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Fired for being pregnant

I got fired for being pregnant after i have worked there for over 8 months, just because my boss doesn't believe in getting pregnant without being married. Even though I am engaged with the man who got me pregnant.

-by (Apr. 2, 2013)


Employee rude. Two people in line and never greeted. He was pushing an empty bread rack around and other cleaning tasks and totally ignored the customers. We left without orderins.

-by (Mar. 19, 2013)


He has the worst customer service i have ever expirienced;plenty of people have told me about him and i have expirience myself as well;hes really rude. He works for rio grande city tx.78582 store near heb's plaza. Really rude person that i even hope he gets fired because i love subway but hes the only reason i dont go anymore!

-by (Mar. 15, 2013)

Subway respons to complaint

I registered a complaint about an employee who had horrible hygiene and manners. This is Subway's (Euclid Ave, Bristol, VA) response:

Mr Aaron,

Concerning your recent comment to Subway Headquarters. How you could be so cruel is beyond me. Judge not less you be judged. If you owned a business you would understand the workforce these days. However it is your choice where you go to eat and if you don't want to eat here than go somewhere else. You have no idea what that employee is going through and what the circumstances are. However I am not going into it with you because really it is none of your business. I will tell you I feel sure she is more of a Christian than you because she does not judge. Good Luck in life because you never know what situations you will face in life and who will make some kind of remark towards you.

Amy Asst. Manager

-by (Mar. 12, 2013)

subway in Swansea SC is service Horrible

Went in to order the girl was rude right from the start. Ask for two kids meal subs and the girl cut one normal size for kids meal then when she cut the others one it was so small. So all I said was that's to small can you please cut him a larger size at least to match the other one. She look up at me with a eat crap and die look then threw the sub she cut up in to the bun warmer. I don't mean just tossed I mean she threw it hard in the back of the warm and slammed the door. Anyway I told her she was rude and my children and I walked out. I will never eat at that trash rude place again.

-by (Mar. 2, 2013)

Disappointed by the brand because customer service should be a policy and mandate

I'm at Hartford, CT train station and there's a subway shop inside. No, I didn't buy a bowl if soup today but I've bought many sandwiches, salads and soups over the years. I ask the guy (seemingly the manager) for a spoon and he said 'I can't give out spoons'. Really? You can't? Am I being unreasonable because he's not collecting the $.01 or less that he probably pays for a spoon? Does he not realize that his lack of customer service impacts the entire brand in the mind of a long term customer and anyone within her vocal reach (multiplied). Was it worth it?

-by (Jan. 24, 2013)

always out of flat bread

The Subway located inside the WalMart in Lindale, TX has been out of flat bread 5 out of the last 6 times I've been there over a 2 months period. The first few times they said they had to give their flat bread to another Subway in Lindale. Today, they had no excuse, just that they didn't have any flat bread!

-by (Jan. 8, 2013)

Incompetent staff

Staff at the Girard and Central Subway, Albuquerque lack the basic customer courtesies. My friends and I no longer go there. There are other places to eat nearby, where we are treated the way customer are accustomed to.

-by (Dec. 30, 2012)


Why don't you offer a wheat / gluton free bread? I know several people who don't go to your store because they can't get a wheat/gluton free bread. I have suggested this to several store managers - all of them encouraged me to contact headquarters. thank you for your time and consideration

-by (Dec. 8, 2012)


Thank you for the $2 Sub. This time of year we spend more than we should. What a wonderful treat to have a healthy lunch. And for the month of December! Just wanted to say thank you!

Mery Christmas!

-by (Dec. 4, 2012)

Poor Service

Subway Thomasville, NC Randolph St. location

Three people in shop very inattentive -- only one other customer there. My sandwich was incorrectly made and they left out the cookie I paid for. Trying to talk to them was impossible -- each could have cared less. I will not be visiting that store again.

-by (Dec. 2, 2012)


I have been frequenting Subways all over the state of Hawaii, and in the mainland. I enjoy it because their tuna doesn't have a lot of mayonnaise. I like it more on the dry side, afterall they can always add more mayonnaise if they need it watery. The problem I have with Subway is that the bread supposed to be made daily, but I am constantly served the old ones. I want fresh bread. Also, why doesn't Subway have Fritos corn chips? They have frito/lays chips, but never Fritos! Fritos is the best for eating tuna sandwiches. You have evry other kind of chips, including several potato chips with sour cream & onions, vinegar & salt, barbecue, spicy, cheetos, doritos assortments, and even sun chips brand. What about FRITOS?! It's been around forever. I would appreciate it if you got rid of the other brands that don't sell, and put in FRITOS! I always have to get my Fritos from somewhere else first and when I forget to get it, I can't purchase any there. Nothing else really goes with the tuna sandwich, but FRITOS! Please sell Fritos!!! Also, please have a manager or someone in charge of checking the bread, so we can get freash bread for our sandwiches. It sucks to get home to eat it and find that the bread is not fresh! I'd appreciate it if you guys check into this matter, especially in the stores all around the state of Hawaii. I am a frequent Subway customer, I eat there at least four times a week. I often tell the workers of these problems, but they act like there's nothing they can do or say about it. They seem to ignore matters. It would be so perfect if these matters would be taken care of. Thank you for your attention, and hope to see changes soon!

-by (Dec. 2, 2012)

Subway in gentry

Awful!!!! I was on my lunch break and my kids wanted subway so I go to the subway in gentry. I get my food with no problem and then 2 of my meals are rang up twice overcharging me by like 12 dollars. I explain to her that she has double billed me on some of my food so she says can u wait a minute and I will call my manager to ask him how to fix it I said sure. Then 30 minutes later I am livid!! Needless to say I finally got my refund and our food was cold and I was late back to work so I didn't even get to eat mine. Get real subway in gentry, u cannot take care of use customers with 1 employee and I am highly disappointed with this service.

-by (Nov. 26, 2012)


I am a veteran with over 13 years of active duty. On Veteran's Day, November 11, 12012, I visited one of restaurant,located at the corner of 5th Ave SW and Pine in Downtown Portland, at approximately 9pm. Upon entering,I asked the young man working there that I would like to have the special afforded to vets. I was told that the special was valid on 12 November 2012. I returned to the restaurant on the following day and was told that the special was on November 11th. I can live without your 6" special, but the common courtesy to have your employees know the correct information.

-by (Nov. 12, 2012)

Customer first?

When SubWay on Hwy. 9 Litter River, South Carolina said they needed 24 hours notice to make 5 subs to be picked up at 3:30, (It was 11:45am) I called subway on Route 17 in Litter River.They offered to make a platter for me to be picked up at 3:30. Don't think I will do business anymore at SubWay on Hwy. 9 in Little River, South Carolina!

-by (Nov. 5, 2012)


A few issues -- I love Subway salads and they never go on sale... only the sandwiches!!! And, this really bugs me -- there are 3 locations I visit and all 3 have this same problem... I get a salad with chicken breast, they cut up the chicken breast & warm it in the microwave. While they're doing that, they put together the rest of the salad, which is always a bunch of lettuce, a few (3 or 4) banana peppers, tomato slices, shredded cheese and black olives. That's it! I always have to ask for more olives like 3 times -- it's such a big deal and they put an itty bitty amount of shredded cheese. Now I could see if I was getting every single item and still wanted extra -- I'd gladly pay for it, but I only get those few items and you'd think I'm breaking the bank!!! I've tried to tell the ones who can understand English, but there aren't many who do -- it's frustrating!!!

-by (Oct. 10, 2012)