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Phone Number:1 (800) 469-4663

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Reviews For Sears Customer Service (73)

Awesome teamwork

I am very satisfied with the extra step associates took to assist me when I had visited the store. I also got the best sale prices I ever thought was possible that day. Can't wait to return.

-by (Dec. 16, 2014)


Terrible installation and repair crew. Customer service staff are not efficient . No show appointments.

-by (Nov. 20, 2014)

Purchased a mattress

I bought a mattress ( Simmons Beauty Rest). The mattress developed a "sink hole " within 6 months. One person said it would be replaced and transferred the call to set up delivery and the delivery dept. said "You're not getting a new mattress." I have called at least 7 different #'s at Sears and have been hung up on twice. I have called Sears Corp. office and am referred back to customer service. I have also called Simmons . No assistance there either. I had to replace the mattress( 6 months old) I am now paying on a mattress that I no longer have. It was hauled to the dump.

-by (Oct. 30, 2014)

Tried to buy a stove

Never again. no customer service. could not deliver on day specified. customer service lied to me. house with out a stove almost a month because of them. Delivery guys could not find house....told me it was our fault. did not call.....just left us waiting. never again SEARS.

-by (Sep. 12, 2014)

cusomer complaint

all experience with stores are terriable nobody answers the phones for the department you want they have answering machines bad customers service when I called the corporate office I spoke to a women named meme she had terriable customer skills she shouldn't even work at corporate dealing with people she was raising her voice at me.i was a manger that's not the way you deal with customers or customer complaints. You need a better system there should always have somebody to answer phones that's good business.

-by (Aug. 10, 2014)


So we had 4 service calls for our dryer. It almost caught fire. Smoke and such coming out of the Bosh Dryer. Had 4 service calls. Took many hours and many phone calls and finally me BEGGING them to replace it.

-by (Jul. 29, 2014)


This was the worst experience in ordering repair parts for a Craftsman electric weed wacker! Twice I had to order these INCORRECT parts online explaining in complete detail what was needed. I've now been without the use of this unit since 6/27/14 and my yard is a horrific mess. The second order that was placed, arrived with incorrect parts on 7/22/14. Called Customer Service who then referred me to Parts Credit! Was on hold for over 25 minutes!! The manual showed all of the parts to this thing but were so tiny, no human eye could see what they were. I finally talked to a 'human' and was credited only the amount of this last order, after much bantering back and forth with me refusing to even consider a 3rd attempt to get this right. No more SEARS for me!! They should be ashamed......

-by (Jul. 24, 2014)

Horrible experience!

Have been transferred almost a dozen times to address the fact that the sub contracted dishwasher installers got dirty dishwater all over my grandmothers oriental rug, knocked into walls, left smelly towels wet on my counter, walked all over with dirty boots, used my dishes to catch draining water from the old dishwasher, delivered the wrong appliance...the list goes on! The head of install promised the sub contracting company would take care of it but its been 5 days and I haven't received a phone call. When I called the head guy he was conveniently on vacation and his voicemail included no forwarding numbers for customers. Sears, you should be ashamed of yourself.

-by (Jul. 14, 2014)


Took hours to reach not happy at all!!

-by (Jun. 30, 2014)


purchase 2 brand new tires from sears on june 05,2014. Driving only highways to and from stonybrook hospital. I recently got a flat on the highway.i was told they are unable do any thing for tires are only 3 weeks old.

-by (Jun. 30, 2014)

Bad service

I took 1/2 day off work to a scheduled repair ( was told be be home between 1 and 5) I received a call at 4 saying they had to reschedule. I asked if I was going to get a discount for having to take another 1/2 day off work and was told to go online to find a 20% off coupon. What a waste of time. I will never use Sears again or recommend them.

-by (Jun. 19, 2014)

Normal big corporation

Sears does just fine. It has it's employee problems and always needs improvements.

-by (May. 27, 2014)

Web Page Links Dpn's Work

5/23/2014 None of the Memorial Day Sale Web page links are working.

-by (May. 24, 2014)

Sears stinks

A service 3 hours late and an estimate on a practically new tractor mower off nearly 400.00. What a scam.

-by (Apr. 23, 2014)


Has anyone with authority, ever read the customers complaints.

-by (Apr. 15, 2014)

just wrong

also....the new managers first hire was an old friend of his that spend 18 months in STATE Prison for assault, no sales experience, and missing his front teeth. But the guy who runs the store during the holidays get the short end of the stick

-by (Apr. 15, 2014)

horrible customer service

All I want is a receipt for the online purchase for oven parts. Been told 3 times I would get one and still nothing...cold day in hell will I buy another product from sears

-by (Feb. 27, 2014)

Product reliabilty and service

I purchased a sears snowblower (craftsman) . From day one this product has been a piece of junk. Service people are impossible to deal wih(long waits for service calls, and longer waits for parts) For ex. on Feb 3rd I called for a service call. I got my normal three from date of call to date of appointment. The probably will not have the part on the truck causing a further delay . Sinc I called we have had 20+ inches of snow an are expecting at least 6 more tonite. In conclusion for me it's Good bye Sears. I'll never purchase another Sears ptoduct.

-by (Feb. 12, 2014)

delivery damage

Back in August I had TWO refrigerators delivered - during delivery my screen door was damaged. I reported this customer service - they told me to get the door repaired and they would pay for it. I have now contacted the local store manager via mail twice - the first time she referred my complaint to the delivery company. They called me and then did nothing about it. I have not heard back since the second writing in early January. I just want them to pay the repair bill which was not all that much!!

-by (Feb. 11, 2014)

Dryer Vent Cleaning

A few weeks ago, I requested service for dryer vent cleaning and as a result, the technician drilled holes in both my heating and air conditioning units and covered the holes with tape. I requested another technician come and plug the holes, he had no 'clue' on what to do. I will never use these services again. The technician was so busy trying to push sales for cleaning the furnace and air conditioning units, that he couldn't do what he was there to do. So unfair how Sears has yet to get this resolved.

-by (Feb. 6, 2014)