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Phone Number:1 (888) 892-2253

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Score 1.3
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Reviews For Time Warner Cable Customer Service (74)

should have went with a dif. cable company

Customer service guy was nice but the fact that they treat you like an idiot for the first half of the conversation then during the second half is spent trying to explain what the problem is time warner cable completely SUCKS, should have went with dish

-by (Jan. 20, 2015)

Worst cable ever....

Had them come change my box 5 times already. It's 2015 and no HD ? For HBO Cinemax showtime and the rest. Only one HD channel for each. It makes no sence .. It's like there still living in the Stone Age .., I have no other choice by to have there serivce because of the building I live in. I've had so many probs so far. It's become a joke now.. I really hope someone does something about this Horrable serivce!

-by (Jan. 3, 2015)

payment arrangement

call make arrangements to pay my past due customer service hung up on me 4 times when finally got through they told me there's nothing they could do for me that I was Sol thinking of calling Direct TV bacK not happy

-by (Nov. 4, 2014)


They Called 30 after time frame given. Computer asked if they could still come. I said yes. Never come. Waited 3 hours. Took off work. Said it was my fault "they come to the garage door no one was home".... I live in a NYC apartment building no garage door ... What aholes. Open up Competition in NYC

-by (Nov. 1, 2014)

The WORST customer serice EVER

I have had a billing issue with Time Warner since June. The doubled billed us for various services, we overpaid, etc. It has taken 5 phone calls and collectively well over 3 hours to resolve and it STILL isn't resolved. Getting to speak to a supervisor is next to impossible and getting someone locally to handle it..... forget it! Wish we had a REAL cable tv company that knows a thing or two about customer service and billing.

-by (Oct. 29, 2014)

no service

almost 7 weeks

-by (Oct. 4, 2014)

can't get customer service. when the call goes through they hang up.

I tried & tried to get customer service to no avail. Then they tried to trick me for $5 to answer the phone. TWC must be from Russia as they tell you nothing. I will file several complaints with the Attorney Generals office and the FCC. I bet they will answer now.

-by (Oct. 3, 2014)


I just dealt with customer service. They were polite but trying to get them to comprehend my billing problem was a nightmare. It wasn't even a complicated issue. It took over 30 minutes to resolve. Does anyone know where they're located? I can't help but suspect it's a foreign country and there is a real language barrier.

-by (Sep. 29, 2014)


switched to twc...........box did not work, overbilled, in december last year had techs at house EVERYDAY for two weeks straight, asked for international plan told i did not ask for one showed rep email where i had asked for it. she told me about a plan but not all plans. now bill is over 600.00 amazing. told i would get gift card , never came ....this sucks.

-by (Sep. 29, 2014)

P Oed Geezer

After a half hour with a guy on the online chat feature with NO resolution, the thing timed itself out and disconnected; what a joke

-by (Sep. 23, 2014)

Worst Customer Service Ever

Called to get cable transferred on 8/29/2014. It is now 9/18/2014 and I still don't have cable. So what that I have had to have someone over the age of 18 sitting at the house for them to come. They were trying to bill me for services I never received. Then the bright customer service thought I should be over joyed that they were crediting my account. Why should I be happy when I never should have been charged. This is the worst cable company I have ever experienced in my life.

-by (Sep. 18, 2014)

They just don't get it...

It took me over 16 months to get reliable connections with them. Nine visits, four missed visits and eventually I myself helped the last "tech" here resolve one of the major electrical issues. They are the only high speed provider here so I'm currently locked in with these bozos. The moment any viable competitors arrive, I'm leaving this company FOR LIFE or when the earth gets hit by an asteroid, whichever comes first

-by (Sep. 10, 2014)

No one is on the same page...AWFUL SERVICE!

I upgraded my service in hopes that I could get the all in one tablet that was on their webpage. Well, five calls later I was told that I had to be a new customer to get the computer. The computer isnt the issue. It's the "customer service" that REALLY pissed me off. On TOP of that, they acted as if they didnt care about the years I've been with this company. STAY AWAY FROM TIME WARNER!!!

-by (Sep. 2, 2014)

cutomer serivce/ flexablity

I have been with this comapny along time there customer service people can be rude and not helpful instead of tryint to keep your buissness they treat you like it dose not matter they dont try to work with you on your billing my remote has not worked for a very long time but they will charge me if they come out to replace there remote ,channel freezes up

-by (Aug. 19, 2014)

Customer service

2nd Silver box broke so we took it into the office since they said it would be quicker. waited for 45 minutes to be helped... Very long lines. Turned it in for a black new box. Took it home and there's no remote so customer service says use bedroom remote. It works somewhat, the tech girl on the phone tries to program the box and locks the box up and cannot turn it on so we have to now make an appt for ten days away.. What! Really . They suggest I go back to the store if I cant wait... No way. The next time I go back, it's to dump the equipment off. Trying to get a new box is like pulling teeth!! AT&T service was the best!!! Never again will I have time warner, I'll do Netflex if time warner is all that is offered in the area.

-by (Aug. 18, 2014)

No Customer Service at all!

I cancelled service beginning 6/1/14 & got an order number confirming that. TWC reinstated the service minutes later for which I am now being billed. Spoke to 4 different people in a call that took more than an hour. Result? They'll look into it & get back to me. Hasn't happened yet! Try calling customer service...you get routed to Billing because you have a past due amount! There should be NO amount due because I terminated the service

-by (Aug. 15, 2014)


Paid bill 3 days late while on vacation. TWC has payment. We still get 6 calls every day about the late payment. Already have next bill to be paid, but not yet due. STOP THE DAMN CALLS. Guess your accounting folks were trained by your service people? Crappy cable service, but TCW has exclusive in our county.

-by (Aug. 14, 2014)

How is it that TWC is still in business?

The only more worthless group on earth than our congress, is Time Warner cable.

EVERY time, thousands of times per day, TWC commits fraud, abuse, and total lack of integrity, just listen to one of those sickening tv ads, they always tell you to enjoy better', but they never tell you how to switch to ANYBODY, to enjoy better! These people are criminals!! I would contact them and tell them that, BUT YOU CAN"T CONTACT THEM!!!

-by (Aug. 14, 2014)

the poorest customer service known to mankind

I guess that they are unaware that they have competitors

-by (Aug. 13, 2014)

What customer service

For the second time I tried to cancel my telephone service to no avail. Waited on line for thirty minutes, and never reached a service rep.

I'm beginning to think that the people that switch to direct tv are doing the best thing.

But how did they ever reach time warner to cancel?

-by (Aug. 8, 2014)