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Incorrect Measurement and Type of Rerigerator Delivered. The delivery company and installer striped the water line in my basement which is causing water damage. (It is Leaking) I have called the Homedepot Store in Fairfield, AL which I placed my order. Citi have been phoning me regarding a payment yet home depot has not come out and delivered the correct rerigerator nor stopped the leakage. I placed the order with Homedepot and not the Bailey's the deliver and installer.

-by (May. 22, 2013)

call waiting music

I dont know where else to put this, as cannot reach anyone to tell them, but it is time for them to create a new call waiting music theme. The noise, not music, is revolting, and distorted. You may not think you are losing customers because of this, but you are wrong. I refuse to be on hold, and call Lowe's where this does not happen.

-by (May. 22, 2013)

problem to resolve an issue re; hinges for cabinets

I am writing on behalf of Robert Moore, Hanover Pa. store. I would appreciate his receiving recognition for his efforts & kindness in trying to resolve a problem which we had regarding hinges for cabinet doors. after 6 to 7 trips to the store (30 miles from us) & much frustration he came to our house & finally gave us answers to questions we had posed. we purchased 2 sets of hinges ( which we didn't need--special order items)--because an employee said we had to have them!!! anyway, without going into any more detail---please be advised that Robert deserves some kind of notice for his efforts (beyond & above) that we couldn't get from other employees in the Hanover Store thank-you

-by (May. 21, 2013)

Garage Door Openers

Purchased 2 new garage doors and openers about 18 months ago. One of my openers quit working about 8 weeks ago. Since that time I have been in contact with Home Depot, the installer and the company that made the openers. I give the manufacture a 5 star+ for their service but give Home Depot and the installer a minus 5 stars. The customer service that I have received from both of them has been horrible. Its 8 weeks and still no opener.

-by (May. 2, 2013)


Please review your parking situation at all stores. Between cart returns, handicap spaces(way too many) Home depot rental vehicles and displays, one must park far from the store entrance. Also the BIG problem is employees taking all the preferred spots for their entire shift. One spot can be used many times a day if the employee would park in a designated area further away.It is not fun loading materials in the wind, rain and snow 300 feet from the store, as most of the stores here have no sheltered loading areas.Managers do not care.

-by (Apr. 18, 2013)

veterans discount

I am offended by your removal of the discount for veterans we were not a hit or miss thing in the service protecting you so why treat us with such disrespect. I will now shop at LOWES who is honored to give the 10% to us with a smile besides. I will inform all my vet friends of this action and will not shop till it is reinstalled.

-by (Apr. 17, 2013)

wrong paint

I have done business with Home Depot for a number of years and have usually been satisfied with the products. I was having my livingroom and kitchen painted and got the paint from my neighborhood Home Depot in Pearland. The painter had finished my ceiling and the livingroom and sent me to get another gallon of paint for the kitchen as one was not going to be enough. I took the lid from the gallon I had with me so we could match the color that I thought I had purchased. When I returned home he had about two thirds of the kitchen painted but it was not the color I had wanted. When we opened the new can it was the correct color as it was mixed from the lid on the previous can. It seems that the young man who had mixed my paint had put my lid on someone elses can and vice versa. The painter told me for him to wait for the paint he had allready done to dry and to repaint the kitchen the color I wanted it would be another day and another two hundred dollars. I went back to Home Depot and informed them of the mistake. The new problem then became if I kept the color that was already on the walls it would be difficult for them to match. I could not afford the two hundred dolllars and another day off of work for the painter to redo the kitchen. They gave me a free gallon of paint that they tried to match to the lid from the other can. Now I have a kitchen painted in a color I did not choose and the new can does not match the other paint exactly. I also had to buy new drapes for the kitchen as the old ones matched the color I was supposed to get. I am 63 and am not able to paint myself anymore and especially not my cathedral ceilings. I was not satisfied with the way this was handled. The lady in the paint dept was very appolgetic about the situation but this was an extremely expensive mistake for me and I am still stuck with paint I didn't want.

-by (Apr. 13, 2013)

Bathroom countertop

I ordered a countertop on March 22, 2013. the estimated delivery date was "no more than 10 days". When my contractor called this morning he was told that it would arrive on April 10th. Amazingly, an hour later I received a call that the countertop was in but damaged. The man who called had a major attitude problem. Not a pleasant experience.

-by (Apr. 8, 2013)

Really bad service

I ordered plywood to be delivered on the third of April, went to the store on the fourth to ask what time it would be delivered. They said the fifth, Friday. So i cancelled the order because i needed it on the fourth as they said they would do. When i got back to the job on the fourth the plywood was delivered and sitting on the ground, it was 5/8th plywood, I ordered 3/4, they screwed everything up, including the order, and they hadn't a clue about when it would be delivered.

