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-by (Apr. 20, 2013)

Do not get a Target Card!

I wasn't getting any bills because they took my old address off of my drivers license, without saying anything. Turns out you can't change the address or pay your bill because they send the card to your address!

-by (Apr. 12, 2013)

Jogging Stroller as Christmas Gift

Bought a jogging stroller for my son for x-mas. He lives in Illinois so, therefore didn't open in middle of winter due to not using it. When he opened to put together he noticed the odometer was broke. Went to return to Orland Target and was told NOTHING CAN BE DONE as the 90 day return policy has passed. I contacts customer service and was told the same thing. He went to put together on April 3rd so, he missed the dead line by a week. It's a shame that you spend that kind of money for a gift and NO ONE seems to want to help you.

-by (Apr. 4, 2013)

Target Cashiers SUCK

The Grand Prairie, Texas location has some of the rudest cashiers.Today the black female cashier ((not young,middle age, old enough to know better) held up the line intentionally and asked to see my ID because I was purchasing a pack of cigarett lighters, I had enough of her rudeness and left,as I turned around to leave she yelled out Thank you for Shopping. Another female employee walking up to the check out stopped when she heard the RUDE EMPLOYEE and I told her how RUDE she is.Shame on you TARGET for not training your cashiers and other employees with better customer service.We expect that service from Wal-Mart but I guess Target is no better!

-by (Apr. 3, 2013)


I personally love shopping in target stores but I have never ever ever had a worst experience shopping online in my life. I was charged for my order that I never recieved. I called customer service numerous times and they all fed me different types of bullshit one after the next. 2 weeks later I still didnt have my packages. Most of the workers have no clue what they are talking about and have no clue how to do their job. Basically they do not serve any purpose. You are better off not ordering online from target at all. Just act like their website doesnt exist.

-by (Apr. 1, 2013)

.70 increase of a product in 9 days, WHAT?

I thought Target was suppose to save you money,I shopped on 3-4-13 and paid 1.99 on Heinz ketchup .I returned today on 3-13 and the same ketchup same size went up .70cents.How is that possible? I'm so glad I checked my receipt.that is a huge jump in price.Now I am very careful and watch the prices,very dissipointed customer

-by (Mar. 13, 2013)

Terrible customer service/false advertising

Advertised $10.00 coupon for $40.00 purchase of items on two pages of ad.I purchased almost all of the items and then some.was told when I got to the register by a very rude cashier,that I could not use the coupon.when I asked why,she said I didn't have all the items required to use the coupon.when I asked her and the young man she called over to assist her,they would not tally the required purchases as I asked so I could find out specifically what they thought I was missing.i was willing to go get whatever they thought I was missing,but they just had attitude and the cashier very angrily turned her light on,to let others know I was holding up the line.i told her,fine...I just paid for my purchases,took back my coupon and told her I would be in touch with corporate.i won't be going back to target ever again! I know Publix would have NEVER treated me that way.THEY know what customer service means!

-by (Mar. 10, 2013)


Shirley Svencner Garrett

Ok ladies I had such a bad week I thought I would go shopping at Target today! Well the lady that rung me up was so mean and nasty to me I almost wanted to cry. She would not take my 2/2 coupon for Oil Of Olay ( I had 12 total) broken up into two sets. She wouldn't take my 5/2 Neutrogena soaps, she said because they were $1.97 each they wouldn't ring up. (I thought they would adjust) She almost wouldn't take my 3/3 bounce dryer sheets, not sure why. I started to get an attitude at this point, I told her look,"it states three dollars OFF of three products, I have 3"! She said to me in a nasty tone, "well I will do it this time but I will have to check into this and see about it". The only good thing I did score was a huge pack of LUVS diapers for $12.58, That was my plus for the shopping trip. I almost don't want to use Target ever again after the major attitude this chick gave me.

-by (Mar. 8, 2013)

Not honoring Ad

Was in Target in Richland Pa. And store would not honor Ad posted in store. Called Manager and was informed one of the ones involved.

-by (Mar. 3, 2013)

Telephone systems and customer service

Ever try and return a call to a phamacist in the Novato store. GOOD LUCK!! I have been calling for the last three weeks and the only connection I get is an operator who promptly puts me in the round-a-bout with no yield signs. Round and around you go. Check the pharmacy hours also. They are prompt to open and quicker to close. by my watch today 15 minutes early according to the "Telephony system".

-by (Feb. 10, 2013)

Target, 7 Corners, Falls Church, VA store

This Target sells many food items that have expired. Today I was going to buy some donuts and noticed that all the packages expired 12/6/12. That is over 2 months ago. Also I bought a Betty Crocker cookie mix that had already expired. I never buy anything at Target now without first viewing expiration date.

-by (Feb. 7, 2013)

Worst customer service ever

People. Are not knowledgeble helpful or polite . Target needs to hire older responsible people the young people are awful!!!

-by (Jan. 30, 2013)

Damaged Goods

I live 30 miles round trip from the store. Purchased a red microwave oven, got home and the door glass was broken. Went back and the response was "Do you want to see if you can find another one on the shelf?" I went and got the next one and when I asked for a small store coupon for my inconvenience, she just laughed and said "No", not even an I'm so sorry. Two trips to the store for the purchase. Not too happy.

