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Customer Service Disappointing

Contacted FCS regarding an issue, resolution,...a follow-up call initiated their "expedited service,"...and never heard from Ford, which cost me thousands of dollars and much time. I thought Ford was better than this.

-by (Aug. 13, 2015)

Ford Focus defective transmission

Help! My 2013 ford focus is in the shop for the 5th time with a complete transmission fail! This car is damaging my business! Help me! Help me! I still owe thousands on this piece of crap!!!!

-by (Jun. 23, 2015)

Clutch/Transmission Ford Focus

We are a Ford Focus family. I bought a Focus in 2002 with no problems. 200,000 miles later I bought another one in 2007. I drove that to 120,000 miles and gave it to my son for a college car. My middle son bought a 2011 Focus, so far no problems at 40,000. My oldest son bought a 2011 Ford, so far no problems at about 50,000. However, I bought another Focus in 2011 and at 112,000 miles my transmission gave out. Brought it to a Ford dealer and they replaced the slave cylinder for $1,000. Now it won't shift into 2nd gear without grinding. They won't fix it without paying another $1,500. It is my understanding that Ford placed a hydraulic clutch in the 2011 models and replaced some parts in the slave cylinder with PLASTIC parts that wear out. Not covered under warranty since 12,000 miles over warranty mileage. I think I will have my two sons replace the clutch and transmission at 90,000 miles. I lost my confidence in Ford and debating to switch to someone else.

-by (Aug. 26, 2014)

tappet sound or VCT sound

Ford dealer in Bahrain use 10w30 oil instead of 5w20 in my escape 2.5 L4 2012. Due to this, i have tappet sound or VCT sound when the engine is cold after 12 hours for 2 minutes . they said , it is a normal sound and the oil needs time to circulate. moreover, the sound appear after first oil change and the sound is louder during this winter . therefore , I need Ford engineers opinion in this matter of issue

-by (Feb. 16, 2014)

Ford Escape shutdown

We bought a 2010 Ford Escape on recommendation from our son. It has given us nothing but problems since we got it. The back tailgate quit working and finally after many tries, it cost us almost $300 to get it fixed. The lights on the dash keep going off and on all the time. Then it just started quitting on us. It stopped running while crossing railroad tracks at one point and we were lucky no train was coming. We took it into Murray Ford in DuBois Pa.and they said it would cost us to have it fixed since we didn't buy it there. It is so dangerous to drive it and it just stops for no apparent reason! Our case No. at Murray Ford is 2410997. Yesterday it quit running twice while driving on an interstate! If we are seriously injured because of this problem, Ford will get a lawsuit filed against them! I am so scared to drive it anymore.

-by (Jul. 13, 2013)

problems with my 2011 ford fusion

To whom it may concern, on 7-23-2012I noticed a rattling noise in the enging after only 22,000 miles. I brought the car to the dealership who sold me the car brand new (Hiller Ford Franklin Wisconsin). They told me it was the powertrain system that failed and then told me they replaced it with a "re-built Ford approved powertrain".When we got the car back we started noticing between 1st and 2nd gear that it was slipping and was reving up to 6000+ R.P.M's., we took it back a short time later and the customer service dept said that they couldnt find anything wrong with the car. This has been a constant problem with our 2011 Fusion ever since they work on the powertrain. We have taken it back in to the service dept. 5 times with this probblem and they keep saying the same thing to me, "we couldnt find anything wrong with your car". The main reason we bought a new car was to have a dependable car which I feel we dont. Other problems we have had with the car are the following, all the back tailights/running light went out on us and just recently the check enging light came on and the service manager said that it was the emissions purge valve was not operating correctly. Ive ONLY bought Ford vehicals in the past and was a loyal costomer but after getting all this run around I feel Ive been taken for a fool. When all is said and done, I want Ford to replace the powertrain with a NEW one instead of cutting corners to save a buck. If need be, I will contact a lawyer, the BBB and anyone else until this is corrected. Feel free to contact me by phone at 414-803-2897. There is no reason to why I am having this amount of trouble with a $28000 car that is paid in full.

Frank SanFelippo

-by (May. 20, 2013)

Overall Service

We have had our car serviced at Metro Ford on 64th and Western for years. Something has happened that is very displeasing. Our car has been making a squeaking noise every since they repaired it. We take it back they claim that they can not hear it. But everyone who rides in the car keeps asking what is that loud noise? People pull up next to me and ask do I hear that squeaking? We are very annoyed with Metro Ford!

-by (May. 10, 2013)