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Phone Number:(614) 491-2225

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Former employee

This site and all others are awful I am getting zero help and nobody is returning my phone calls!!! Extremely disappointing

-by (Mar. 5, 2014)


I left a tip on my table before leaving at the norwalk bob evans in ohio and went to restroom when I walked out I noticed the manager named cathy was taking the tip and stuck it in her pocket she wasnt even my waitress so I went up to her and asked a series of dumb questions to get a glimse of her name tag but corrporate wont call me back poor service at the resteraunt and in corpporate

-by (Jan. 14, 2014)

Bad Purchase

I recently purchased 2 containers of the Bob Evans Oven Baked Scalloped Potatoes from the local Kroger Supermarket in VA. I was truly disappointed with this product. Unlike the regular mashed potatoes this product does not work well in the microwave oven as stated. Yes, the cheese melts but the potatoes remain hard and taste as if you where eating raw potatoes just peel and eat. Unfortunately , I'm stuck with the 2nd container only because I throw away the receipt and I am unable to return the item to the store where I made the purchase.

-by (Jan. 12, 2014)


I have been a regular customer at Bob Evans in Aurora, Indiana for many years. In the last few months that particular location is on a fast decline. The staff has changed and I miss the efficient, considerate people that used to take care of me there. I also know that they have been short staffed lately which causes long waits to get a table and to get service. I don't know what is being done there, but it is not good.

-by (Dec. 30, 2013)

Pot Roast Meal

This has always been my favorite meal at Bob's. I had it tonight (the seniors meal) and you have changed it for the worse. Instead of being served on a plate, it now comes in a soup bowl with mashed potatoes in the bottom, then a little pot roast on top with carrots and onions and then a lot of beef gravy for the broth. I managed to eat most of it but it was terrible and I will never order it again

-by (Nov. 11, 2013)

bob evans food

Low quality food, small portions.....high $$$$. Will not return.

-by (Oct. 29, 2013)

Menu Complaint

Went to Harrisonburg, Va. location this AM for Waffles. Arriving shortly after 7:30 AM we were told the Restaurant just 'Ran Out' of Waffle Mix. They were being served at a table near us as we were being told this. We did stay and order other Food Items, but a table with a Family next to us, being told the same, chose to leave and go to the IHOP a few streets away. Out of courtesy to the 'very nice' waitress was my reason for our staying.

-by (Jul. 31, 2013)


I a disappointed to see that you do not put out spoons with the silverware. You have to ask for one. so many of the servers forget to bring them out with the coffee. How much trouble is it to have them with the other utensils? I find this very irritating. so many places do this .

-by (Jul. 29, 2013)

Too much music

I just returned from the Anderson,In Bob Evans. The food was good,service fair...but what I want to know is why the kitchen has loud rock music blaring that is conflicting with the dining room easy listening music.It bothers me for what should be a calm dining experience turns out to be exasperating.I've mentioned to managers but I guess a customer's dining experience must not be that important

-by (Jul. 22, 2013)

Outstanding Service

Stopped in at your #275 location in Michigan City. Ind. My appreciation and compliments to your crew and staff at that facility. Their pleasant attitude and service was outstanding. I would also commend the service of our server Ms. Corie Levesque. Her warmth and outgoing personality was especially welcomed after being on the road for most of the day. She is an added bonus to your company.


Sam Aguirre

p.s. And oh yes, the food was good too...!!!

-by (Jun. 22, 2013)