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NO PARKING LOT SECURITY at the Broadview il.super target........I just found out over the weekend that there will be no more parking lot security for this store.....this store is in a bad community,and to eliminate this service is a disgrace....someone from the corporate office should investagate this discision......Im scared of this neighborhood and would like to keep shopping at target but I might have to shop at need to reconsider this

-by (Sep. 23, 2013)


Target seems to be up to date. I enjoy shopping at the physical store. I rarely need help but if I do need it I don't get it. But I feel the prices are right.

-by (Sep. 8, 2013)

Target for American Vets

I received and email today regarding Target Stores that do not support American Veterans or the Salvation Army at Christmas time. But that they support the arts and education. Any stores selling to Americans and located in America should support American Troups. They also stated the reason is that muslims are in control of the Target corporation. If this is true, shame on you. This email will be the topic of converstation among my friends tomorrow at coffee. If Target does not at least support American Troups, then I and there will be many others who won't shop at Target!

-by (Aug. 29, 2013)

Can't Buy

For 3 months now I have tried to buy a chair. I have cash but Target doesn't want it. Applied for credit card to order chair online so I could get free shipping, credit card didn't show up. Can't put anything in shopping cart on the website. Said they would get tech support to email me, (can you guess?). No email. Good job Target! I used to like your store.

-by (Aug. 10, 2013)

Target is the worst store

Target customer service is the worst Keep getting out of the country, when we need jobs right here, and then they do not understand you or cannot understand them. I called the corporate office and they would not let me talk to anyone there. Transferred me the Collette in Canada she could not help me. Insisted that I talk with, which I have already talked with 5 times, and they could not help me, nor could they understand me, or I them. Staten Island where I live is opening another Target Store, all Politics, because I cannot understand why we are using more of our space for this store. When Target first opened it was fine, now it is a terrible store. There Customer Service is awful.

-by (Aug. 5, 2013)

Worst service

I will never shop at target again. Online service is the worst. They simply act like they dont care!

-by (Jul. 24, 2013)

Unhappy shopper

I paid my credit card in full on the day it was due however the time was after 4PM central time and target is insisting on charging me a late charge and interest. 2 more months have gone by and they are still racking up the charges we are over $100 now for being a few hours past your cutoff. These ridiculous fees need to be waived! They are threatening that they will continue to add fees and will ruin my credit. Really this is what you guys call customer support??? Just an FYI there are other stores out there...

-by (Jul. 23, 2013)

Air Conditioning in Acworth, Ga.

The air conditioning in the Super Target Store in Acworth, Georgia #2091 never keeps the store cool. It stays off so long, it gets very hot in the store. Why does this happen? Can you have the manager get the Air conditioning checked to see if it is performing as it should. This is a big factor in traffic slowing at this store.

-by (Jul. 22, 2013)


Could not get anyone in card or customer service to increase $200 credit limit on red card credit card, and to register a complaint with executive office, you have to write a letter. I'll be shopping at Walmart. Customer service and card service very unhelpful - don't waste your time calling for anything.

-by (Jul. 19, 2013)

Wedding Registry

What a joke you call for help and get the run around. Giving my daughter shower in August invitations all sent out stating registered at Target!!! I get at least 3 ladies a day calling me to tell me registry online does not work for my daughter. Call their help line twice now and no one can fix. I guess Target does not want me to advertise for their business. I have guests for the shower trying to pull up registry online and I have to tell them to shop somewhere else. I will make sure I tell all brides not to register with them as I work at a bridal store. I am going to tell all the brides I see to register elsewhere. I also did a google search of Target wedding registries and nothing but complaints about it. I guess no one at the company really cares or wants any business. They will not be getting mine, that's for sure.

-by (Jul. 13, 2013)

Feeding America

I was in the Walden location last night and purchased a sweatshirt from the feeding america line. I asked the cashier a question about how the feeding america promotion worked. Her answer was and I quote "I have no idea" "they don't tell us anything." I find this unacceptable. I am in the service industry as well & a portion of a product that we sell goes to feeding america, and you can be sure our staff is informed knows how to answer a simple question.

