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I ordered online...everything came broken...customer service email said they would reship....It's been silence ever since. I did not receive my order. I did not get refunded. They have robbed me. Is there a class action suit yet? This is unbelievable.

-by (Sep. 3, 2015)


I'm very disappointed in the lack of ownership of my local store that took ownership of my order without verifying that it was on the truck and now I'm without for the Holliday weekend and no real loss for them all I can say is Home Depot is just as close

-by (May. 19, 2015)

Dont buy online

The order has yet to come in, their customer service department handles the e-mails generically giving me the same answers that they gave two weeks ago. No phone number or way to contact them directly to get the problem taken care of. Please don't be like me, very upset and frustrated customer who has had his money stolen!

-by (Feb. 13, 2015)

Bad Service

I purchased cap boards for my deck. I purchased 14 foot and 10 foot. i put down 38 14 foot first. then when i put the 10 down they are a different color and they would not match up. I brought 2 pieces to my menards store and they said that considering I already had them down nothing they could do so i sent in a complaint to menards with samples. I get a letter stating that they sent it on to the manufacturer. This is really funny because Menards own this company. It has been 30 days since I sent this in and have gotten nothing and of course menards has no number to call to talk to any one. I have spent thousands of dollars at menards but I will never spend another dime if this is how they handle things. Rip Off.

-by (Jul. 11, 2014)


Im a contractor and i dont like the way kane at the ST JOE store makes coments to other custormers. i found out second hand its disrespectful i think he wouldnt want it done to him.

-by (Oct. 23, 2013)


I bought a water softener from you in June 2013, with the express reason it was a good deal and I would also get a $50.00 rebate . Well I am still waiting for the rebate. I was never issued the first one as your rebate company state's. so I e-mailed them could not find my name or my rebate on the system. Is this the kind of company you choose to have business with ? Very poor business practice's . Not only that but I have looked for the Corporate e-mail so I could complain directly to them and cannot find one. Maybe I will get one now

-by (Sep. 5, 2013)

Very up set customer.

I can not express my feelings of how mad and up set I am.I ordered an storage building on the 10th of sept. It is not here yet and they said it was going to be here on the 22th and the driver would call, well guess what I have not had a driver call nor was it delivered to me. But u did have the b--ls to charge my credit card. And as long as I am speaking out. You say your main concerned is that of the customer was NUMBER ONE. Well I do not feel that way. I have wasted a half of day looking for my order, well guess what again I have nothing. There is no No. to call on your web sight or even on the internet. So If it is up to me to rate your service i would give u a BIG FAT O. thank u for listing to me. But please please find my storage shed as I am leaving town on the 29th. Sincerely A very very upset customer!!!!!!!!!!

-by (Aug. 26, 2013)

Where ? ?? In Rolla ? ????????

Your advertising is mailed to me every week but you do not have a store within 50 miles of my home. Why do you continue to waste the money ?

Next week open a store in Rolla, MO.

-by (Aug. 10, 2013)

No help

We purchased 8 panels of shadowbox fencing at Menards. When we went to pick it up it was 95+ degrees outside and so the guard at the gate asked if we wanted help. We said yes and went over to where the panels were stacked. The guy on the fork lift went past us several times and we even waved to him. The last time that he passed us, he turned his head away from us so he could claim that he had not seen us. We had been waiting for help for about 20 minutes, standing in the heat, so we ended up loading the panels ourselves. Also, they had rebar directly in front of the panels and I ended up with a gash in my leg and a nasty bruise. Not only was the guy rude but he did not help us at all.

-by (Jul. 25, 2013)

Bad delievery method and missing part.

I paid $69 for delivery on a washer. I was not told that I would have to do half the work involved with this machine that weights over 200 lbs. Because of a tight corner on my stairs it had to be lifted manually down the stairs.

I also helped install it, when it was almost complete the delivery guy asked if the the drain hose was in the washer. I said no. We had to contact the store.

It was confirmed that I needed to buy the intake hoses for the water (which I had) but it should have came with the drain hose.

I was told that I would have to come to the store and pick it up. The store is 19 miles away. I told her that I lived a ways away. She replied "yes I see that". She said it would take another delivery fee because their deliveries are done by a 3rd party and that it would be waiting at the desk for my arrival.

This is ridiculous.

-by (May. 7, 2013)

Carpenterville Menards

My experience with the dept manager gentlemen was at the Carpenterville store but I went to another store to just talk with a dept manager to see if the tale of horror I got was of that store only or of all menard stores and I was told the same thing avoid any management position at menards ungodly hours , poor staffing in dept which puts more on dept managers and their treatment becomes that of slavery and you will be sorry for this position.I also was just awed at the hours managers work 10 to 12 hours per day with sometimes no brakes and if a no show or illness you really get the hammer and humiliation in front of employees. A manager leaves from work at 11;00 p.m after 10 to 12 hours of work is required to return to work at 6;30 a.m. the next morning . People should know why you get the poor customer service at their stores the employees are a reflection of how they are treated and it is to bad people in need of jobs have to suffer the inhuman treatment of businesses like menard just to earn a pay check. I hope someone reads this and investigate menard treatment of employees especially dept managers . The gentlemen I met that evening deserves a medal and because he has a family and needs his job so bad he is in no position to say much or do much . I however as a past customer can say and make america aware of this inhuman treatment of menard employees managers.

