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Phone Number:1 (866) 733-2693

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End of Watch

I rented End of Watch a blue ray. I found it kind of funny that the disc didn't have a picture or title on it. When I got home I put it in my PS3. And it wouldn't recognize the disc. I think its a blank copy. So I call customer service and waited for a 1/2 hour without any help.

-by (Mar. 24, 2013)


We rented a movie and just as my wife turned away from the cart the movie was in we were robbed of the DVD we just since the criminal did not return the movie obviously. we have now been charge in the amount of $39.48. for a movie we did not see or own.. never will rent from Red Box again...

-by (Mar. 22, 2013)


For some reason my dvds were showing up as not returned.. However a man named Dillon helped so much and was so sweet and dealt with the 101 dollar charge and voided it! What a great experience I had, a very caring man. I will definitely continue using redbox!

-by (Mar. 22, 2013)

Customer service

Customer service phone reps are a hit or miss. There should be consistency. Today, I got someone who was curt, monotone and wanted to get off the phone as quickly as possible. No hello, thank you - she sounded like a robot. Redbox you need to train your call center reps better!!

-by (Mar. 21, 2013)

very good

Movie I returned in a hurry , didn't give return email confirmation. Redbox customer service was awesome at addressing the issue!!!! Thank You Red box

-by (Mar. 17, 2013)


I rented a movie that I returned but thay say I didn't I am very carful to only get the disks for one day now I'm paying for 25 movies that I will never see . I will not be using them again .

-by (Mar. 14, 2013)

Lost the plastic case

Made a call to red box about losing the return case for the DVD. He told me to go to the end of the movie list and select replacement case. It cost $1.25 for the case. remove the paper inside of it and put the DVD in and return it.

-by (Mar. 11, 2013)

email for only one

I returned two movies but only got an email for one...i called customer and spoke w Tyrone..he had a professional voice...and solved my problem and gave me two free rentals...thanx Redbox!!!!

-by (Mar. 11, 2013)

That's my boy

I tried to rent two movies, one i got, the other said there was an error and i would not be charged. I was charged and i didn not return the movie i did get the next day and i was charged again for both movies. Now i wonder how i'm going to return a movie i never got and how long am i going to be charged for this movie!

-by (Feb. 21, 2013)


Redbox has got to be the best customer services I have chatted with. I had a problem with putting the disc in wrong and walking away without not knowing. So I wasn't receiving an email for the return. So I contacted redbox and they said it wasn't showing up as returned. So they were very helpful and said they will mark it as return and no problems. Very helpful services and understanding. Redbox!!! You rock!!! Lifesavers

-by (Feb. 18, 2013)

Love REDBOX!!!

Our family uses REDBOX on a regular/daily basis. We love the convienence & availabiliry of the movies and games. Wish i would have thought of it first!!! The customer service is generally great. Only downfall is we can't stream. Im sure that' s next!!! If not --- my idea guys hire me for that function. I'll make it fantastic!!!

-by (Feb. 15, 2013)


Charged $127.00 - deducted from my debit account for movies I never rented. Redbox machine clearly not working properly. Apparently my debit number never cleared their machine and was still active. Along came a dishonest person who took out 5 dvd's at my expense. It's the principle of it - If Redbox took the time to check my account would clearly see I rented 3 movies that day, and returned them the next day. Why would I come back an hour later on the same day to rent 5 more dvd's . The person who came in next got a free ride and the innocent person is stuck receiving a large bill. Don't rent from REDBOX!!!!! If this happened to me - it could happen to you.

-by (Feb. 12, 2013)

Problem hopefully Resolved

I contacted Red box because I had a few issues using the machine at Walmart. 1) The movies would not come out the first time because of a systemic issue with the machine. 2) I was charged twice according to my bank account and 3) the blue ray disks would not play in my blue ray machine. I had to wait a few minutes to speak with someone but when I did the Customer Service rep Natalie was helpful. I did not have a problem, she pulled up my account, assured me that I will not be charged double and gave me promotional codes for new movies. I guess I will have to wait and see how this turns out but until then I will remain positive about my encounter.

-by (Feb. 9, 2013)

rude customer service

I had a problem with my card getting bent at the kiosks and not being able to use them at Redbox. I can use my card everywhere else though. Anyhow, the CSR was so monotone and rude. She didn't even check my personal acct and just gave me cookie cutter answers. I finally asked for a supervisor and she gave me a promo code after 5 minutes on hold and told me I will be unable to receive promo codes in the future. Wow! She was exactly who I do not want to be like, as I too work in the customer service field. What a shame.

-by (Jan. 31, 2013)

Thought I would have problems when I called, but suprisingly enough, I didn't. They answered within in a decent time, and fixed the billing issue, no problem.

-by (Jan. 30, 2013)


Movie was scratched up so badly and it skipped frames and froze so much we couldn't even watch the movie. We've yet to get any help

-by (Jan. 20, 2013)


I have had a few issues over the last few years of using redbox, but they have been fixed by customer service in a timely manner. They are always helpful and sympathetic to whatever issue. Plus I got two free rental codes!

-by (Jan. 18, 2013)

how I like red box

I have never had a problem with this company I don' that they changed their price but I do like them it is a good company :)

-by (Jan. 17, 2013)


I just heard my withdrawls from my bank account.i was charged 45 dollars for what I dont know.Angry to say the least

-by (Jan. 17, 2013)

Terrible Cus Svc

I was overcharged by a day

Boxes don't give receipts when returned

Agent put me on hold twice and would not credit 1.20

I'm done with Redbix

-by (Jan. 13, 2013)