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Phone Number:1 (800) 654-3131

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Score 1.1
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Reviews For Hertz Customer Service (12)


I have just read about 50 reviews and Holy Smokes I am amazed that Hertz is still in business.

-by (Jun. 29, 2015)

Don't buy a car from them

Six weeks after I buy the car I am making payments but no title, no bill of sale, no registration. My address in their system is wrong and so is the phone number. Sales person is rude, finance mgr incompetent branch mgr is a liar and customer service supervisor is inept. Don't buy a car from these people.

-by (Mar. 20, 2015)

Pig pen

The Hertz Facility on a Harbor Blvd. is understaffed and filthy. No one has cleaned in months, apparently. Car was also filthy with bugs on front and windshield. Trash inside front seat and trunk. Gross. I am embarrassed for this company. Someone needs to wake up. Look at your rating -

-by (Sep. 17, 2014)

no ride/unable to find the date off rental

I rented for three days paid 456.65 and hertz does not give rides home. Enterprise has cheaper rates and gives courtesy rides home. I called two weeks later and hertz not able to find me in the computer. The office air conditioner not good a few chairs so you have stand.

-by (Jul. 15, 2014)


Bought a car from hertz with extended full warranty and found out hertz had plugged the tires twice in same location intead of replacing as indicated , oh yeah tires are good, and now only 4 mths later , I have to pay for tires. The others were bad a well. Does no good to have warranty on tires. And of course So true, Salesman are liars to no end.....

-by (Jun. 20, 2014)


My car was in an accident, I rented a car from th eAuto-body adjacent to the Hertz- they get paid!!! I had to give a $200.00 deposit and now fighting with the Corporate office to get my refund back which has been dam there over thre weeks!!! I am so pissed, never again!!

-by (Oct. 30, 2013)


Hertz charged my card 2,500.00 for having a car for 3 days. I can not get anywhere with them when trying to get my money back, Keep getting switched from one person to another. THIS IS ROBERY no matter how you look at it. PLEASE do not rent from them and give them your credit card info.

-by (Jul. 9, 2013)

Hertz Auto (WHAT)!!!!!!

Booked a vehicle from barstow, ca. Was told that vehicle would be there today 07/05/13 at 0900. As of now 4 hours later, still no vehicle, but i could take one that had, had a dead rat in it, What is wrong with this picture! 2 months ago i tried to get a vehicle, and use a montros travel coupon for a (Hertz) free 3 day weekend, nobody could figure how to put it in the system, stood around for 3 hours, still didn't get a vehicle, and here i am again. What? you don't like my comments, gonna send it to Forlocations, go ahead. My next place this goes in is (All) the other social media locations......each and everyone, one by one

-by (Jul. 5, 2013)


I made a reservation one week in advance and when I showed up for my compact car , I was offered a MINI VAN!! Please tell me what the point of reserving a car is??? I was giving Hertz another chance after being screwed previously! Not only do they not have your reservation they offer no apology or try to make it right other than they will call you when they have a car! Absolutely unbelievable! I will never go back and will tell whoever will listen what a horrible business they run!

-by (Jun. 27, 2013)

email solicitation

I like Hertz as a car rental company but NEVER give them your email address, you will be put into spam hell. To get out of it or take your name off they drown you in technical questions I am sure you won't want to take the time to answer which is the point. Hertz should be heavily disciplined by the spam cops who monitor spam abusers. I will never sign up for anything Hertz offers they are not consumer friendly. I have spent the last 6 months trying to opt out of their system and it does not work! Shame on you Hertz.... shame on you....all of you.

-by (May. 17, 2013)

never again!

I had to use hertz for my wife while her vehicle was getting repaired from a car wreck and the customer service was horrible! First the guy was 45 minutes late picking me up from the body shop and then almost rear ended a car not once but twice on the way to the office! He sped the whole way to a point i asked if I could drive. I am returning the car tomorrow and my wife called to make arrangements and when asked how I was going to make it back home the gentleman informed her that he guesses he will have to drive me back! Is this the service you give to your renters? I am appauled by the service I was given and after tomorrow I hope to never do business with the Enterprise Alabama store again! I will call and make a formal complaint also !

-by (Mar. 19, 2013)

Wrongly charged several hundred dollars and can't get a refund

Used Express return. Charged for several days extra that I did not have car. Called when sent inaccurate invoice, but rep did not do anything. They debited my bank account for approx $450 I do not owe. Told 9 gal of gas in car but was just over 1/4 full. Overcharged for gas. Have not refunded overcharge in almost 3 weeks. Have a different story every time I call. The have told me many things that have turned out not to be true. Mgr. said a refund had been made over 2 weeks ago. Spent 3+ hrs on phone. They still have my money and have not refunded it. One of worst customer experiences I have ever had.

-by (Oct. 2, 2012)