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French Fries

I live 3 blocks from a S/S and get your coupons monthly. Luv your burgers and shakes, yet I only visit your establishment every 3 to 4 months. I hate the fries which are part of all coupons. Other restaurants give options on fries, tater tots, cakes, etc. Have you considered this. Others have told me the same about your fries. They do nothing for your image and taste like cardboard, so this is not a unique complaint. Worse fries of all chains. How about another option. Or offer onion rings instead of fries with coupons. Better yet dump the fries, I do like them, just not yours.

-by (Nov. 26, 2012)

bad service

My friend and I were at the Steak and Shake in Paducah Ky today and the service was horrible.We live 30 miles away and will find another place to eat while in Paducah. We were told we could not get silverware when our order was brought to table because they were having to wash some.We then asked for napkins as we were given none and our ketchup bottle was a mess. Our waitress then went on break and said someone would be by to check on us.We did not see anyone else and were not given drink refills as 4 waitresses were behind counter looking at us. As there were only 7 customers in the store I hope they were treated better than we were.

-by (Nov. 4, 2012)

No getting what I order

Went to 2856 Center Dr Fairborn steak and shake. This is 5 mile out of my way and traffic is bad around there. Went to the drive throw. Letting them know I have 2 coupon, 2 order Double steak sandwhich, reg fries, & milk shake, for $4.99 each, Then I have coupon for a .99 onion ring, I was charge$12.11 for all. pull up give the coupon & money to the lady. She kept looking at the coupon. She give me back $7.89 back. I pull out and look. I was charge $1.11 to much. Then both fries was not in the bag. I took it back in ask for my money back. This is not the frist time it happen, I could understand she screw up and said something to me and correct it. She knew and didn't said anything. This not the frist time this happen. This why I don't go there .

-by (Oct. 3, 2012)