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Phone Number:1 (800) 883-8895

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horrible return issues

ordered xbox and recieved one with red ring, defective as soon as i plugged it up. cant get through to anyone. this will probably be my last online order, not worth it

-by (Oct. 30, 2015)

phone call delay

Its been 25 minutes, no one picked up. They won't talk to me in store because I have no receipt.

-by (Apr. 7, 2015)


It is not possible to reach customer service via phone. You are left on hold forever. You will not receive help. The customer service email link does not work, the online live chat does not work, and your local store can't handle online orders either.

-by (Jan. 1, 2015)


It is not possible to reach customer service via phone. You are left on hold forever. You will not receive help. The customer service email link does not work, the online live chat does not work, and your local store can't handle online orders either.

-by (Jan. 1, 2015)


I walked in to buy DLC s and the woman at the desk said what do u whant kid that is insulting im 26 i just what my DLC s and ill go and u dont have to be so rude.

-by (Dec. 25, 2014)


I bought a PS4 online, but then immediately cancelled my order. I got conformation that this order was cancelled - only to receive an email 2 days later saying my PS4 has been shipped, and my cc was billed. I got my PS4 in the mail, left it in the box, they emailed me a shipping label, I sent it back, I have a tracking # that says this was received on their end - but they claim they cannot find it, and will NOT refund my cc. I'm ready to seek legal counsel in this matter.. I will NEVER shop at gamestop again - EVER..

-by (Nov. 4, 2014)

Never disclosed

Went to trade in a came my boyfriend bought back in March only to find that can't take the game cause it's a redbox. Here's the kicker they are the ones who sold the item to is used to begin with. Never disclosed that information to my boyfriend before his purchase and basically screwed him out of getting anything back. Extremely disappointed will not buy again. Be weary if your purchases here.

-by (Aug. 23, 2014)


I got a bad gift card and I had my hopes up for good dlc s I am seriously pissed!!!!!!!!!!!

-by (Jan. 1, 2014)


Employee named Ellen told my 13 yr old about all the sex , drugs , and strip clubs in the new gta game. What kind of company hires sick people like this. The store is in Hickory N.C...

-by (Sep. 28, 2013)

Awesome customer service

Guy that works at GameStop at gateway pavilion. His name is Jason... He gave me an awesome in-store experience. He was totally helpful. Knew everything there was to know about every question I asked him. Ultimately I was impressed by his customer service skills and his charisma... Great GameStop experience thanks gamestop!!

-by (Sep. 19, 2013)

Not happy

I ordered a video game and paid the extra to have it overnighted to my house. Once it got here it didn't work. Wouldn't even read the disc. I thought it was my Xbox so I put in another disc which worked fine. I called the game stop customer service number. Took 20+ minutes to get someone and they didn't want to send me another one until I got heated and told them they Will send me another. Game stop y'all are really letting me down with your products and customer service

-by (May. 22, 2013)

this number is poor

it takes a long time, i waited over 20min. BOGUS

-by (Mar. 23, 2013)

Online orders

I recently purchased 3 (used) games from GameStop online. I received them after I came back from a trip to find only one had worked. The other two games (fallout 3) and (star ocean) were both I recognizable discs. When I called I waited for about 20 minutes only to get a pompous jerk who would not help me at all.

Well guess what? You lost a loyal customer over $20! Congratulations gamestop. If I were you I would avoid purchasing online unless you like receiving products that don't work that you pay for.

-by (Mar. 22, 2013)

don't go here

I waited 20 minutes for an associate. They didn't even help me with this. It took three people before someone actually helped me.

-by (Mar. 18, 2013)

gift cards

i recently purchased a PS VITA and 3 games which were in excess of 300.00.. as well as 15 $15.00 gift cards.. my son had an accident and th gift cards were not disctributed to his friends as a party favor.. they are all unused and i want to return the unused gift cards and return them on my credit card i used to buy them (same card).. the store is refusing to do so. I then suggested i can return the PS VITA to my card and use the gift cards i bought towards that purchase .. (by the way, both the PS VITA and gift cards were purchased on the same day- this is all yesterday). not only will the store not do that, I also called the disctrict manager and to no avail he has not returned my call. I think GAME STOP should stop and take a look at their customer rating a ! star) and react to what the public is saying. The lack of customer service from your company is horrible.

-by (Jan. 21, 2013)


I purchased two games for my son at the GameStop in the Dalewood Shopping Center in Hartsdale on Black Friday for a Christmas gift for my son. I wrapped them and when my son opened them there were no games in the box. My son was highly disappointed on Christmas Day due to this mistake. I went back to the store the day after Chtistmas and the person that helped never even apologized for what clearly was their mistake especially due to the fact that it was a Christmas gift for my son. Very poor customer service!

-by (Dec. 28, 2012)

Customer Service

To whom it may concren,

This morning I stop by your store that is located in Hernando Mississippi to purchase a new version of NCAA 2013 for a PS3 system. I was the only customer in the store (11:18am central time). There were two employees working, one was restocking and the other was behind the register. I made my selection and went to the counter to pay for the purchase when the employee behind the counter went into the back room. I waited there for about 5 minutes then I left without purchasing the game. I make alot of purchases from this location but have resently noted a change in customer service. Please correct this problem at this location.

Thank you

-by (Nov. 13, 2012)