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I love too shop at Target which I do alot but I had a terrible experience with a return. They sent me the wrong merchandise that I ordered. I ordered a Black and Decker contempory oven instead I received A Dyser vacumn cleaner. I returned it with the instructions.Well thats when all the hazzle started I paid with a gift card plus Target charge card. After two weeks went buy I inquired about it and they said they had to wait till they received the merchandise before they credited my account and issued a paper gift card. I explained it was not the right merchandise that I received plus the packing slip was correct with the Black and Decker oven but inside the box there was a dyser vacumn friends said I should of kept the cleaner. Well too make a long story short they were rude on the phone to me and it took me 6 weeks to get the return because I didnt want a paper gift card I wanted the other one. I happen to speak too a Target customer service person in the N Dale Mabry store near Erich road in Tampa Fl she was so nice explained they get complaints all the time about customer service. She knew i bought my grocerys there all the time so she gave a $5 coupon off purchase. I was very impressed. Target better be kind to there customers or they will losse them. Thank you f

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