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Cheap service and employees

Placed an order and the guy said my total was 25 and order will be there in 45 min. after 70 I called and the lady answered the phone telling me my name and order placed and said plz stay on hold while I check where ur order is . After 3 min on hold a guy answered me saying you have no order shown on our system. Simply unprofessional and liars and cheap employees. At least tell me sorry sir let me fix that and send u new order. Suck my papa jones

-by (Feb. 23, 2013)

paying extra and not showing the finished product.

I prepaid for extra items and when I got home they were not in the box. I will still enjoy my Pizza Hut pizza.

-by (Dec. 21, 2012)

Health Care

Because of your recent complaints about providing healthcare for your employees, My self & anyone I can tell will NEVER buy a product from you again. Bet you have healthcare-maybe you forgot where you came from. The boycott is on. Shame on you.

-by (Dec. 14, 2012)

Greedy Cheapskate Papa John CEO

Agree with all of the above! Should mention all the free pizzas he brags about giving away. It amazes me how these CEOs forget who is doing the work that's making them so rich.

-by (Dec. 14, 2012)

Not happy with crappy papa john pizza

papa john very disappointing pizza. I know someone work with papa john and they told me bad bad bad stories. They short alot of pizza with less sauce, less cheese and less toppings, just to make profit. I never buy NO more papa john pizza. I buy Pizza Hut from now on and they treat me right.

-by (Dec. 5, 2012)

open on thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the one day all Americans share. To turn it into just another workday is deplorable. For all the noise Papa Johns has made about family values - opening on Thanksgiving is anti family. Why not pay valued employees and send them home to turkey and hugs?

-by (Nov. 22, 2012)

Missing Garlic Butter

A couple of weeks ago I ordered an XL 2 topping pizza along with extra garlic butter for an extra charge. The extra garlic butter was for my son when he got home from work at 11:30 PM. We both like the garlic butter on the pizza as well as the crust. The extra garlic butter didn't come with the pizza. I called the store in Wheaton, Illinois & was promised that an extra garlic butter would come with my next pizza order. It did NOT! When I pay for something I expect to get what I pay for. The delivery person was very apologetic & said the store doesn't allow him to carry extra garlic butter. Not only do they stiff their employees on health insurance but they stiff their customers as well. Will be going down to the store as soon as this is posted for my garlic butter.

-by (Nov. 20, 2012)

Buy one get one free

What a farce. We bought one of the pizzas from out local place. Tried to order the free one and could not complete the order on the computer. Took my print out to the local place and they said sorry, they couldn't help me since this was a special promotion. NO MORE PAPA JOHNS/PEYTON MANNINGS for us.

-by (Nov. 19, 2012)

Will not buy

I will not be buying any more pizzas from them, what a selfish, all about me kinda guy!!! Makes me sick!!

-by (Nov. 16, 2012)


Once again CEO's who distort how much Obamacare will cost their poor pocketbooks. Of course he must pass it on to his customers and employees. He is looking at 3 - 4 cents per pizza, not his 11 - 12 cent comment. He and Pa Pa Johns is exactley what is wrong with this country. Will never step foot in another store. Your a poor excuse for a CEO. My sympathy to your employees.

-by (Nov. 16, 2012)

Corporate Greed

Just informed about your CEO's view about giving full time workers Obama care insurance. He would rather cut hours and lay people off than add 11-14 cents more for a pizza in order to pay the 8 or 9 million dollars for the insurance, or pay the lower penalty for not doing it. It has been reported that this years third quarter profits for the company is already over 44 million dollars. The act does not take affect for over a year and he is already talking about the lay offs because he did not get his political wishes. This is truly corporate greed. I will not eat another pizza from your stores and will pass this on to family and friends.

-by (Nov. 13, 2012)

14 cents

I will no longer purchase pizzas from you due to the company's consideration of cutting employee hours to make sure they do not qualify for healthcare.

-by (Nov. 12, 2012)

Disapointed In Pa Pa Johns Pizza

I live in Ypsilanti Michigan, I go to the Washtenaw store. I noticed just lately the quality of pizza going down, I ordered a three topping pizza tasted like a cheese pizza. I Have always been a Marco's Or Happy pizza kind of guy, still am but on certain days wait for coupons to come out. This November 2012 magazine comes out in the mail so happen to have papa johns featured coupon in it. $7.98 for a large pizza three topping.>>>> I drive all the way over there to place an order first hand. The Lady She tell me that it's under new management she can't honor the coupon which is in the new magazine and with Washtenaw store location under it, after going all that way she refused the coupon. This is the same girl who just recently fixed my order last time I was there and was too stingy with the topping, very stingy with the items, didn't like that dining experience. But would try Pa Pa Johns again, Now the same girl she wont except the unexpired coupon. She says for an extra dollar maybe she could. And it's not about the extra dollar, money was tight but it's just principle alone. Marco's and happy is looking allot better than pappa johns right about now at the this very moment.

