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Phone Number:1 (877) 833-2633

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Score 2.3
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Dunkin' Donuts Customer Service Hours

  1. Mon. 8:30am - 5:00pm
  2. Tue. 8:30am - 5:00pm
  3. Wed. 8:30am - 5:00pm
  4. Thu. 8:30am - 5:00pm
  5. Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm
  6. Sat. Closed
  7. Sun. Closed

Reviews For Dunkin' Donuts Customer Service (69)

I need my DD

I live in Ironton Ohio. There is no coffee shops or donut shops here in our town.... You all should consider looking into a business here... It would do very well and be very profitable... Please consider looking into our town...

-by (Jan. 7, 2013)

Happy DD customer

I love my DD in East Hanover, NJ and was introduced to the DD card which is SO convenient. As a senior I sometimes get tired of asking for the senior discount. Did you ever consider issuing a special DD card with maybe a silver star so that the workers know immediately to give the 10% discount. Make my day (easier). Thanks

-by (Jan. 2, 2013)

ALWAYS OUT of Apple Crumb Donuts

I am sick and tired of begging and pleading and SCHEDULING in ADVANCE to try to get my favorite donut--apple crumb. There are 3 DD locations within 12 miles of my house and by 8:45 a.m. they are usually sold out. I have asked, begged and pleaded for them to make more but to no avail. I have been told they make 12 to 18 of them in the morning and that is it for the day. That is ridiculous. They say they don't make anymore, because they are not a popular seller and they get thrown out. How can that be when they are already sold out befor 9:00 a.m. most days. I have really had it with DD. it's too bad they DON'T CARE ABOUT WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS!

-by (Dec. 30, 2012)


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT A DUNKIN DONUTS IN COTTONWOOD AZ. My husband and I are from nh and we miss our dd coffee, and it doesnt taste the same if we make it. ,,,,so Please come and put in a dd in cottonwood. thank you. :)

-by (Nov. 11, 2012)

Unsatified customer spending my money everyday

I been coming to dd for more than 2 yrs everyday and conviently the one where I live has rude customer service talk to the customer any type of way with manager in ear view even with me doing the survey for the free donut I'm told I can't get it something seriously needs to be done thanks new haven ct

-by (Nov. 10, 2012)

Hurricane Sandy- DND Heartless!!

Volunteers went to the DND on 1300 Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island to purchase boxes of coffee for the people who lost their homes in Hurricane Sandy. When more cups were requested the clerk refused saying we can only give 10 cups per box. When it was explained that there were many people needing coffee she called over the manager. The manager just replied, sorry no more cups. Its business. How cruel and heartless can such a company be? I think someone in your corporate office should contact that francise and do something about it. Its disgraceful. Many Staten Islanders will hear of this on FB and no return to that store again!

-by (Nov. 6, 2012)

Bad Customer service

Dunkin Donuts 875 Morrissey Blvd in Dorchester, mass, has a very rude employee name Kristen b., their were customers in front of me in drive thru two car's , as I approach the speaker I waited up to 5 mins, I kept saying hello! She did not wait on me! The white girl kept rolling her eyes! A black women took my order who was very polite and had a smile! I been to this dunkin donuts more then just once, I seen that white female Kristen under ring, and give senior discounts to a lot of pple who aren't even seniors!! You guys ate loosing sales and w that the paying full price customers w her bad attitude! No respect, at all! Her customer service sucks n she steals from yall!! Sad!

-by (Nov. 4, 2012)



-by (Oct. 25, 2012)


Ordered a coffee from D&D on Westport Ave. in Norwalk. Tasted like dishwater with milk in it. SO WEAK! I didn't taste it until I was out of the store and back home. McDonalds is right across the street and only charging $1 for their coffee — can't be worse than this!

-by (Oct. 10, 2012)