-by (Jan. 9, 2013)

Christmas promotion return

Bought the shaker and glasses offered with the Neiman Marcus / Target promotion for our daughter. This was a popular gift this year so she received another set from a friend. On Sunday Jan 6th we went to or Brandywine MD store to return the items. My husband could not find his receipt, but we had the credit card. The cashier swiped the card , found the items, and tried to do the return. She discovered that she needed an approval code, had to call somewhere to get that. The amount was $102.98. When she swiped the card for the return, only $52.49 was returned . She was so frustrated because she did not understand what was happening. Another cashier took over, but she too was unable to complete the transaction and had to call somewhere to try and get an approval. This is when she discovered that with the Neiman Marcus/Target promotion, the items had to be returned by Jan 5 2013. So the staff apparently did not know that this promotion carried a restrictive policy and neither did we. We are accustomed to the 90 day policy and nowhere was a different policy for these items visible. hen i looked over another receipt with some of these items, I discovered that that date was printed on the receipt. Target may have done what was legally right, but I really do think that with this great of a change in policy, they should have done more to let the public know. Called customer service, got the sorry you were disappointed spiel. Over my favorite store at this point!

-by (Jan. 9, 2013)

Price adjustment

On Sat., Jan 5, 2013, I purchased an iPod touch, 16gb for $195 at the Plymouth, MN store. On Sunday, the same item was offered online and at the stroe for $195 with a Free $20 gift card. I called the store to ask about getting the gift card. I was told I would have to return the item and purchase a different one to get the gift card. However, since I opened the one I purchased I could not return it. I was told that their policy is to grant price adjustments fo items that go on sale within 10 duyas of purchase. Today's paper has an article about Target's price matching policy which states they will match others prices, and their own online prices within 7 days of a purchase. The explanation give me that they would not give me the gift card was that the item did not go on sale. It was $195 on Sat, and $195 on Sun. Apparently they do not consider the $20 gift card if purchased on Sun a "sale". That's like saying we arent going to increase taxes by raising rates, but eliminating deductions, which increases taxes payable is OK.

-by (Jan. 9, 2013)

Georgia Coolidge

I went to Target today, Sun., Jan. 6th at 11:30am at the Target in The Villages in Florida to buy several items I saw in the Target flyer that was in my Sunday paper. I wanted to buy Centrum vitamins (125 count), and PF Chang frozen family meals . The Centrum vitamins on sale were all gone and the variety of PF Chang frozen family meals I wanted were sold out also. I asked a Target employee about a rain check for these items and she said there are no rain checks, but I might get a rain check at Customer Service. At Customer Service the lady said she couldn't give me a rain check on any item that offered a free $5. Target card. Both employees I talked to seemed annoyed that I asked for a rain check and they weren't at all concerned that the items I wanted were sold out on Sunday morning, the first day these items were available. I was very disappointed in the service I received today and I think Target should have the items available that are in their sale flyer, at least the first morning of the sale and if not, Target should offer rain checks. My husband and I fill our prescriptions at Target, but after the poor service we received today, I may transfer my prescriptions to another pharmacy.

-by (Jan. 7, 2013)

Customer service

I just left the east set auklet ny store and what happened was apaulling I went to target yesterday and brought a steam mop and today it was the same price but a 20 dollar gift card so I went back with the ad and receipt so I was told I needed the item so I called my husband and he brought the mop too me so when I returned to the desk the young girl made a comment like that was fast and she left the desk they all thought I stole it from back of store I had security behind me employees staring at me WOW I was so upset how dare them I beleive they look at cameras at saw my husband brought it to me it took a long time and nobody said a word to me and handed me 20 dollars not a gift card I am so upset never in my life !!!!! I will never go there agian and will also share to who ever will listen!!!!!!

-by (Jan. 6, 2013)

Target Matches Competitors Price WHAT A JOKE!!!!

I just returned from the Target store in Iowa City Iowa where I tried Target's price match promise for the first time. With Walmart's ad for Sunday December 9 - Saturday December 15, 2012 in hand I went to customer service and inquired if they would match the add for Land of Lakes butter. Walmart offered Land of Lakes Butter Twin pack for $4.98 (salted, 32 oz, $2.49 each with 2 pack). The customer service representative stated that they would if I brought the items back to customer service. I went back and collected 8 lbs of Land of Lakes Butter (salted, 16 oz, $3.69 each) and brought them to customer service. The same person I had spoken to earlier now changed her tune. Because the one pound packages were not cellophane wrapped together two per package like Walmart they could not honor the price even though the Walmart ad stated $2.49 each. She called the store manager who stuck to the same story that they were not the same product as they were not packaged together like Walmart. Now lets do the math! Walmart $2.49 for Land of Lakes salted 16 oz butter or Target $3.69 for Land of Lakes salted 16 oz butter. A difference of $1.20 each pound. Since I needed 8 pounds for holiday cooking we are talking a difference of $9.60. Needless to say WALMART HERE I COME.

-by (Dec. 11, 2012)

Ulladulla store

So disappointed with the state of the Ulladulla store. The store was a mess , the Spiderman products looked like they had been just dump on the shelves as not one item was priced, after taking three items to be scan the units were out of service ,message read either go to layby or checkout both had lines, great service, then a needed a pair of board shorts that had to be hanging up top,don't ask me how you expect a normal person to reach, after searching the store found a young girl that could help, ten minutes after trying to find the stick to get them down. I would like to support the store as I am a local but no would rather pay a little extra in petrol money and drive elsewhere, Please dont blame school holidays or lazy parents that don't put things back or aloud their kids to search the toy area, as it is up to the store to supply the staff to keep the store in order not a shambles as it was,

-by (Oct. 6, 2012)

Great store!!

Great employees know what they're doing and are very nice and helpful.

-by (Oct. 5, 2012)