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Loved it!

Wanted to acknowledge the wonderful employees at the Beaverton store off Highway 26 and Murray Road. My wife and I went there the other day for some items and were helped by several employees finding, and sometimes explaining store items.

The employees couldn't have been better! Enthusiasm like a first day employee, but the knowledge of experienced personnel.

A very strong compliment to the people that hire and manage the employees. Very refreshing for me. Throughly enjoyed the experience and will be back again.

Thanks again,

Bill Wagoner beavertonbill12@gmail.com

-by (Nov. 28, 2012)

Extended protection plan

Be aware the extended protection plan at best is a rip off. my refrigerator was purchased in March of 2010 and has broken down three times. Twice within the past three months. The last two times resulted in total food loss. Unfortunately I should have read the EPP policy before purchasing the refrigerator becuse if I had I would of purchased from another provider with a fair protection plan. The refrigerator has to break down three times for the same reason and than a fourth time before consideration is givin to replacing it. Also the food loss is only covered for a total of three hundred dollars for the life of the policy. The second time the fridge broke down was one week before thanksgiving and I could not get it repaired until the day before thanksgiving and because my first food loss was subtracted from the three hundred dollars I am only to receive 52 dollars for food loss this time and I lost over two hundred dollars in food. Home depot has lost a long time customer and I know alot of people who shop home depot but after hearing my horror story they will not shop Home Depot anymore.

-by (Nov. 26, 2012)

24 hour

Are there any 25 hr stores located near Rogers, Ar

-by (Nov. 4, 2012)


I am going to Lowes in Gonzales. Not Home Depot anymore!! Rude, Rude!!!!

-by (Nov. 2, 2012)


The girls they have in the paint department. Are over whelmed with all the people they are having to deal with. I waited 45 mins. she was rude when she finally got to me. Then after taking my order left it to wait on someone else. I am white and she was black I was there and she never once got rude to the other blacks. This is discrimination in the fullest. I try my best to be polite to all I meet and then to have wait 45 mins and have someone be rude to me is uncalled for!!!!Home Depot needs to have more people in that department. We had hurricane and they knew that it was going to be swamped. I will go to the local paint store from now on. I am not going back Gonzales to Lowes. I have been there several times and no one was rude, ever!!!!!

-by (Nov. 2, 2012)

another year of a delivery error.. thanks.

ordered pellets they were suppose to be here between a 2 hour window, but again this is the 3rd years that something happen..they put the 2 tons of pellets on an appliance truck so we have to wait again. so screw are day right..the reviews on this site are terrible and I guess u ppl just dont care because nothing has changed in 3 years. thank u for hiring unskilled labor at very cheap cost.. they dont no the difference an appliance truck and one u need a machine the get the 2 ton of pellets off..well shame on u ppl... thanks for another year of aggrevation....brenda borges n. dartmouth mass...

-by (Oct. 14, 2012)