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Phone Number:(734) 930-3030

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Score 2.4
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all bad

I work at Dominoes in Monrovia California and I just got off work ordered a pizza and the person in charge she didnt even give me my discount ...that's not cool. Not to mention the shity attitude not good service

-by (Jan. 11, 2013)


I order dominos pizza regularly. it is easier to get than most others but i am tired of sub standard service. today is December 24th 2012 and i ordered for my family. the manager delivered the food and he apparently did not read the order because i was missing the marinara for the stuffed cheese bread and ranch for the chicken. as well as the 2 liter of coke. if the manager can not read the order correctly how can i expect his subordinates to read the order. i will no longer order from dominos pizza anymore. papa johns is going to get my business and i would recommend the same for anyone else. the food is not bad but 4 out of 5 times you will not get what u order. i hope the corporate store reads this and does some changing in there leadership for Cincinnati stores. especially the store on Springfield pike

-by (Dec. 24, 2012)

Extremely Burned Pizza!

We ordered the usual order, 3 med. pizzas with 2 toppings and we always asked for it well done. Well, to our surprise when we got the pizza the three pizza's were all burned all around the edges. I called up the Dominos where we ordered and asked to speak to the Mgr. They always give you someone other than the Mgr and pretend that person is the one in charge. Anyway I explained the situation to the Real Mgr. and they brought back 3 more pizzas and took the other 3 back. Last week they did not give us the special that was advertised on TV and they were not even pan pizzas. They were hand tossed. The week before that the bread bites were the size of M & M's. I called and they gave us 12 larger ones after ordering 36. This will be the very last time we order from Domino's near Kroger off Flippen Rd. We have been ordering for many many years and now they lost our business. For spite they did not put hardly any bacon on my hubbies pizza either! Never never Never again!

-by (Nov. 26, 2012)

Order was supposed to be replaced and was not.

My original order total was about $46. I had to re pay for it because some one in the store did not place the credit into the computer. am very unhappy, that I had a wrong order, called in was told it could be replaced and when I go to do that the info was not in the system. Things need to work better and the team should communicate much better.

-by (Nov. 8, 2012)