-by (Apr. 23, 2013)

Why customer service so bad and no one cares at the store.

I have found out why no one cares. menard's treat there employees like dirt just to make themselves look good to the public but behind the sales and rebates they treat their employees as bad or worse than those in other countries who are employed by U.S. companies. I was in their and waited for service and finally a employee got to me he was trying to help others as fast as he could I asked him finally when he got to me was he the only one in the dept he said yes and he had worked 60 hours so far within almost 2 weeks and he was tired and understaffed and he was a manager as I listened to him and I begin to question him it brought tears to my eyes and I understood the why of his not getting to me , I suggested to him he talk to store manager and he told me he could care less and would talk down to any manager or employee who approached him with any issues. I have decided to take my business to other hardware stores and leave menards any business who treats their employees like they are not human with feelings disgusts me and I will not spend my money or support them. People need to know how menards treats their employees and managers especially . What really got me is when I told the man that I would pray for him and his sistuation he said no thanks the store manager is or professes to be a christian......Wow it was than I suggested he contact Better business and put in a complaint on menards employee treatment people should know what they are supporting and how managers are dogged out and treated inferior . If you do not beleive me next time you are in the area of any menards talk to any dept manager or employee on would they go into management at any menards????? I dare you.

-by (Apr. 23, 2013)

Menards in Kearney, NE

I purchased a new front door and used a $50 coupon sent to me from Menards for that door at the time of purchase, which was during the 11% rebate timeframe. I joked with the cashier that with my luck the door would go on sale the next week. I was told that if that happened within 2 weeks they would refund the difference. AND the door went on sale for $50 less this week. When I returned to the Menards in Kearney, NE they said I already got the sale price with the coupon and they wouldn't adjust the price. Won't purchase any items from here again. Will go to Home Depot or Lowes.

-by (Apr. 13, 2013)

price gouging

Here is an excerpt from a letter I recently wrote to Menards customer service about a recent experience we just had. We have yet to receive a response.

In late January, early February my wife and I went to the new Menards in Davison to look at patio furniture. We have found a set that we loved for $495.00 (and yes, I have the picture on my phone to prove it). Due to it being cold and having snow on the ground we wanted to wait until the weather got a little warmer before we purchased the set. We were really excited to see the sales flier in the Easter Sunday paper this weekend advertising that everything in the store had an 11% rebate so we decided to go back and purchase the set on our way to visit family for dinner. As we walked through the store we had picked out several other items that would be good to have and then proceeded to the furniture section to buy the patio set. Much to our surprise, there was the patio set with the rebate price tag on it but this time it was marked $649.99. We were shocked and disgusted. We went to the manager of the department who made a phone call for us and were told that in order to get the store rebate we had to pay the current price which would have been more then the previous price listed. To top it off the old price tag was still in the display card on the top of the table behind the new and improved price.

I will never set foot in Menards again.

-by (Apr. 1, 2013)


The manager knew I am recovering from an accident but she and all the girls at the returns were rude made me do a lot of things like print receipt but the kiosk was not working, go up to get an exchange so they will exchange when I go back but when I went back they were laughing and told me they cannot do it I have to fall in line again. It took almost 2 hours to return 1 item. They were making fun of me. I was in so much pain I called another manager I wonder if he will do something. I will never go there again. I spent thousands of dollars they knew it was hard for me to look for the item. I will just go to Home Depot. They make everything easy for customers.

-by (Apr. 1, 2013)

Rude Manager

Customer service stinks! Don't bother explaining you are not satisfied to the management at Mansfield,OH location. He doesn't care!

-by (Mar. 31, 2013)

electric wheel chairs

All Menards we have been to only have one electric scooter and one wheel chair. When Seniors have the majority of spending capital it sure makes sense to have at least 4 available. What a stupid money-saving idea.

-by (Mar. 22, 2013)

Horrible customer service

03/02/2013 Nice, new glossy store in Owensboro Ky, BUT the worse customer service I've ever experienced. Our company has been in business for 25 years and we spend a large amount of money on everything from bird seed to landscaping goods, deck building materials etc. Suffice it to say after speaking with the manger on duty (Tim) about a problem today, we will NOT be back. Take our advice and stay far, far away............

-by (Mar. 2, 2013)

Bad 3 piece sectional

We bought a 3 piece sectional couch in Antioch Il. 1 yr ago and it is falling apart, the coil springs are coming out from everywhere on the couch. We have moved to Florida and I told everyone I wish Menards was down here, but I am not so sure now as I have tell people about the junk product the sold to us.

-by (Feb. 11, 2013)

Christmas wreath

Just want to note that the Christmas wreath I purchased at Menards was excellent! It survived a blizzard and a month later it was still fresh and sturdy. And I bought it at a sale price. Best bargain of the season 2012!

-by (Jan. 9, 2013)