-by (Apr. 5, 2013)


I puchased a washer and dryer at the Home Depot in Manahawkin, NJ. The next day I called to change my order from an electric dryer to a gas dryer. I was told that in order to do this, I would have to pay for the washer and dryer AGAIN. I had already given them a check for the merchandise, but in order for me to make the exchange, I would have to pay in full again!!! What kind of insane business policy is this?? I canceled my order and although I have shopped there since the store opened many years ago and spent thousand of dollars there during that time, I will now go to Lowes. Maybe they know how to treat their customers fairly.

-by (Mar. 29, 2013)

Exact Measurements Impossible

Purchased acyilac tub liner and wall refacing for my one and only full bathroom on 11.27.2012....01.17.2013, the tub was too wide and extended 2" beyond the wall enclosure....02.12.2013, tub not wide enough to fit properly over existing tub...03.07.2013, tub once again, too wide...since November of last year to today, the unprofessional task of correctly measuring has caused an unnecessary delay of more than 95 days...after being promised 2 to 3 weeks for delivery and install of two days tops, I would have to say, I am very upset and displeased with the mediocre service insatllation...and now I am given the option of re ordering again, to wait another 2 to 3 weeks...how sad is your operation...pathetic is more the correct word...and your "it's not our fault" attitude and your "take it or leave it" option is deplorable, insensitive, and rudely condenscending...displeased beyond "measure"...and Tom and Donovan are afraid to make any decisions and show no understanding whatsoever...and still no reface....

-by (Mar. 7, 2013)


Whent to by a steel shed marked 199. when checking out was told it was 398. had emploey check came back said 199. then JOHN the manager came and said it was 398. and the price was 3 feet above the box .who locks up to see the price of somthing in front of you .should have at lease discounter the price.didnt even talk to me shitty service

-by (Mar. 2, 2013)

Customer Service

Home Depot return Policy is define as in 90 days customer ha the right to return merchandice for money back after 90 days you will get a store credit with or without a receipt. My suggestion is that Home Depot should have a one time grace period for their customers after the 90 day expiratation date for first time 90 day returns. This grace period display an understanding on the part of Home Depot's Customer Service and shows the customers they care.

-by (Feb. 25, 2013)

Was not able to get everything in one place

I stopped by this morning to pick up some items for a wood working project. The young man at the paint department was helpful in helping me pick out what I needed, but one thing I was looking for they were not carrying anymore. It was a 1/2 " wooden peg that I had to replace on the table leg. I had to go across the street to the other "big boy" and they had it.

-by (Jan. 20, 2013)

Service agreement waste of money

Made an appointment thru the service center to have a ice maker repaired. When I called the the provider whose name and number was provided they advised they had no appointment, called service center again they said a new provider would be there shortly. No show, called the service center 5 times talked to 5 indifferent people. Had to make another appointment. Vacation day wasted cause of incompetence. Will never buy an appliance from them again.

-by (Jan. 9, 2013)

Customers and stockholders deserve better

I spent over an hour at the Lake Jackson store waiting on some to drive a fork lift to lift flooring from to self. Person working in flooring apologized and was embarrassed. It was around 6:30 and we were the only customers in the store. Talked to manager and she shrugged shoulders and said sorry. Said they were short handed and did not have anyone to drive the forklift. In this business environment you better get your act together. In my business for $1000 sale I would of given a discount and delivered to save a sale and a customer. Most people who leave do not come back and just like myself will tell everyone. Come on your customers and your stockholders deserve better.

-by (Jan. 7, 2013)


I bought a Maytag washer in December It is supposed to be energy efficient. I cannot do a load of wash with enough water to cover the clothes without using the Bulky/extra heavy cycle. I cannot do a small load because it doesn't fill with enough water to even saturate the clothes. It is supposed to be energy efficient but it takes 67 minutes to wash my clothes, more if I want an extra rinse. I have written to the company and the store and no one responds. I am now going to the attorney general.

-by (Jan. 3, 2013)

plumming service in derby ct home depoe

the employee in plumming named Bill c. was the greatest he helped me plan the job i was performing home depoe needes all their workers to be as helpful as Bill he desirves to be reconized for going in my opinion beyound the required cusymer assistance normaly required by home depoe workers thanks Bill C. in plumming

-by (Dec. 11, 2012)

worst experience

purchased door had to get new parts and still not through yet horriable people not qualified

-by (Dec. 10, 2012)

Receipts needed

I spent a lot of money for my church with the pretext that they would pay me back, but they would not. I would like to know if there is a way I can get receipts from 2010

-by (Dec. 4, 2012)