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Horrible experience!

My husband and I had moved to Costa Rica! Yet, when we were planning on saying "I do" we wanted to have rings from the states. This was a huge investment in time. We took an exceptional amount of time to find the perfect rings for us. We applied for a Jared's credit card so that we could buy the rings. Since we were living in a foreign country my husband asked me to Marry him but knew that I would rather have that special ring picked out. Jared's seemed to have the best rings and I absolutely fell in love with one. So we applied for the credit card, got approved! We set up the account to have the ring shipped to my brother in law since we didn't have a USA address. We tried ordering the ring over 20 times. Called, used long distance minutes, and they would tell us... Sorry we don't know why your purchase is not going through. We emailed, we called for two weeks. In the end, they discontinued the ring. So, I traveled to the states and bought the ring in store. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!! So much money and time wasted. The ring didn't look as well as it should. Then I went back to Costa Rica. After 6 months I received a letter at my house in the states that if I didn't get a cleaning within 30 days that my guarantee would be taken away. I plan a trip home so that I can get my rings cleaned. When I go into the store and tell them why I'm there ... They tell me that it's not something I HAVE to do ... It's optional? Do what? Omg! Lastly, customer care sucks on the phone. As I have said my situations were different and while I was in Costa Rica they terminated my online banking. When I asked them why ? Oh we only have 6 month trial accounts... Why would you only have 6 months when someone is paying for a 12 month financing! They would not assist me with my online banking and said from now on I would have to call to make payments! I'm just warning you, horrible experience. There is so much more I could share but honestly, it's not even worth purchasing with Jared's!

-by (Apr. 14, 2013)


We just recently purchased a ring from Jareds in beavercreek ohio. We bought an engagment ring that didnt have a wedding band to go with it. so we had to have it custom made for us, so we started that process knowing we wouldnt have it in time for our wedding day which was fine cause that was our fault do to poor planning. Te guy in charge of the custom orders assured us that we would have the engagment ring for the wedding though. so we went in for the ring 2 days before our wedding to pick up my husbands ring and my engagement ring, but my ring was not there we asked about it and he said he didnt have it there and couldnt have it there in time for the wedding. I was very upset with that, but we just lefted and went to Meijers and bought a cheap 50 dollar ring so I at least had something to put on my finger on our wedding day. We went on our honeymoon and they assured us once again it would be done when we got back. So when we got home Saturday we called and it wasnt in. So we called back again on Tuesday and it wasnt in still. It wasnt done until the next Tuesday. So we went and picked it up, which every drive there was an hour both ways, we got the ring. Got home and I really started to look at it closer only to noctice they had put 2 deep stratches in my engagement ring and had messed with one of the prongs which looked like crap. The new custom wrap look horrible too, it was dull and super wavey. So the very next day I took it back to the store, another 2 hours. I talked to a guy in there who told me he woulod have them buff it out. I sat in there for 1 hour wating for my ring which I found out had just been done and setting back there for about 20 minutes. Another had to actually go back and get it cause the first guy I guess didnt feel like helping me anymore. He was just standing around talking to other workers there. Well when I got my ring back it looked the same and I told them that, so they told me to come back in when the custom designer guy came back, which would be the next Tuesday. I took the ring with me and put it back in the box. I took it that night to show my parents and a diamond fell out when I was passing it to my mother. So I put back in the box and kept it there until Tuesday. I took it in to talk with the custom designer another 2 hours who tells me he see nothing wrong with it. So I straight told him I didnt like the way it looked. So he told me they would recast it and them he asked me if there were any changes I would like to do to it. I said yes and told him I would like it if thet just rounded off the corners where the wrap met the ring and he told me that wasnt possible. I knew it was possible so, I told him I didnt want they wrap if they couldnt change or fix the ring, but since I signed the contract I had to just have the ring recast. Also they would have to start from stratch, I told them I to recast and but round the corners. He said they couldnt, which makes no sense. So they told me the new ring would be in in 2 weeks now its going on a month and I still dont have either ring. So for anyone wanting to go to Jareds DONT. And dont even get me started on the warranty issue or my husbands ring.

-by (Oct. 14, 2012)