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I bought an expensive coffee table in June. Every single time I called I get a different answer. Come to find out, they sell big on their sale events. Then after people buy/ order, THEN they order it from their manufacturer over seas. Nice huh... So it takes 3 months and no clue when it will be here. All my summer events, baby showers, wedding parties, with NO table in the living room. I bought a large 55 inch coffee table. Can you imagine that, they let every one order..and have NONE available. AT ALL None at all. And they have no idea when the manufacturer will get them to the usa... They are horrible business people to work with.

-by (Aug. 5, 2014)

Horrible service

we have been trying to get a loft bed delivered for my son for over a month. 1. for a bed, there is a mandatory delivery and set fee which is about $300. 2. the (horrible) delivery company came with broken pieces. then after not hearing from anyone for 3 weeks, after few very frustrating calls to PB who has no connection to the delivery company (which is sad), commits to deliver the items on 10/23. because we were about 5 mins late, the delievery company left with no calls to us. with calls to them, they promised to bring the items back later in the day. Guess what..you got it. no bed yet....

-by (Oct. 23, 2013)

Outdoor Carpet Disaster

Since the 30th of July I have been trying to resolve an issue with an outdoor rug that completely fell apart. I sent the obligatory photos as requested of the damage and have sent an excessive amount of e-mails in an attempt to follow-up with absolutely no response. Horrible customer service - no one cares.

-by (Sep. 23, 2013)

Poor Quality Mobile for Babies

Last Sunday I tried to purchase a Pottery Barn Kids sailboat crib mobile for my grandson, which was out of stock, at the Annapolis Mall Store. The item was ordered on line at the store and was told all the parts were included, when I asked and paid for it at the store.

The crib mobile was delivered later in the week. When opened the poor quality and origin in China was noticed along with a potential choking hazard for babies. Also the instructions required an attachment bracket, which was not in the box.

When the local store was asked, they stated it is included sometimes others not. An if it is discounted, not included. I switched to a full price mobile of higher quality and the Annapolis store still did not include the bracket.

-by (Aug. 31, 2013)

Horrible Service!!

HORRIBLE is the word that can be used for customer service department at Pottery Barn. No manager will call you back, and the hold time is ridiculous. The Call center associates are condescending and are not able to make a decision. Empower them, if the manager is NOT available (which is every time you call) items are continually on back order. And they have no concept of what service is about. Should not be called customer service!

-by (Jun. 29, 2013)

Don't expect anything from the Customer Service Department, that's exactly what you'll get!!!!

The customer service department for furniture is nothing but people look at a computer screen and reading what it says. I ordered a couch and called at least 10 times and spoke to at least 10 different people. Not one person called me back to give me status even when I requested and was promised. My order was supposed to ship on March 15th and after several attempts to have this date expedited. After again another phone call on March 21st the order had been moved to April 15th. I confirmed there is a large file regarding my calls and requests, you would think they would have had the courteous to let me know it moved out. Nope! Last time, I place an order with Pottery Barn for furniture.

-by (Mar. 25, 2013)

Customer service

I already have purchased the alexander bumper pads, small pillow sham, sheets and all i needed was the quilt. Well i kept receiving emails from pbk that it was on backorder, this was very distrubing as that is the only piece i needed to complete the set. It was my first grandchild and my daughters 1st pregnancy. Well after numerous phone calls back and forth, i spoke to a manager, known as Caroline yes pottery barn did call me back, i explained the situation to her and she was great instead of receiving the final item in January i received it in December to give to her for her shower.! Thank you Caroline from pbk registary.

-by (Dec. 4, 2012)


I use this forum to ask why the Teen catalog does not offer sheets in King. Your styles need to be offered to ALL ages of your customers and not just teens. The designs are so fun and cheerful and should be available for all ages. Please start offering your sheets and bedding in King size also!! Please!!! The designs and colors hurt me they are so darling!! I appreciate your consideration!!

-by (Nov. 9, 2012)