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customer service sucks

Northpoint store in Baltimore maryland has the worst customer service ever held on phone for the electronic dept. For 20 min. Noone every came back on line the whole time I was holding. They lost a sure sale that day. I will be taking my business somewhere else. Probably walmart or target. Sorry for your loss

-by (Jun. 9, 2013)


I am very upset about the new advertisement for shipping. I have shopped at K-Mart for years but am so disappointed that if I see it on TV again I will never shop there again and will transfer my monthly perscriptions elsewhere.

-by (May. 28, 2013)

store canceled layaway

I had a very bad experience with they canceled my layaway and two weeks later gave me half of the original price of the cost of the layaway and after two more weeks of waiting I still have not received the rest of my refund. urrrrr! angry! go to the store if you are doing a layaway!!!

-by (May. 6, 2013)

Good Service

I love Kmart, they have always had good customer service. I definitely prefer Kmart over Wal-Mart any day. I wish they made more Kmart's instead of closing them down :(

-by (May. 5, 2013)


My husband and I were shopping for a patio furniture at your Monroe mi store on April 30, 2013. We found a patio set we like and were going to put it in lay a way, we are moving and wanted it for our new house in about a month. The sign said any purchase of 299 or more you get free delivery, says nothing that it excludes a lay a way purchase Perfect for us, sense we had no way getting this to our new home. Well the clerk said I don't think you can get free delivery if you put it on lay a way, so she called the manager and he said NOPE you have to buy it outright to get the free delivery. This makes no sense at all. Kmart can really afford to lose a 350 dollar sale? Well needless to say we walked away and will be going to another store to purchase our patio furniture. Totally disappointed in Kmart service.

-by (May. 1, 2013)

Prescription Services

I have my RX filled at the K-Mart in Concord, Ca. I have had nothing but good service with the two pharm. who work there! Always have my scrips done, they know about my medications and its a much more personal experience than your larger stores.

-by (Apr. 30, 2013)

very unhappy

my handicapped mom was at your kmart in lakeport ca. she was needing help in the garden area so she went to customer service to ask for help there was 3 women behind the counter and they were all rude to her and refused to help her if this is how your employees are allowed to act i will never shop at your store again. i will also be posting on facebook for all to see how terrible your customer service skills are and how rude they are and i will be asking all people to boycot your store.i'm also going to wright letters to newspapers and tell them about how you train your staff to treat handicapped people.

-by (Apr. 23, 2013)


went to the Gallipolis oh store the rt 60 wva store looking for the PINK briefs, was told they have been disontinued, i am realy disapointed,they are the best brief ive ever bought, sure hope you get them again, thank you for your time,

-by (Apr. 18, 2013)

K Mart unfriendly to handicaped.

“K Mart not handicap friendly”. Sat. March 9th at about 1:30 pm, my wife and I went to Kmart at East point plaza in Clarksburg WV to go shopping. We got the items we wanted and went to the cash out line. (I think there is 4 cash out lines). I was in front of my wife. As I started down the aisle to the register, the lady cashier told me “STOP” you can’t come through here”! (As she motioned with her hand in a “shoeing” motion). I stopped and said “ why”? then started to proceed. Again she said “STOP! You can’t come through here!(again shoeing me). Your wheelchair won’t fit in this isle, you have to go through register #3. There was two women in front of me and several more people in the other isle. I was humiliated and embarrassed so I handed the money to my wife and left the store. As I headed to my van to wait for my wife, the hurt and embarrassment I felt turned to anger and I went back into the store. I told the lady at the front “service” counter what had happened. She said “you have to use isle #3”. I informed her that according to the ADA laws, ALL areas open to the public must accommodate me AND my wheel chair. To which she said “you can get through isle #3 with you wheelchair, sir”. I was insulted and upset so I left before It went any further. Needless to say I will NEVER shop at K Mart OR Sears again. Thank you, Danny R Mayle

-by (Apr. 9, 2013)

customer service

Recently I went to KMart Wynnum Plaza,after making my purchases I find there are no lanes open for service, instead you have to go to the self service lanes, I refuse to use them as it puts your staff out of jobs.So I guess your another greedy corporation who is just after more profits, and no customer service, shame on you KMart

-by (Mar. 19, 2013)

Shut down Six Forks location!!

Forgot wallet and hurriedly went home asking cashier to hold items would be right back to pick up and pay. She agreed and said would hold. I came back within 15 minutes and they could not find items saying all had been restocked.

-by (Mar. 9, 2013)

Kmart needs more Tx locations

Hi I live in Arlington,Tx and there is no Kmart's near here and I have no car to get to any of yalls location's yall would really benifit alot if yalls company would put an KMart Super Center near here as it would also benifit the people in the surounding cities... Your company has good products and prices why wouldnt you want to share with the rest of us the people of central Texas please consider this seriously !!!

-by (Feb. 23, 2013)

Reopen store

A number of years ago your Yuma, AZ store closed . It was one of your best performing stores. A lease problem was stated as the cause. However Walmart came in to take over. The store is still empty. the population can an will support a Kmart reopening. Are there any plans to do so. We miss and need KMart back. Thank you.

-by (Jan. 25, 2013)

Customer Unhappy

Customer service reviews? What customer service? Kmart does not have customer service and the store managers should go back to flipping burgers.

-by (Jan. 6, 2013)


shoping in store 3371on 12-22-12 as i always do during the holidays and through out the year a 10.00 rewards points were being offered if i spent more than 50.00 as i did the cashier tells me that her scaner is not working so she could not give me my rewards she says you can go to the service desk at a another time so i did that on december 31-2012 and the service desk tell me sorry i had to do that the same day of my purchase so because your cashier did not inform me of the policy i missed out on 10.00 in rewards.I enjoy shoping at your store but feel this was not fair.

-by (Dec. 31, 2012)

Vails Gate NY store employees and store discusting

Vails Gate NY store's employees are a disgrace. They argue with one another in front of customers and they literally yell at the customers. When you ask for a manager, there never is one and the Supervisor on duty just laughs with the employee at the customer. I was one of those customers today. What the hell is going on in Vails Gate NY?

-by (Dec. 27, 2012)

Memory for camera

I purchased a camera for my daughters 15 fh birfhday on November 13th....the two guys at the technology counter helped me find the camera that would suit her and said that the memory card would fit...well it didn t and I tried to return it....I had no receipt and they would not even listen that I was told it would fit by k mart employees not happy at all....and then to have a rude customer service person just blow me off...Mac Arthur road in Whitehall

-by (Dec. 4, 2012)

Mt Dora Diner at Kmart

We love the diner at Kmart. It is all due to ALL of the servers, and cook!!! We meet family there during the week, and every other week our whole family meets there for breakfast, thats seniors, middle age, and teens. The servers are very professional, polite, and make you feel good about going there. Recently we took my husbands Dad there to get his birthday breakfast. After breakfast, Lisa and another server came out with a piece of cake, candle in it, and sang him happy birthday!!! He is 86 years young. We were happily shocked!!! But probably shouldnt have been, thats how those girls are. We appreciate them!!!

-by (Nov. 22, 2012)

Wal Mart Looks Better Now

Whatever happened to, "the customer is always right?" I was greeted by a sales clerk with, I'm sorry sir, I have no time for you, my husband just left me for another" Duh, It's obvious why.

-by (Nov. 16, 2012)

Sunday Ad's

Was at the K-Mart they said they do not honor Sunday paper add...Is this not mis-leading? So then I call customer service and question this practice and the lady hung up on me and it was not a accident and no i did not mistreat her on the phone.

-by (Oct. 18, 2012)