-by (Jul. 13, 2013)

Basic Info

Dear Corporate Office, I am wrting to you today asking if you could help me find an item you had last year. I bought a Yellow&Pink Fedora Hat at your Westbury, NY Target Store ,and fell in love with it. The problem is that when I went to visit my dad in Roanoke, VA one of the maids in the Hotel I was staying at "stole" the hat I loved so much, and haven't gotten it back, or will ever get it back. I am very upset that this happened and very annoyed, because it was my favorite, and was wondering if you could tell me the Distributor of that particular Hat, and see if I could possibly buy another one. Don't rememeber the style number or who the Company was that you bought them from, but if you can please send me that info to see if I can order another hat. Hopefully you can remember who they are. I thank You for your time, and have enjoyed buying your products for sometime now. I am a dedicated customer, and will continue for years to come. Thank You. Karla Elliott.

-by (Jul. 2, 2013)

Where's the Merchandise

Went to Target to buy the FeedAmerica merchandise but it wasn't even out. How can you spend weeks advertising something and then go to your neighborhood Target and it's not even set up. My closest Target is in North Hollywood and they do things in slow motion. So very bugged about this.

-by (Jun. 30, 2013)


Target is awesome! They are so nice and always helpful. Returns/Exchanges are easy here and they're always willing to assist, because they CARE! Happy to shop here! No problem parking.

-by (Jun. 4, 2013)


Yesterday, I and two family members went to the Target store on Madison Ave in Sacramento, Ca. We had researched our items on line and went prepared to buy. They were not on the shelves and so the associates offered to help us. Danielle and Joseph and a manager whose name I forget went ABOVE AND BEYOND providing outstanding customer service. We left with our desired items and now feel this it OUR store. Please provide some sort or kudo to those two members.

-by (May. 22, 2013)

Dreadful customer service

Trying to place an order online. EVERY time I go to the website it refuses to take my password. Waiting Waiting Waiting for email to resolve. All other large online stores have that email sent before you can blink. NOT Target. Guess they are all on vacation. Calling is the worst experience ever. Again. This is unique to the industry. DO NOT get a Target card unless there is a store nearby for you to make a personal appearance to pay bills or resolve issues. I must concur with others that it appears to be deliberate to collect fees. Target doesn't really seem to want customers who pay their bills.

-by (May. 19, 2013)

Jake was a great help

I had to re-order an item due to a manufacturer's defect. But, because I was leaving the country for several week, I didn't want it delivered right away. Jake, a supervisor in customer Service was extremely helpful & took care of the issue on the spot. I am very satisfied.

-by (May. 6, 2013)

Return experience

I love too shop at Target which I do alot but I had a terrible experience with a return. They sent me the wrong merchandise that I ordered. I ordered a Black and Decker contempory oven instead I received A Dyser vacumn cleaner. I returned it with the instructions.Well thats when all the hazzle started I paid with a gift card plus Target charge card. After two weeks went buy I inquired about it and they said they had to wait till they received the merchandise before they credited my account and issued a paper gift card. I explained it was not the right merchandise that I received plus the packing slip was correct with the Black and Decker oven but inside the box there was a dyser vacumn friends said I should of kept the cleaner. Well too make a long story short they were rude on the phone to me and it took me 6 weeks to get the return because I didnt want a paper gift card I wanted the other one. I happen to speak too a Target customer service person in the N Dale Mabry store near Erich road in Tampa Fl she was so nice explained they get complaints all the time about customer service. She knew i bought my grocerys there all the time so she gave a $5 coupon off purchase. I was very impressed. Target better be kind to there customers or they will losse them. Thank you f

-by (May. 4, 2013)


I have never been so disrespected by a customer service employee. Do they not know with this crazy economy they should be helping not making a bad situation worst. I will be shopping at WALLMART from now on and everyone I know I will tell the rude treatment I received today. Maybe if there sales go down they will get it in this economy you must try to fix a problem not make it worst.

-by (May. 4, 2013)

Target Credit Card

Do not get the credit card, they lock you out of your account so they can charge you late fee's, then when you call customer service they dont want to fix the problem THEY just tell you that" you must make a payment right now with them" and they have all your banking information in there system and them they will try to fix the issue. They charged me a late fee because they could not fix the on line banking for my account. I dont get statements because my account is paperless, but until I pay what they say I owe they are not going to do anything to help me get my on line account fixed Customer service must work for commission on collecting. I have been a long time customer and this is how they treat you. I thought customer service was to help the customer NOT Target customer service. Very rude people!!!

-by (May. 4, 2013)