-by (Nov. 11, 2012)

another lost customer

Just wanted to let you know..your comments re: obama care has just lost you another customer...within 10 miles of my house are: 2 dominos pizza, 2 pizza hut, 1 papa johns, and 3 local chains.....I have plenty of choices and you just made my decision a little easier...I will encourage everyone I know to follow my lead.

good luck in 2016

-by (Nov. 10, 2012)

Sell your palace

If John can afford the 40,000 sq palace and the cars and the lake and the golf and all that, he can sure as hell afford to "eat" the supposed 14 cent increase in pizza prices that he thinks Obamacare will cost him. He's made his $$$ on the backs of the 99%. So I think a little humble pie won't kill him. I personally am switching to my local house brand pizza.

-by (Nov. 10, 2012)


Your web app is not optimized for Android 4-G.

Extra cheese NOT considered a topping without stiffing us for more money! Why not put that info in bold print in your ads!

You dont accept Discover Card??? What's up with that??!

-by (Nov. 5, 2012)

FYI loosing customers due to no signage

I am a customer of papa johns on Randolph St in Thomasville NC. I stop every weekend with my children to take them to their Grandmas who lives in Thomasville. Last night 11-1 I litterally passed by the store because their street sign and their store sign was not lit up. I thought that they were closed. one block up a Little Casaers Pizza which I thought was open for business because they had their street sign lit up and their store sign on the building lit up also. However, they are not opened for business yet. so my alternative was the Pizza Hut across the street. I bought my pizza from them. I love Papa Johns, it is the only Pizza that I like to eat. Tonight I go by again, and again both the building sign and street sign were off. I turned around and went back to check and sure enough they were open. Just thought you should know that they have been out for a couple of days and you are lossing business to the competition. I would not have written this to you but it is not a norm, and in addition the young lady that was working the front counter was not representing you very well. Usually they are neat, she had shirt tail out and looked very sloppy. I go in there because the employees are usually dressed nice and neat, especially the main manager I see working .When I buy take out, that is what I look for. I feel if the employees are neat and clean, then they also take care in making their food. My pizzas are neat and great most of the time, but a sloppy employee could change my mind real quick. Letting you know this because I love this store and their pizza, but with all the competition, I think a simple few $$ to fix the signs would be in order.

-by (Nov. 3, 2012)

Unsatisfied Online Services

I tried ordering an order online using one of the online promo codes. After entering all of the information, the order would never go through. I tried on several different web browsers and it still wouldn't work. I called tech support, who did not seem very happy to help me, and they could not help. I had already called the restaurant and they wouldn't help me with the promo code because it said online only. After calling several more times, I finally got to speak with a manager, and after much complaining, they finally agreed to use the promo code. After 40 mins of trying to place an order, it was finally resolved, but I then had to wait for another 50 mins for my pizza to arrive. An overall unsatisfied experience. I will not be ordering from papa johns again.

-by (Oct. 19, 2012)

