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skrew up

re: order number 225510 This order arrived yesterday, 7/18/14. The shipping invoice lists WF038-8 Silk Road Sandals - 8 EA808 Pagoda Earth Earrings The sandals are fine and what was ordered. The earrings are not Pagoda Earth Earrings but cheap something that I do not see anywhere in your on line listings. If this item was no longer in stock, just say so, do not put a cheap- item in and print the order as the ordered item. This was to be a birthday gift and I have this junk. I will return it and have taken a photo of what was delivered so it cannot be denied as the item sent. I am so disappointed and will attempt to find a like item originally about $85 in cost but reduced to somewhere around $43.

-by (Jul. 18, 2014)