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i bought a washer and dryer from aarons muskegon mi 49442 apple ave store i moved unexpectedly and they refused to pick up after 7pm when i got out of work for 3weeks then the owner or someone took it out i filed a police report and they still want me to pay not happening u cant refuse to pick up for 3 weeks and think i will still be in a rental house

-by (Sep. 7, 2014)

ripped off

I have bought several items from arrons Vienna,wv store.when I get down to 1 or 2 payments they try to rip me off somehow this time I had spots on my tv screen and the salesman(thinks he is the manager) name of jeff!! told me I had to deal with it and I said y its still under warranty.i turned them in to the bbb to get my problem solved. since they have that idiot jeff in there they have lost a lot of business from my town.so people beware!!

-by (Dec. 30, 2013)

sencond time trying to get a response

I have now contacted my lawyer I have late payments on all my bills because you guys have still not refunded me my 172.12$ its been 5 business days and no reply besides an emial saying you would go get back to me with an answer in one business day, I have been to your Ogden store serveral times now and they can't even give me the name of your bank so I can take care of this matter myself.  I had four bills that were due on 8/20/2013 and now i have a late fee for all of them of 25 $ each if I don't have a response from you by 8/22/2013 then me and my lawyer will be pursuing this matter

-by (Aug. 22, 2013)


At the beginning of this month I made a 2 week payment and made arrangement's for another payment to be taken out a week later. A week and a half go by and I start getting phone calls 2 to 3 times a day from my local aarons store. As I am single and now work 4 hours out of town and usually from 6 am to 8pm I rarely can take these calls. After finally getting in touch with my local store they took out a full months payment even after I explained it was the second payment for this month. I keep getting the run around from the store. I want my half month worth of money back and a good explanation why I should continue to use aarons. I haven't seen my house in two weeks and probably won't for 2 more. I am only paying right now to keep up my part of the contract, but regular harassment and being overcharged was not part of the deal! I have a security camera on my house and even though I am getting charged $10 per item for Aarons to show up at my house they never have. Nice to know that scamming your customers is part of this store business moto! Rapid City, SD Store

-by (May. 21, 2013)

Update your System...Please!!!

I occasionally need to rent furniture due to working out of town for long periods of time....in order to do my business I rely (as most of the free world does now) heavily on the capability to email and receive info and receipts etc.. as needed! You guys are pitiful on your ability to send info....I can't get a receipt if I pay over the phone, seriously....you don't have a computer? email service? scanner? your system is not set up to do a heck of a lot....it's kind of useless and not very user friendly for the customer, and it's so ancient, even your service reps have a hard time....or I'm assuming that it the problem, since it takes FOREVER to even pay a bill.... when I get my rentals from there, WHY is everything on a different contract??? This should be YOUR problem....not mine...I'm just sending you this info so that maybe you can do some updates....and get on the same page with the rest of us!! It would be greatly appreciated! I don't have to use you....and, if these things aren't fixed....I will solve it by going elsewhere!

-by (Apr. 17, 2013)

refirgerator idiots

I am renting a stove, preowned fridge, washer and tablet. The fridge started leaking water into the bottom under the crisper drawer and in the drawer. I got the run around and was told by the manager at the store that the associate said i must of put water in the drawer myself!! Boy did i tell him off when he arrived today!! This store is full of IDIOTS!! Will never recommend Aaron's to my friends.

-by (Apr. 4, 2013)

rip off

I went to Aaron's in New bern nc and they sold me a used TV and told me it was new I've called them almost everyday to come get the TV and I get the same comment I'll be there tomorrow. I went to the store and one of there workers said there probably not going to get the TV till it's time for me to make a payment I refuse to let it go down like that.

-by (Apr. 4, 2013)

the worst

the worst tretment from their mangers in indianpolis,ind on pendtlon pike ,they claim they are under paid to give the customer service we deserve.

-by (Apr. 3, 2013)

Terrible Service

Aaron's has the worst customer service. The employees that work for them are rude to there customers and the experience my family has had with them are horrible. They hung the phone up in my face and before that they called my house like four times when they knew my husband was not at home but at work. There is something that needs to be done or we will take our business elsewhere.

