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Absolutely Love subway Very good Eating! I Do Wish they would bring back the rounds they were the best!

-by (Dec. 3, 2013)


This is the best place for my brothers while they are on their diet. They love the chicken breast.

-by (Nov. 26, 2013)


Subway is the only place i eat at after a long workout. It may not be the healthiest place but it sure is the healthiest place to eat in town.

-by (Nov. 25, 2013)


I find it to be bad business when managers don't make them self there for them. They leave 16 year there alone to close by self, and some of them will let friends in there after closing leave basicly all lights on. Fire good kids for making a mistake and posted his fraustion about something online. But the company should be telling and explained to kids they can't do and the affect it could have since teenagers don't realize the impact of it but they keep lazy and rude people

-by (Nov. 21, 2013)

Subway sandwich

I requested a Veggie and a BMT sandwich from the store on Five Points road in Howell, New Jersey. There was hardly any meat on the BMT sandwich and threre were four slices of cheese on the Veggie sandwhich. I will never ever go again to the store in Howell. I also asked for the subway card and I was told that they ran out of them.

-by (Oct. 24, 2013)

Healthy food

Subway have healthy menu,bit long wait but worth it.when eat feels we are the best,because eating fresh and whole family love to eat there.

-by (Oct. 21, 2013)


The subway in Forest hills Pittsburgh PA is a good clean little subway. They wear gloves and are friendly. They don't give any attitude either. I like eating here.

-by (Sep. 8, 2013)

Awful employee

There was this one employee in Southington, CT, who was a complete bitch. She does not do well under pressure. As soon as a line formed, she gave an attitude that was completely unnecessary. I'm never coming here again because she was so unpleasant.

-by (Aug. 18, 2013)

Bad Service

The store on RT 18 market place had very bad service and it was in the in afternoon.

-by (Aug. 15, 2013)

dirty knife

Both of the subway restaurants in Waverly, Ohio and Piketon, Ohio use dirty knives to cut the subs in half. Every time I go in I have to tell the worker to either wash the knife (usually because it has everyone elses mayo, sauces, tuna,ect on the knife) or to not cut the sub. I find it very odd that they say eat fresh but use a filthy dirty knife on their subs.

-by (Jul. 21, 2013)


I have for many years loved and patronized Subway stores wherever I have lived but I am afraid I will no longer do that. Subways sponsorship of the movie The Lone Ranger is a sponsorship that feeds into racism and degrades the Native people of this country. I will also encourage my family and friends to no longer patronize their local Subways.

-by (Jul. 7, 2013)

Monthly specials

I would like to know, do all Subway have the same monthly specials. The subway at Pembroke Mall in Virginia Beach, VA, only have specials sometimes. Like this month, they do not have the buy a 6 inch and 20oz. drink for $4. Could this be?

-by (Jun. 18, 2013)


Subway sandwich are good but I wouldn't sit in the subway and eat just don't feel clean in the seats/tables.

-by (Jun. 4, 2013)

Gift card garbage

Beware of buying a large gift card from Subway. Limit yourselves to multiple $25 cards. Subway has frozen my card with $135 left and are unapologetic about do this. They have lost me as a customer and I happened to have liked their food.

-by (Jun. 3, 2013)

Sick of your hard bread...

I am so sick of paying for your subway sandwiches with the hard, hard bread. Have enjoyed your sandwiches for year, but seem this past year or so. your so called "fresh bread" is worse than 5 day old bread. So hard my husband even said it cut the roof of his mouth. You will not get my business anymore unless this changes. Elk River, MN...

-by (May. 31, 2013)

very calm and nice

I live in L.A. , CA . In my part of the city , I can get to Subway by walk . One is near my home and the other one is right across the street from where I work . I eat at those two locations often and have never had any problems with the food or service . I like the very calm atmosphere inside the store , and the people working there have always been polite and helpful . For a fast food restaurant it is a very nice place to eat .

-by (May. 25, 2013)

do not care

the owner do not care that the costumer happy do not get the food you want an they say so what

-by (May. 22, 2013)

gift cars

We purchased a gift card on the 10th. It did not go out until the 16th which seems ridiculous since out money was taken out on the 10th. The card still has not been received. This is the end of my dealings with Subway and I will be spreading the news on Facebook and other social media.

-by (May. 17, 2013)

more choice for vegans and vegitarians

A few subway stores sell the veggie patties to put on the subs or in the salads. Why don't stores have this as an option? I don't go to subway as often as I used to because the only option for me is veggies on bread. I love the patties with some advertisement I'm sure a lot of health conscious people would order this rather than the meat products offered. thank-you

-by (Apr. 30, 2013)

This Sucks....

Went to Subways for lunch . Got 3 subs , brought them home and the bread was so hard that we couldn't even it the sub. I called the store at 313 FRANKLIN PLAZA, Louisberg N.C 27549 where I got the subs from and the manager told me that the bread was from yesterday and she had to get rid of it ... This was the last time I will spend a penny in SUBWAYS because this isn't the first time this has happened ...$22.30 was how much I paid for lunch and then I had to get something else! This SUCKS!

-by (Apr. 18, 2013)