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Sad to see Olive Garden going down

So sad the Olive Garden on Siegen is really going down. One great lady Manager was moved to another location, good servers are gone. Managers do not come to the tables to greet customers. Food ok, but has really changed.

-by (Dec. 30, 2015)

salad at olive garden

I feel that the salad should be brought to table without any dressing and we should be allowed to choose the dressing of our choice. we went last week to our local olive garden and when they brought the salad it had a dressing that was vinegar tasting already on it. we didn't like it so we ask for ranch on the salad. which they gave us but we feel they should ask what dressing u want before bringing salad.

-by (Aug. 1, 2014)

Not survey savy

Went online reply to survey: Clean, good service, good soup and salad BUT we are under the impression that we were fooled into going on line to answer survey which was designed to get our name and address to be sold for marketing to make money for the corporation. Not Pleased. Please remove our names and information from these survey.

-by (Jul. 1, 2014)


We w ere in Olove Garden for my Mother's birthday, we had server who was very rude. Our order had come the server was serving our food he immediately said to us,"You people order the food so you should know what you order" I tried my food ,but did not like the flavor of the food,he was upset,because he had to get the drinks for us. When the meal was finished he had been tipped for the meal,yet he still put the grautity on the bill,which I felt was wrong. He had an attitude about that,I have never recived that type of service at Olive Garden before. He was the worst server I have ever seen.

-by (Dec. 23, 2013)

buy 1 take 1 home

I've had the buy a dinner take 1 home special 4 times it's awesome. .but as. Soon as I start to eat I wish I had the bread sticks how about adding 1 or 2 with it just saying thanks

-by (Nov. 21, 2013)


We went on vacation recently and had opportunity to eat at OG in Northern Chicago suburbs. I am on totally Gluten free food, it is strictly medical. Erica was our server, she made us feel at home. your menu is to limited for gluten entrees. many (approx. 75%) can be gluten free. spaghetti, chicken parmesan etc. use gluten flour; bread crumbs and your seasonings. I asked servers and manager would this help increase return customers, they said YES!

-by (Nov. 1, 2013)

Lost atmosphere with loud, lewd music!

Bring back the wonderful ambiance that came with good old Dean Martins and Frank Sinatras! You went through so many, many wonderful updates in menu and d├ęcor, only to blow it big with changing the music to loud junk. We will miss your wonderful food....

-by (Oct. 11, 2013)

bad quality of food

Went to restaurant in Delaware and never will return.Got to restaurant around 845 and ordered.The salad we had to ask for more dressing and the breadsticks were hard.we didnt say anything figuring the next batch of breadsticks would be better.boy were we wrong.the breadsticks were hard as rocks and cold.we asked for some better ones and the waitress responded that it was the end of the night and she couldnt do anything.as we were eating my friend got half way through her plate and the bottom half was uncooked noodles.as we were waiting for the check about 4 couples showed up so are they going to get hard breadsticks..

-by (Oct. 8, 2013)

Albany Georgia

horrible service, horrible management- server cussed my family and management just stood there. Two hours in no food no refills on drinks salad or bread.

-by (Aug. 14, 2013)

survey contest

I am upset as my receipt's ID # is too light and/or worn to be read. What a way to keep people from entering to win! I just got it less than a week ago. PM

-by (Aug. 8, 2013)

Good Food

Delicious food, have never had a bad experience with customer service. They really have always cared about your experience with Olive Garden, I really appreciate that and how much they care about their customers. Thank you olive garden, for always giving me and my family a great experience at your restaurants and customer service.

-by (May. 5, 2013)

Terrible Customer Service

I asked my Mom where she would like to go for her birthday & she chose Olive Garden. I called the one nearest me and was told they do not take reservations, I asked to speak with a manager to see what my options were to book a party of 15! The Manager told me, that they do take large party reservations and that he was "writing my reservation down" as we speak. I showed up with my party of 15 and was told they did not have my reservation, that it was apparently never written down. My entire party of 15 stood there for over 10 minutes before a manager finally made his way over and told me that my reservation was never written down and that he would see if he could pull some tables together, ten more minutes pass and he tells me that he is "putting menus down on the table" ten more minutes go by and I'm told that they are trying to get a large party to leave the section that we were going to be seated in. So the menus were being put down, we were lied to so many different times we ended up leaving. It was a horrible experience in customer service and 15 people willing to pay took there business elsewhere.

-by (Jan. 8, 2013)

good food bad service

A friend and I had lunch at the a Dunwoody, Ga location on Sunday 12-23-12. We finished our meal, but was never asked if we wanted dessert or was not asked or given refills (we had to ask). My friend needed a to go box but received a small one and asked the server for a bigger box and the server never returned to our table. I could see the server on the other side of the room serving others. So, we had to stop somene else to get the to go box. Lastly, our check was bought to the table by another server but we were not asked if we wanted any other item and I had a coupon. Food good service bad!

-by (Dec. 25, 2012)

waiting time

I was at a recent Olive Garden in Buffalo but have seen this in Eris PA as well. There were five people at the desk looking after seating and wait time for diners. It was very poorly organized. There was an hour to 2 hour wait but some people were seated when they walked in because they had called ahead but we were told that the restaurant didn't take reservations. However the people were told that their names had been called three times but they weren't there; however the table was saved for them when they arrived late. Is that not a reservation? The rest of us who walked in and and waited for these late comers to arrive had to wait longer for a table because of this. About half of the people who came to dinner while we were waiting did the same thing. I suggest that a better system of first come, first serve would provide a fairer and faster serve for more people which would require fewer paid employees who would not be standing around talking among themselves and wouldn't be waiting for late arrivals while the tables were empty.

-by (Oct. 22, 2012)


your ceos comment on the world news today about if obama is reelected he would lay people off is sheer ridiculous......I thought you game plan was to get as many people in there to eat as possible.....I didnt know you were trying to divide the people .....you never put politics in a a public service enviroment ......in case you werent aware about 50% of the poulation is democrat!!!!!! Ill never eat there again....wouldve thought you had a little more intelligent people running that company ....Im sure this will hurt your revenue.........PLAIN STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

-by (Oct. 11, 2012)

Gluten-Free Menu

I used to love Olive Garden, but have recently been diagnosed with a gluten-free intolerance and have been reading a lot of reviews from well-known Celiac related websites, and have seen mainly negative reviews. Please get a decent manu. I would love to start eating there again.

-by (Oct. 7, 2012)