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metal strips in rice

I got up and went in to fix some rice that was got in hazard,ky. i cooked it and got some out in a bowl. then i took a bit and felt something sharp in my mouth. so i took it out only to find want looks like copper strips of wire.this is so bad.what if i would have swallowed it,or my child.would have been a really bad out come.

-by (Jul. 15, 2015)


Why do you change the potassium on the tomato soup it was o now it 590 potassium why?

-by (Feb. 19, 2014)

bones in fish fillets sold by portside

family was eating portside crunchy fillets that they sell at Save a lot .. i would like to know who to contact. My son almost choked from a large bone in the fish ... bad bad bad... im really upset and their meat has gotten terrible at our store in Chanute Kansas.. hardly can stomach it.

-by (Jan. 14, 2014)

Weekly flyers stink

I have had several occasions where I visited the store because of a flyer deal only to be told the store didn't get the merchandise in and to check later in the week because the store only gets merchandise in twice a week. I wasted my time coming back later only to be given the same line of crap. Others have agreed with me. I consider this false advertising and due to this, am predicting the Clearfield, PA store won't stay open for long, not with Walmart located nearby that does get advertised merchandise in.

-by (Nov. 25, 2013)

unsatisfied customer

I used to like save-a-lot until tonight. The cashier made a mistake and had to get a void. That was okay because people make mistakes, so I had to wait on that. When he finally got to me he started counting his change and I had my credit card to pay with and he knew it and still counted his change before he rang me up after I waited on them while they had problems with the void and had to wait on him to count the change too and he knew I was paying with a card. So I actually waited about 7 minutes to be rang up and I was the second person in line.

-by (Nov. 1, 2013)

Save a lot sucks

I have shopped two save a lot stores in two states and both have sucked. Neither one have people person managers. They are both only out for money and inaccurate accusations of customers. One of the stores in Toledo even allows extremely long lines. You can't ever get to the products you want because of uboats of products being in your way. When you ask for your money back they tell you it's not their responsibility for you to get all the stuff you paid for. I have actually started calling save a lot save you less.

-by (Oct. 5, 2013)

great store to shop at

I shop a Save a lot at Olde York rd. Parma Hts. Ohio store the store is always clean and employees are always helpful. Suzanne has a great personality and always cheer full when checking out. I go out of my way to shop there. Fresh meat and produce is always fresh.

-by (Sep. 10, 2013)

Regular customer

I went to the save-a-lot down the street. Columbus, " Buena Vista Rd. Store... There was only one cash register open. The manager was just standing around. They loose alot of their customer because of only having one cashier. Why can't the manager help. What is his job? This isn't the first time where I have seen customer walking out of the store. Sorry Manager...

-by (Sep. 1, 2013)


I have been to two different Sav-a-lot stores and had the same issue at both. The newest store located on Pulaski Ave in Philadelphia. I was waiting to use the ladies room, the occupant before me was an employee of the store. She came out and I went in. Once done I went to wash my hands and there was not soap! I see the sign posted in the rest room "Employee's must wash hands before returning to work." I'm!? there's not soap!! Then I remember the female worker who just left out before I came in, how did she wash her hands???? Today (July 17, 2013), two weeks later, I go to another Save-a-lot (store #274); I use the rest room there and guess what? Yes, no soap to wash my hands. Here this one had the same same sign with the additive that employees should keep the soap dispenser full!!! I can not post this with out a rating but there is none that fit. I do not feel you deserve my rating of 1 star but since that is the lowest I can give to post then so be it.

-by (Jul. 17, 2013)


I went to your store on Mineral Spring Avenue in Pawtucket and was never treated so badly. The assistant manager was very rude to me and should not be dealing with the public. He is not a people person and as far as I'm concerned, he is in the wrong line of work. I will not step foot in that store again as long as he is working there. He was also rude to my 76 yr old neighbor who has not shopped there in almost a year because of him!

-by (May. 26, 2013)


I bought a bag of J.Higgs Ripple chips and i got a half of them were regualars

-by (May. 25, 2013)

First Impressions

Made two trips to the Save-A-Lot, Millcreek Road location this week. On both visits, the parking lot was littered with trash and cigarette butts and a limb of a tree had fallen on the lawn area. On both visits, there no more than 3-4 customers in the store and 4 of the employees were hanging around up at the office/cash register area. One was sitting in a chair playing games on a cell phone. I found the same thing on my second visit. On top of that, when I passed by the store on my way home that afternoon, an employee with a white meat handling jacket on was standing out front smoking. Maybe that is why the parking lot area looks as bad as it does. I would think that the employees would be required to smoke at the back of the store. Butt cans and garbage cans should be provided for the customers. It does not look good to enter a store that needs some work and see the employees sitting around doing nothing. Supervisors need to keep their employees busy because there is always some work to be done, inside and outside. That store is a reflection of them as management.

-by (Mar. 14, 2013)

nasty pork

i live in st pete fl and shop at save a lot all the time and the last two times i bought pork chops they were spoiled i threw them away the first time took them back the second just to run into one of the rudest managers i have ever met i work guest service so i know how it should be handled was told first he wasnt going to return them and then was forced to take another pack of pork chops and made to pay more just what i wanted another delicious pack of slimy pork

-by (Jan. 3, 2013)