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Phone Number:1 (888) 891-2429

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Score 2.7
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Please we need a Cheesecake Factory here in Huntsville Alabama,

-by (Dec. 9, 2015)


There are nearly 3 million people within the greater Twin Cities area with ONE Cheesecake Factory. When will your corporate people wake up and smell the coffee? We NEED one in the Woodbury (eastern Twin Cities) area. Parking for your Edina location is nearly impossible!

-by (May. 22, 2015)

A good choice

I simply love the cheesecake here. They have great service too!

-by (Dec. 24, 2014)

We need you!

Rehoboth beach, in Delaware is a very busy resort town that doesn't have a Cheesecake Factory! How can we survive? When tourist season is over, which it isn't really over anymore, since we've become so popular as a year round location, I would like to suggest a Cheesecake Factory here, in Rehoborh Beach. As it is now, we have to drive over 2 hours to the closest CF. That's unacceptable.


-by (Aug. 16, 2014)

a meal never to forget

To whom it may concern, yesterday was my first time at cheesecake factory in orland park, Il and what an experience it was. My boyfriend ordered the ribeye that came with fries and onion rings and in the onion ring breading which btw way was wrapped around the ring was a tasty treat NOT but a piece of hair. And were not one to complain or expect anything for free but just an " I'm sorry " what a joke. I have been in the service industry for years and wow does that manager have no idea what she is doing. With that being said we will never be returning and I will be spreading the word that not only do you have an awesome management but a very clean kitchen.

-by (Sep. 17, 2013)

Profoundly disappointed

After being a loyal customer for years, I am sad to say I will not be going back. I cannot believe that you decided to take away my favorite meal at any restaurant ..... Ever ! What happened to the Thai Chicken Pasta ?

-by (Aug. 24, 2013)

Huntington NY

Food was not fresh or well prepared. Stuffed artichoke in edible and chicken not tender, pasta dry. No one asked us how our meal was.

-by (Aug. 1, 2013)


Love this place....great food, great customer service, great people. Who can ask for more!!!

-by (Jul. 23, 2013)

serious incident

To whom it may concern; I need someone to get in touch with me as soon as possible, pertaining to an incident that happened at the cheesecake factory in Columbia Md. there was a coffee cup that exploded in the faces of my family on the 13th of May, which was the day after Mothers day. Three of us had small cuts and I hit my foot under the table as well and hurt my toe. I have been trying to reach someone pertaining to this matter with no avail. . Please contact me ASAP thank you

-by (May. 28, 2013)