Burger King doesn't care and does not want to hear from disgruntled customers. Thank goodness there are other options out there. Change your bag, you don't want to hear from anyone.

-by (Jun. 21, 2013)

whatever happened to customer service????

I took my three gandchildren to BK for the advertised fifty cent ice cream cones, but ended up purchasing three oreo cookie shakes, two fries and a mango instead. the problem was the fist shake the young lady handed me was somewhat lacking in the amount of shake in the cup. The second shake was full with a generous dollop of ice cream on top, the third shake was same as shake number two except it was garnished with oreo cookie crumbs! When I said to the girl handing them to me I have three young children with three different shakes, they should all be like the third shake. Her response was we're doing the best we can and then shut the window on me. Next time I'll take my $25.00 and spend it at Mc Donalds!!!! Don't you think they should care about being consistant!!! Especially in the samr visit!!!

-by (Jun. 20, 2013)

Cant fix stupid

I havent gone to my BK for about 6 months do to bad service, so i tried it again, the 2 times i went there both times was horrible, the first the gravy wasnt mixed right huge clumps of flour every bite, very lumpy taste like crap and when i called about it, they said it was new, the questioned me like a inmate at prison it was nasty wrong, the 2nd time the chicken sandwich was not at hot and a piece of lettuce the size of a quarter on it wow took picture, they said main office has to handle it and its been 2 weeks and nothing i guess i dont mater but its now on my facebook and i will not go to BK anymore

-by (Jun. 16, 2013)

Dried out meat

I purchased a double cheese burger and got it home to see two dried out pa tties and the burgers tasted like it's been sitting there for most of the day. I used the drive thru. I was disappointed by what I had paid for.

-by (Jun. 8, 2013)

Run Around

Trying to reach this company about fraud is a joke!

-by (Jun. 7, 2013)