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Phone Number:1 (800) 632-9240

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Score 1.3
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  1. Mon. Open 24 hours
  2. Tue. Open 24 hours
  3. Wed. Open 24 hours
  4. Thu. Open 24 hours
  5. Fri. Open 24 hours
  6. Sat. Open 24 hours
  7. Sun. Open 24 hours

Reviews For Travel Centers of America Customer Service (5)


I was at the TA clayton indiana. Their were roaches, and the manager seemed to not care. Several people were walking out.

-by (Nov. 9, 2013)


Two times over charged for road side call. No more TA for my fleet. If you want more details fell free to email me.

-by (Oct. 31, 2013)


Pathetic! TA Dallas. I stop to buy headlights and the jerk behind the counter with his head phones on during the entire transaction says "fool put your card number on your check." When I question his use of the word fool he says Oh no I said folk. Either way I'm not fool or folk I'm customer. I ask to speak to a supervisor he calls the sheriff over that escorts me away. Never again will I spend a dime at these worthless places. The 24 hour customer service line ain't 24 hours either.

-by (Oct. 14, 2013)

really poor service

I was on my way to AL and stop sat TC in marianna FL to get some lunch and that woman at the register was rushing me. evenn did the hand motion like hurrying a child along. I've never been so insulted at a truck stop. It was more "give me your money and go" rather than "thanks do come again." Just plain rude....

-by (Apr. 24, 2013)

Place sucks

I just want to say its unreal u Charge for Internet in this day and age. I swear u will never get a dime from me again. I will run out of fuel and get towed a 100 miles to another truck stop with free Internet no wonder TA is becoming a dying chain

-by (Apr. 23, 2013)