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Phone Number:1 (800) 948-8488

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Score 1.7
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Reviews For Pizza Hut Customer Service (67)

Bad service

Today 4/12/2014 at 7:43 pm I ordered a Large meat lovers pan pizza for my sister whose blind. I was told the pizza would arrive in 30 to 45 minutes. Called back to the store and was told the pizza was on the way. It is now 10:42 pm and still no pizza. Tried to call again to just cancel the order and no answer. What type of business would do this to a customer that orders all the time. Need to get better employee for this job. I will drive to another city 17 miles away before I order from this store again.

-by (Apr. 13, 2014)


Order was wrong, delivery driver tried to give me 2 different wrong orders. I sent them all back, when I called store was not offered my correct order, he even said he could not refund back my money. No food, no refund. He gave me in store credit on my account, under the assumption I am going to deal with that horse shit again. Totally unacceptable!

-by (Mar. 27, 2014)

bad business

Order was wrong. Payment was wrong and managers at wikson, nc location were beyond rude. Cant find a legit phone number or email to contact anyone in charge!!! Never deal with that franchise again. And cant submit a complaint without giving them a FALSE star on review. So wrong!

-by (Mar. 8, 2014)

nasty food

when I got pizza from pizza hut it had roches crawling on it and it was just nasty

-by (Mar. 3, 2014)

2 hours. REALLY

The local store is about a mile from my home. I place an order, they explain its about an hour for delivery. I say ok. A hour and a half later, I call to check on my order. I'm told it should be delivered in about 15 minutes. It's now over 2 hours. Finally the order arrives. The pizza is cold and hard and not even what I ordered. I am so disgusted with pizza hut and will never order from them again. Not to mention the children had to eat something else so they could get to bed. This is not acceptable from a company this size. How can you wright this wrong ???

-by (Jan. 31, 2014)

Ripped OFF

I recently ordered a family box with two medium pizzas, breadsticks, and pasta. The pizza had no toppings on any of the edges or corners..... Wont be ordering from pizza hut in camden, ar unless you can get your moneys worth..I

-by (Jan. 19, 2014)

Delivery issue

Trying to get pizza delivered to our home which is a fairly new subdivision. 3 stores within 10 min and all said no. Extremely rude manager, Tom at the Fenton Mo store. Pizza Hut, you lose our business for good.

-by (Jan. 19, 2014)


on Nov. 27,2013 I ordered pizza''s on line.There was a gliche in the system that was sending orders to the wrong store. As of Dec.6 I have not been issued a refund! I want my moeny back! Have been getting the run around!

-by (Dec. 6, 2013)

Our family dissapointed with your service

We ordered pizza through PHD (Pizza Hut Delivery) at Cinere (Jakarta, Indonesia) tonight (Dec.1, 2013; 20:05). There were no information or updates until we called several time asking about our order. There was no explanation until we received our order at 22:00. Our family may not take order from Pizza Hut anymore. We are dissapointed with your service.

-by (Dec. 1, 2013)


I was disgusted with you guys for letting Tony Rohr go. I have had it with these companies that are open on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Then they back Republican thugs and say they are Christian. LOL!!!! I hope Pizza Huts CEo is enjoying his family and the bird.

-by (Nov. 28, 2013)