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Phone Number:(786) 866-9001

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Yogen Fruz Dorado

Last night after dinner, we decided to go out and enjoy a healthy and delicious dessert, as in the past, we had done. You always have to wait, for having multiple partners, there are always many doing other work, but the line grow and grow. That would not matter if in the end you occassionally with product knowledge and good attention. Last night we went to Golden, if, in the branch of Yogen Fruz Dorado. That descepcion! We attended a lady who called said Yalimar, did not even know that place was. No information provided, some of the products to choose from. My blueberry yogurt was soft, easily melted and a portion was not used in my noggin. Or left over glass or missing product. It was business as usual. Moreover, my husband asked coffee ice cream, low fat, low sugar. I Miss My Question Yalimar, that when coffee, the same, if any, the possibility for him to be bitter. She shrugged, saying you asked for coffee, I was sure of what we both ask the seller. As you clarify that what I needed was his expert opinion. Because of very bad way, he insisted that he was ordained you, well if we ordered but before I prepare, needed to know if it prepared with or without sugar, insisting that the ice cream itself was bitter, very bitter. Served them without napkins and the product full glass out. Melted once again. By asking the napkin, said when you can, in a tone and attitude intolerable. I can not

Joanna Piedra

-by (Feb. 6, 2013)

Yogen Fruz Yuck

First the employee was rude, then when he weighed my purchase he tried to charge me $7+ for a partially filled small cup. I said I've never been here before but that seems like a bit much. He was rude/mean to me. I just stood there not paying it and then he weighed it again. Turns out he was charging me the weight 7+ oz. instead of the $3+ it should have cost. No apology or nothing but he did rudely say well you could have told me. I said sorry I've never been here before just thought price was a bit high. Then the yogurt was grainy and didn't have any flavor. What a bust! Will never go back there, bad product and worse employees.

-by (Oct. 1, 2012)