worst experience ever

Dear Papa John’s, I wanted to relate my experience at the above mentioned store last night. I have never felt so uncomfortable and I was actually a bit afraid for the other employees there. I have been in this store several times over the past years, and to be truthful, it is NOT my favorite store. The employees there are rarely nice or helpful, particularly if you have questions. They just seem to want to get you out of the store as soon as possible. As it is, I already have to drive a few miles to get to this store; it is the closest to my home, but I am not in the delivery area. So, I only have the option to pick up. Because of my past experiences here, I have driven further into town to another store, or to another Town, or gone to a different company altogether. As it were, it was on my way home last night. But, I digress, here is what happened. I placed a pick up order over the phone. The male employee that answered was a bit abrupt, but just helpful enough that I could place an order (I had questions regarding a coupon.) He quoted me a 20 minute wait time. I was already parked outside of the store, so I went in at about 12 mins into the order. There were 3 people in the store at this time. The young man that took my order, another young lady making food and another female (I assume was in management- she was wearing a black shirt) that was folding boxes. When I walked into the store, only the male greeted me with a curt “Be with you in a minute.” He never looked at me nor did he acknowledge me at any time after that. After waiting for at least 3 minutes for someone else to acknowledge me, finally the lady in the back that was preparing food came over to help me. She took my money, gave me a receipt and went back to work. All the while this was taking place; the young man was making pizzas, getting a drink and walking around the store. This wasn’t the problem; it was his demeanor that was bothersome. He looked furious about something. He was slamming things down onto the counters, slamming doors, slamming cooking utensils around. It was as if he was very angry, but very controlled. Even as he was cutting dough and stretching dough, he was slamming that around or doing it very roughly. I don’t think I’ve EVER been in a store where the atmosphere was So uncomfortable. The other employees would not look at him nor would they make eye contact with him, me, or each other. The older lady wearing the black shirt seemed to be watching him as she folded the boxes, but she did not say anything the entire time I was there. Another delivery person (female) came in while I was waiting. So did another male (also wearing a black shirt – but he left during the visit- he also did not acknowledge me or anyone else in the store, except for the other black shirted lady- they did speak briefly). When my pies started coming out of the oven, he did grab a box and get one of them. Just to illustrate how hard he was pushing things around; the middle island where he was working was swaying from side to side, and continued to do so for at least a minute or two after he walked away. No one else was touching it at this time. Had boxes been stacked on top, they would have fallen off. I hope this tells you how much force he was using. He slammed that pie into the holding area and walked away to make more dough again. After a few minutes when it was clear he was not going to finish boxing my order up, the other delivery lady got my other items out and boxed them up and brought them to me. I asked if marinara had been put in the boxes; she looked but there were not enough. I told her that I needed to purchase a couple more. The male was the closest to the counter yet she called to the young lady in the back to ring me up. When she did this, the male very rudely barked out “Just give them to her for free.” She handed me one and walked off without another word to anyone. While I appreciate the sauce, I had my debit card out (no cash in hand) and was ready to pay for them. I was in there about 15 minutes and I have never seen employees act that way towards each other, nor have I ever been so uncomfortable. I WANTED TO LEAVE THE STORE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. It was as if everyone was trying to avoid the others at all costs. And the young man that took my order (I’m sorry, I don’t know his name, it could have been Brad, but I’m not sure. All I can remember is that he was young, thin build, tall, and brown hair) His attitude clouded the entire store. I don’t know what had transpired prior to my arrival, but it was NOT GOOD. The store didn’t look particularly busy, as there were not many order printed out on the machine, nor were many boxes in line and the phone was not ringing, so that probably wasn’t the reason for the attitude. Another thing that also bothered me: NONE OF THE EMPLOYEES WERE WEARING GLOVES. Not once did I see a glove on a hand; not after answering the phone, getting more supplies, ringing me up, gathering pizzas, etc. Pizzas were made, dough was stretched, the toppings area was refilled with tubs from the bottom or back. And NOT ONCE did someone don a glove. The store had a good score of A/95 so I guess it was clean, but I know that hands that have touched that many other surfaces cannot stay clean. The delivery lady that got my pizza out of the oven and boxed it up; she did not wash her hands the entire time; even after being out on deliveries. The young man, did quite a few tasks, and never once washed. The lady in the back preparing- same thing. I watched them pull handfuls of peppers and other toppings out, by hand, sans gloves. I watched him kneading dough, stretching it over pans and adding sauce; again, no gloves at all!! I know you do not want your employees doing this and I surely don’t want to patronize a place that allows these practices. Overall, I like your stores and your food. My children called me best mom in the world when I walked in with the food! I love that your stores have a $4.99 one topping large on Tuesdays. I DO NOT love the overall atmosphere of this store. And, I will be hard pressed to patronize it again, if I have a need for a quick meal on my way home, I’ll probably look elsewhere. (Just to give you background, I work at a police dept as a communications officer; I’m used to bad attitudes and uncomfortable situations, but this was utterly different than I’ve ever experienced.) When I was getting ready to leave, the lady in the back (possibly a manager) did make eye contact w/ me and she tried to give me a small smile. I assume she could see the look on my face. I returned the smile and gave a little shrug, she did the same. I’ve never seen someone look so uncomfortable at their workplace. I hope that everything was ok after I left; I almost felt like they may have been afraid. I wish I had called my colleagues to check on them after I left. However, I did not as I didn’t want to seem overly paranoid. Please accept my apologies if something did occur last night. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something did - with me feeling so awful when I left. I hope this feedback will help you give your employees some insight on customer experiences and help them to better serve your customers.

-by (Oct. 18, 2012)