-by (Mar. 1, 2013)

pissed off consumer

i am purchasing a playstation 3 through Aarons something went wrong with it they came and picked it up for servicing brought me a replacement one something went wrong with that one they came and got that one and now here it is a week later and i still dont have another replacement system. they keep telling me there trying to locate one for me but like i said here it is a week later and nothing! i honestly dont know how hard it is to make phone calls to these other stores to find me one like they keep telling me there doing (i honestly think there full of shit) it does not take a week to call 3 different local stores to find a replacement system! every time i call the store they keep telling me the same bullshit were trying to find you one and we will call u back later today or tomorrow and they don't call to at least let me know whats going on. the original one they came and got has been sent out for servicing for 2 weeks now. my payments are up to date,never late and still the same bullshit comes out of the managers mouth (seriously how long can it possibly take to get the system fixed)! a store full of monkeys could do better job than these people that work at the hudson falls store in new york. ONE PISSED OFF CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-by (Feb. 6, 2013)

debit card charge

I went to pay in cash on 01/12/2013 before 1:00 as I had discussed with the agent.. My debit card was still charged and now I show a big negative on my bank account. My bank will charge me 35.00 for overdraft, I wonder if they will pay me that fee. this is in Laredo, TX. The agent told me that the debit process would not occur because the agent would be able to see that I had already paid. I am hoping this will be taken care of or they can come and pick up the things I am renting.

-by (Jan. 12, 2013)


Total incompetence and they really think they can bully you around I'm not a broke person I have a paper trail and a Lawyer bring it

-by (Jan. 8, 2013)

Not doing what they tell you they will do

I have been a loyal customer from Aaron's since 2005. They change managers so fast you cant depend on anyone. If I was due on a Tues. I would call and say I would pay on Friday. They told me no problem that would be great. They never once told me that they were adding late charges to my account. No there is over 100.00 in late fees. I will be so glad when this last order will be paid for. Never again will Aarons get any of my money. They are not trust worthy at all.

-by (Jan. 5, 2013)


My debt card was charged by employees of Aaron's without my permission. On New Year's Eve I went to purchase a few items and my debt card was declined. The day before before I checked the account and knew there money there. I called my bank and was told that Aaron's had a hold on two hundred dollars. I was also told the card was used two other times for larger amounts before the transaction went through. I called Aaron's and the manager informed me that the account is now paid a month in advance. I informed the manager that wasn't my account and I never authorized that transaction. I was a reference on the account for a friends and made the first payment six months prior. I also informed him that was completely illegal! He apologized and stated that it was a mistake. He stated the transaction would be cancelled and the money would be returned in four days. It has been over four days and the money still hasn't been returned. The bank believes there are more fraudulent charges by employees at Aaron's. Never do business with this compnay!

-by (Jan. 5, 2013)


i was told yesterday that i would recieve a stove and it would be at my hosue this past tuesday well yesterday they couldnt deleiver it becuase the crew went on break then they said it would come to my hosue today i called and they sad it wouldnt be till tommorrow im ticked dont ever order anything from these people or get rid of the managers that dont know wgat they doing . its the sore in leeds alabama

-by (Dec. 5, 2012)


I had furniture with the Jackson Ga. store for a year and the experience that i have had since Nov, 17th was awful!!!! Tried to get the furniture that i had picked up and some other furniture delivered i just got a run around. They kept telling me they would be there or they had no one to drive the truck. This was very poor customer service!!! I spent alot of money with them just to lose everything and I will not deal with these rude people ever again. They have lost my business!! If i ever need anything again i will use another rental company!! My suggestion is do not use these people for anything!!!!

-by (Dec. 3, 2012)

Time sensitive/Terrible customer serv.

This is the 3rd and FINAL time Aarons has messed my family around. This last episode is we prepay ed for a laptop for my son to start cybershool on Monday. I went and picked up the laptop om Saturday, giving us time to get all he needed for school on the laptop. THEY DID NOT GIVE US A POWER CORD!!!! It's Sunday,Aarons is closed.NOW WHAT DO WE DO? I have been on hold for OVER 45 minutes to no resolve.

-by (Oct. 28, 2012)