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I was a shell credit card holder since 1974, paid on time and never had any problems having the card. In less than a year ago, Shell cancelled my credit because they say my credit was not good. Forty years using my card paying on time and they cancel. I would never again use shell gas and I tell everyone I know not to use Shell. I drive a city bus and believe me I tell a lot of people. I would not recommend shell gas to anyone.

-by (Jan. 9, 2015)


Number 22 won the race on 10/5/14. Customers should get a.22 discount on Wednesday. I live in Forks, WA. Every gas station in town lowered their prices .19 or .20 on Monday 10/6/14 except the Shell station. Then on "THURSDAY" they lowered their prices by 19 cents. Coincidence it came a day after the .22 gallon discount? I think not.

-by (Oct. 11, 2014)

Horrible Service

Horrible Service. Aug 10, 2014 860 Farmington Ave, Farmington CT 06032 The pump reset requiring me to go in and the attendant said I did not know how to use it. Asked me how much I was going to pay and I told him I did not know, I needed to fill it up. I told him he did not need to be so sarcastic. He started to reset and then refused and said he would not until I told exactly how much I would fill and asked me to leave. Too many other options to be bothered with this gas station

-by (Aug. 11, 2014)


Hi, I am inquiring about a possible franchise. I have a friend who owns 31 acres at the corner of US 224 and St. Rt. 13 in Huron County, Ohio. He is asking if Shell would consider this site as a Gas service station or possible truck-stop. This individual would be interested in investing is this project.

-by (May. 21, 2014)

no gas at pump after im charged

Poor service Poor equipment Aurora IL 2948 E New York street. I was charged for gas when pumps were empty. After paying for the gas I went out to the pump and there was a message -get refund in side -the clerk gives me a receipt for zero cent i call back and a manager says i will not be charged because the pumps where empty that's why i was charged for zero cents? But there's a hold on my credit card now i have to wait a few days in order to use that money. too bad to sad on my part.

-by (Jan. 27, 2014)

Never drink fountain soda again

On 8/1713 at about 12:30 pm, a man who appeared to be the manager of the Shell/Pizza Hut in Zebulon, GA poured the ice from a cup back into the ice dispenser and put the cup back in the holder for the next unsuspecting customer. Disturbing!

-by (Aug. 17, 2013)

no service

I just stop at the Shell gas station at the corner of Telephone rd and 610 South Loop E. Location 01.26.13 3:30pm and was not disappointed the attendant was as usual on his cell phone on a personal call usually he just makes you wait till he finishes his call today was special not only that he ignore me but saw me standing there with money in my hand and walk away from me so he could have privacy in his call I usually stop there because it is my corner store but I would rather drive a little longer and go where my money is welcome I guess these guy are too rich and don't need the business

-by (Jan. 26, 2013)

POOR service and equipment!

We stopped at the Shell @ 398 New Byhalia Road Collierville TN October 29,Collierville TN at 0515. After filling up our Ford Pickup, the pump would not shut off! At least a gallon of gas flowed down the side of the truck and onto the ground @ pump #3. After much manipulation of the handle my husband was able to get it to shut off. My husband went inside to tell the clerk of the incident and was told, "ya, we know, but they don't want to fix it". What a LACK of customer service! How lucky you are that we used our credit card and you were already going to be paid, no matter what kind of equipment and service you "don't" provide! Lucky Collierville residents! They get contaminated ground! Win win.

-by (Nov. 1, 2012)