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Phone Number:(952) 474-5422

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poor ownership/management

I am sorry to complain but my snap fitness center on w. iles in springfield il is not keeping up the equipment when it is not in working condition. I have had 2 issues now with the stair master. The 1st time it was not working properly it was unattended for over 6 months. Finally after serveral complaints from me they finally had someone come in and service it. It worked fine for a couple of months but is now doing the same "slipping" malfunction. I have left notes and messages to please fix and was hoping they would at least put a sign on it so we all would know they have at least acknowledged it needs attention and that they are attending to it but so far i have seen no action take place. I have also asked for a call to let me know the status of the situation and am getting no reply. Very disappointed. This is so convenient to where i live but i may cancel and go elsewhere where they do keep up on their machines.

-by (Jan. 20, 2013)