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Phone Number:1 (877) 835-5734

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Zero stars

Did not help at all

-by (Jan. 27, 2015)

Exodus 3D

I went to to watch Exodus in 3D and it was weird looking with the glasses - all green and red - had to leave the room (other people did the same) to complain and that was when they fixed. We asked for a restart but that didn't happen. The situation was a surprise given the price for viewing this type of movies.

-by (Dec. 18, 2014)

Customer Service

I have called several times and have left a message, all to no avail. No human ever answers the phone and calls are not returned. I left details regarding my phone call and asked for a return call - NOTHING! There does not appear to be any customer service. Next step is email.

-by (Aug. 9, 2013)

The theatre

Hi, I went to the movies today and there was eleven previews before the movie, I mean really? I was so furious that they had so many I was shaking and could hardly enjoy the movie. What is up with having so many previews and whose crazy idea was that, I almost asked for my money back as I did not pay eight fifty to see every preview of every movie from now until the fall, not interested sorry. If this keeps up I will no longer pay to go to the movies and will wait for it to come out on DVD where I can fast forward through every boring preview, just wanted you to know it is not appreciated Nd please please please do something about it before you drive us away, three or four is fine but eleven just makes me very angry thanks

-by (Jun. 30, 2013)

ua meadows 12

Really bad customer service!

-by (Jun. 24, 2013)

No Customer Serivce

Was trying to buy tickets online with a gift card. The website did not show the card number in the records. Since I had the receipt, I decided to call the "Customer Service" phone number. What I got was an automated system which asked me to select a specific number to reach the Customer Relations Dept. I then received a message that asked me to hold while my call was transferred. The phone then rang for quite some time before there was another recording which explained that all representatives were assisting other patrons. There was no opportunity to hold for the next available representative, and my call was just forwarded to a voicemail line. I waited for a bit, then tried again, with the same result. This time I chose to leave a message, to which I never received a reply. I fell that this is a poor excuse for customer service. To me, it seemed like there actually is no Customer Relations Dept., and that Fandango simply offers a "dummy" number. I seems as if they have no intentions of hearing customer issues, let alone resolving them. Thin, in itself, is shameful. Customers are the ones who make it possible for Fandango to exist. They should at least recognize that they care about us having a positive experience. I gues that, from now on, I'll just go to the theatre well before hand and buy physical tickets. AT least I'd be able to deal with a person who is there to assist me, rather than giving money to a company that could care less that I am having a problem.

-by (Jun. 1, 2013)

Bad movie experience and poor customer service

Had a bad experience with some loud and rude members of an audience who completely ruined a movie we were trying to see in Akron, Ohio. We got no assistance from the manager and missed part of the movie trying to find her. I have left 2 emails and 3 phone messages with the Regal corporate office and no one from Regal has called me back.

-by (Jan. 16, 2013)


I live in Citrus County, where there are two Regal Theatres. Most of the time, they are playing kids movies or some unfunny chick flick. I had to out of this county to Ocala, to see Lincoln. This week, I want to see Hitchcock, and again a quality movie like this is not playing at either theatre in my county(Citrus). Why do I have to drive for 50 minutes to another county to see Hitchcock? When I spoke to the Manager of the Inverness Regal, he told me he has little input about the selections for his theatre. Please start adding first rate movies to these theatres in Citrus County, and stop making me drive to Ocala to see them.

-by (Dec. 21, 2012)