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Phone Number:1 (800) 937-8997

Shortcut: Speak "English", Speak "representative"

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nice article and servie ! T-Mobile Toll Free Numbers

-by (Feb. 26, 2015)

Excellent Service

I changed from Sprint to TMobile and very happy I did. My experience with Sprint was poor in the last couple years. The TMobile Rep in the store made a smooth transition. She really knew her business. Not only did I get a new phone but I got the IPad as well. I talked to customer service on phone just today for the first time and was relieved after talking to them. I think TMobile is a great company to deal with after such bad experiences with Sprint who really gave me the run around whentrying to change over. Thanks TM you've been Great!!!!

-by (Oct. 31, 2014)

good luck

Tried to find a t mobile store. All listed are radio hacks. I mean radio shack. And wal mart. Is there such a thing has a t-mobile store. Almost was going to switch then read all the reviews from multiple sites. ALL SAY DONT DO IT.

-by (Sep. 15, 2014)

Poor Service/No customer loyalty

I am currently on a fixed income. I have been a member with T-Mobile for over 12 years. I called to make a payment arrangement on a bill and was given four different excuses by four different representatives as to why they couldn't accommodate me. When asked for corporate, they all stated they didn't have a number or address for corporate. I found that strange since it is listed on the internet.

-by (Jul. 5, 2014)

Customer service

Possibly the worst customer service ever!! Unprofessional, clueless, bad attitudes!! There should be unannounced visits and audits made to all stores . The Nogales store is the only one available, so I am switching companies rather than dealing with the incompetent "representatives" at this store. Horrible experiences there.

-by (Apr. 28, 2014)

Customer service

Possibly the worse customer service ever!! Unprofessional, clueless, bad attitudes!! There should be unannounced visits and audits made to all stores . The Nogales store is the only one available, so I am switching companies rather than dealing with the incompetent "representatives" at this store. Horrible experiences there.

-by (Apr. 28, 2014)

t-mobile stinks

If I wasn't leaving for sea tomorrow i'd drop this piece of crap company like a bag of dirt

-by (Dec. 8, 2013)


T mobile sucks, i have contacted them several times do to my phone opening apps, freezing, battery and phone getting hot, no signal. I went to one of there stores to tell them about my problem and was called a liar by a manager then he told me to call loyalty department and telll them i was leaving and they could give me a new phone but dont say anything wink wink, not. I called corporate and all they wanted to do was reset my phone, give me another one just like it which i have replaced this one three times in a month or get a cheaper phone and pay them a hundred dollars more and pay off this one. WTF. I am gonna contact the BBB

-by (Aug. 26, 2013)

having trouble with insurence claim

your company has just told me on a web site that my cracked screen wasn't going to be able to be replaced. that my insurance doesn't cover cracked screens. well I wonder if when I split my hand open on the damn screen and sue your ass then maybe you think my insurance will cover it then. thanks for nothing.

-by (Aug. 19, 2013)

Simple Choice Plan

I just found out I could actually save some money by migrating to the Simple Choice Plan. However, there is the issue of fees to migrate to the plan in the tune of $250.00. I have been a long time customer of T Mobile and I know these fees could be wiaved being that I am both a long time customer and prompt paying customer. I also work in the wireless entry for several other carriers. It just sems to me that it would be good practice in order to keep a customer that T mobile would waive these fees. Wouldn't you think? That's not the case. It was simply, we can't help you out with your request.

-by (Jul. 31, 2013)


I currently have a different server and was considering changing to T Mobile. I looked up the number on the web and it had several locations listed for my area, not knowing these locations where in Wal-Mart I began calling for info. Wow, the employees I spoke with didn't know anything and really didn't care and referred me to the only T mobile store in town. They were not open, thanks for saving me from the headache of switching over. The "T" stands for terrible.

-by (Jul. 4, 2013)


Best thing about T-Mobile now is no more two year contracts.

-by (Jun. 4, 2013)


Oh gosh how do i start, im switching from sprint and let me just say these people dont know what they are talking about. I spoke to about 10 different people and its like they each make up their own rules and always blaming the next person and dont know why they did that but they shouldnt of. I am so sick of sprint and tmobile they both are the same. Dont switch to tmobile unless you like to spend hours on the phone with big headaches

-by (May. 31, 2013)

What doessn't smell right

Like dog "poop" on your shoes or stepping on a cow "pattie". How about the operator who says your talking over her at their office in Seattle at The T Mobile Offices... She hangs up. We have had our account for over two months. They won't consider to offer you their deal. There is no contract. Started March 23, 2013. Less costly to end contract, how do you do that.

-by (May. 13, 2013)


T-Mobile is T-TERRIBLE!!!! How can they still be in business!!!????

-by (May. 4, 2013)

Mislead by a customer servive rep.

On April 16, 2013, my husband decided to switch over our phone services to Tmobile to save money. He called to the number that was given on line to make the change. He told the rep, that we already had Iphones, so she said okay, all we would have to do is order sim cards from her for 10 dollars a piece, take them in to one of the stores and let them install them.While processing the order for the sim cards and the new lines,she mentioned to my husband that they had a special for the new Iphone 5 for 99.00 dollars, my husband was like okay what would he have to do to get them, she preceeded to say that a credit check was needed and we will see from there, so the credit check went through, she quotes us 99.00 for each phone and 20 a month for 24 months for the phones, so he was like okay. so he started to set everything up and then she tells my husband that instead of sending us the sim cards for the iphone 4,she would just send them for the 5 instead and that we can take them in to the store and just pick up the Iphone 5's in the store.So my husband specificaly asked her can it be done like that.She said yes and that she would call the store nearest to us and set it all up. While he was checking out she said that the sim cards would be shipped out the next day which was april 17,2013 and be delivered on the 18th of April.Two days pass no sim cards. So my husband became a little worried and decided to just go to the store she set us up with and check on our phones. when arrived to the store, they had not a clue what we were talking about, she never called and we never received the sim cards, so we called back to cuztomer service on the 20th, 21st, 22nd and no one resolved our problem, no one offered to even help. All we got was excuses and one rep blaming the other reps for not knowing what they were doing.So the ignornce of your customer service rep, cause a huge inconvience for me and my family. Not only we dont have Phones, we gave up our unlimited servive with our previous provider and had our service discontinued because we were under the impression that we would have new phones on the 18th.So after 6 days of phones calls to the unprofessional staff at Tmobile, we decided to cancel the contract since no one wanted to help.So, i was told I cant a refund until the bill goes out and it reads 0 usage and then it will be credited. so i have phones service with with Tmobile with no phones and 3 Iphones with a company that i gave up with no service.

-by (Apr. 24, 2013)

Telephone Assistance

Two months worth of trying to get my account [auto pay] fixed, they still haven't got it right. Every month I get a notice of NO SERVICE, PAST DUE. They blame it on the bank, I checked in person, and T-Mobile hasn't even tried to access my account for payment.

-by (Mar. 16, 2013)