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Phone Number:1 (305) 378-3535

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Score 2.3
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We tried to order the 2 for $5.00 but had to ask which ones were they. We told the girl 3 times what we wanted and she couldn't get it straight. We called the manager over and he couldn't either. So after all this time I got angry and we left and went to Sonic. They need to display the sale items inside and train their people better. Never again!!!!!

-by (Mar. 13, 2014)


Burger king is just nasty to me. Say if you didn't want to eat your burger right then and there you get to the burger an hour later. By that time the burger is dry out and nasty just made with no love. Eww!

-by (Mar. 2, 2014)


There burger are better then mcd"s but not there fries. There play area is always so hot in there.

-by (Feb. 14, 2014)

Supper long wait

If you every have to stop and get a quick bite to eat. .... Please don't stop there.!& This is at the Plank rd. Right across from circle k and rite aids [ please don't stop there if your in a hurry]

honest customer.

-by (Jan. 16, 2014)

Gift Card

Have been trying to get my money loaded on my gift card for now 2 DAYS. on 1/5/14 went on line to load 50.00 on my gift card and they have charged me for it but the gift card STILL shows 0.56 on it and I have called over 8 times and have left a message it it is now 1/7/14 @ 3.04pm and still my $50.00 NOT on my gift card and the customer service help was NO HELP.. Wish I could get my money on my card or at least get my money back... SOMETHING...

-by (Jan. 7, 2014)

Improvement Needed Badly!

We use to go everyday to our local Burger King ( Mesquite, Tx). The food CONTINUED To be served COLD even after I made several attempts to draw the manager's attention to it. We love Burger King Food....but NOT COLD! Also, try and find the hours of operation....not possible! Try calling them....NOT POSSIBLE! May as well have an unlisted number!

-by (Jan. 5, 2014)


just had a chicken sandwich at Burger King on Barton in Rockledge. It was absolutely awful, limp, tasteless with soggy wet bread......don't you use any spices at all. Too bad I went home before I noticed..............never again.

-by (Jan. 4, 2014)

Rude Manager ....

You're manager at the Store in Indianapolis Indiana at 2055 North Shadeland Ave is very rude . You have false advertising in you're windows .... This was an AM visit to this location on december 2nd at appx . 7:30 am . My order and your sale items were totally botched by this woman .... Ive been going there for a long time and this has never happened before this visit .... I would hope that you will be more selective of you're employees in the future ( especially managers ) ....

-by (Dec. 2, 2013)


The burgers are very well done.

-by (Nov. 27, 2013)


The only thing i love from this place is the whopper burgers with fries .

-by (Nov. 25, 2013)

Burger King closing

I live in Indiana and I have visited a few Burger King locations. Greenwood, Trafalger and Martinsville. The Burger kings in Greenwood and Trafalger just recently closed it's doors. Now I hear Martinsville Burger King is about to do the same. Everytime I go to the Burger King in Martinsville it has poor customer service. I think thats why everyone prefers Wendy or McDonalds in Martinsville. Burger King has also changed so much. The menu is horrible and so is the fries that they came out with. Most of the time when I go by Burger King in Martinsville the parking lot is always empty. Guess BK has lost it's CROWN!!

-by (Nov. 24, 2013)

false advertising?

Living in the Lax/Manhattan Beach area in Southern California we visit the BK on El Segundo Blvd just east of 405 freeway. For over 10 their food served doesn't match what's shown on tv. 3 packs of ketchup for 2 orders of fries, really people. When you say no mayo on whopper if they can put thousand told "no thousand island" then what do you put on the Big King Sandwich meal. I keep trying but can't anymore. I'm on a medical reduced work week losing 40 hours a month so have to watch my pennies. Will go further and stick to McDonald's. Check your franchises see the quality they are turning out it does represent you after all. If I worked for you in customer service I wouldn't want to see such a low overall rating of under 3

-by (Nov. 13, 2013)

Good food!

Burger King fries are the absolute best! There have been times when Ill order a burger from one resturant & then head over to BK for the fries to complete my meal!

-by (Nov. 8, 2013)


why why why is it so difficult to find out (online) the hours of a nearby BK? idiotic that BK customer service wouldn't make it clear and easily available.

-by (Nov. 2, 2013)


We just stopped at the BK on Interstate 75, exit 310, in Michigan. Long wait for our food, which was cold, not even luke warm. Chairs being moved around were so noisy with metal legs scrapping loudly on the floor. Worst BK we have ever been in and the worst meal! Bummed because I love the Whopper Jr.!

-by (Oct. 13, 2013)

Poor Service

I had gone to the Burger King on 179th & Bluemound Rd in Brookfield, WI with my daughter at around 6:45 last night. I was the only one in the drive thru with a car at the window. I was told to "wait a minute". So I waited 5 minutes with no response. I pulled up to the window and the employees were just talking so I pulled out of the drive thru and just went somewhere else. This is the slowest and most unfriendly Burger King I've ever been. I avoid going there and yet another reason why. I told my daughter, no more Burger King!!!

-by (Oct. 11, 2013)

False advertising

There billboards stating buy one chicken sandwich get one free and when I go to Burger King they say no

-by (Oct. 11, 2013)

Poor customer service by the manager

walked 25 minutes for sweet potato fries, GEORGE the so-called- manager told me"that was a summertime prom...summer is over" I asked out of guest relations could he offer me a gratis dollar menu fry...he walked away. I walk almost 2-3 times a week/mont just for the fries/peach tea, this man has the WORST guest relations skills ever.

-by (Oct. 7, 2013)

walked24 minutes forsweet potato fries

The burger king in Bowie

-by (Oct. 7, 2013)

worst customer service

The customer service rep. who I spoke with was no help. They charged 9 charges on our debt card all on the same day from 2 months ago. Also, the address that the charges came from is closed and has been so for some years. When I asked to speak to another customer service rep.he stated there was no another person I could speak with. He couldn't even give me the phone number to the credit card proccessing center. I will never eat Burger King again.

-by (Sep. 20, 2013)