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cheaters/broken furniture

I went to a RAC store in philly? bad idea the living room i rent look good on the floor but when i turn the light on the throw pillows were dirty and the keep sliding off the sofa? now know why? the bottom of the sofa is broke? also it took RAC almost five days after i rented the furniture to get my contract? i know why now so they can change the price? the sofa&chair were cash and carry for $399.00? the manager said that icould pay$100.00 a month for 3months same as cash ? well went i back he change the price to 198.00 a month he knew i would not beable to pay that.also his aatitude change to because i contact headquaters about what he did.

-by (Dec. 6, 2013)

hurt and pain

My wife is sick and in hospital been for a week RCA has been calling back to back talking shit to me everytime they called I return there call or my wife friend did and they got more rude and mean one dude in store told me he dont care about my wife being sick I better do what they say or it will get worst people called me told me they were trying to get in my house so I called them and talk to manager he said he dont care I better leave hospital and give stuff back this is so sick

-by (Sep. 21, 2013)


This month I'm a few weeks behind on my payment due to a family emergency/death. I had contacted the store to advise them of our situation and to let them know I'd be making the payment within a few days of returning home. The day of the services I along with my husband were contaced by RAC. I called them back and told them AGAIN what was going on. I was then told by the guy on the phone to call him back and let him know what I was going to do.........HELLO I'm with my grieving family do you really think you're on my mind? NO!!!! My husband and I were both contacted again 3 times a piece that afternoon during and after the funeral services. REALLY RAC??? I know it's your job to collect your money but when you know the circumstances have a little RESPECT.

-by (Sep. 18, 2013)


the store in San Pablo ca, is horrible and I will never go back after this. They ruined my property by trying to install stuff that they don't know how to install, so they just stuffed the balled up tubing in back of my dryer...So this is it with me and them....

-by (Aug. 22, 2013)


i rented a washer/dryer for over a year. i have spent over $2200.00 . i am moving and do not need it. Now i am renting living room furniture i want ton know if i can get credit for the washer/dryer to go toward the living room furniture.

-by (Aug. 19, 2013)

never again

I have had numerous accounts with rac in the ada oklahoma stores with no problem the manager they have now is somerhing else I got behind on a payment he actually called my brother and discussed my financial business with telling him I did pay my bill they are going to sue me I think I may contact an attorney myself so much for repeat business

-by (Aug. 10, 2013)


the store in paterson nj employee,s mouths are very crazy and customer service is bad leaving threating phone call how they will come to my job and embrass me at work if i dont make a payment very unprofessional and something needs to be done you have this young adults running this stores and its crazy they need more supervision...

-by (Aug. 3, 2013)

Horrible and Harassing

I have paid off my account and they continue to call and harass me. The manager is the worse of all. I am ready to contact authorites so they leave me all. I would never recommend RAC and I am a sears apppliance manager and could send alot of business.

-by (Jul. 7, 2013)


I have rented and finshed paying for three computers queen size mattress set, and was in the process of renting a theater system, a tv, I had a problem with the theater system I called ask for the person I usally deal with told she would call me back she never did,so I called again talked to the manager,and I was told he would send someone out that knew how to fix the problem gave me a time they never showed up called again he sent a guy out that had no idea what to do called the store spoke to the person I normally talk to she said she would give me a loner until mine came back, they never brought one,so I called again talked to the manager said will have one for you Monday and send yours off they never came or called so I called Tuesday ask for the person I normally talk to, was told she was busy and would call back since she has never called me back the first time I was sure she would not again so I told them to come get their stuff no longer renting from them again.

-by (Jul. 3, 2013)


Zero stars for this establishment! My daughter and I went in to RAC last Wednesday to rent some appliances and they were so jealous about where we lived in our nice development that they would not rent the furniture to use. We provided lease agreement, proof of income, etc. and they still wiould not rent the furniture to us but they swiped our debit card to take the money out of our card but would not let us sign the papers. They refused to call our house to see if we really lived here but instead trying to reach our landlord like the landlord is stupid enough to let us move in here. I would not recommend this rental company to a dog because they are ignorant and dont' know how to do business

-by (Jun. 13, 2013)


I paid a month ahead. Return the item a few days later, they refuse to refund my money I paid ahead. I will never rent from them again.

-by (May. 9, 2013)

help they are RUDE:

They did not put all my money toward my bill and they they say I owe them wow what kind of people do this ...

-by (Mar. 18, 2013)

attitude stinks

My husband and I have an accout with rent a center in tarboro nc..I promise you this once this stuff is paid off I will never rent anything from y'all husband got tricked into making a double payment in feb now there saying were serisouly behind in payments and thretning a larceny suit..joe has the worst allitude he's a ASS..............regards mrs. Whichard

-by (Mar. 13, 2013)

grandmother and person paying the bill of customer

the manager at the amsterdam n.y. store not easily accessible, difficult to deal with and rude. would never recommend this company to ANYONE....

-by (Jan. 4, 2013)