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Phone Number:1 (800) 737-2697

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Score 3.8
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Must be owned by a crime family...

Pep boys must be operated by some crime family. First, the mechanics are B rated. They have no sense of the big picture as far as what’s wrong with your car. I was waiting to get my car off the lift for hours. It was cold. Shifts changed and it seemed like they forgot to tell the next shift that I’m waiting. My children were threatened. The mechanic admitted that pep boys is a stolen company. Maybe it’s enough that someone from the neighborhood grocery said, “if you don’t get your car down from the lift, you will never see it again.” Unfortunately, my credit card information was stolen too. In order to get my car back, I had to call the credit card company and explain that I’m trying to pay for car repair and didn’t place an order for cosmetics.

-by (Nov. 8, 2013)

customer service

Great customer service today. I was very pleased with the service Mike gave me. Great personality. Cordial and so helpful. Thanks. This was in Hanford, California.

-by (Sep. 4, 2013)

customer service

I went to pepboys today for a battery. I was very pleased with the service I received. He was very efficient and had a great personality. The store number is 859 in Hanford California. His first name was Mike. I believe he is the assistant manager. Great guy. Thanks. I will return.

-by (Sep. 4, 2013)

Where's my Greenworks 25222 mower???

For almost 2 months I have been trying to buy a Greenworks 25222 mower from Pep Boys in Boardman, OH. So far I have yet to even see one. I have been calling and/or stopping by at least once a week and have been told every excuse they can think of. I have to wonder if Pep Boys anywhere is honoring the $150 discount agreed upon per the lawsuit they lost. I was also told that this "offer" is good through out the summer. Well, considering they convienantly don't have any of these mowers either in store or in warehouse (even in other cities, I'm told) I'd like to know how they are honoring this environmental deal?! Ugh! I'm getting fed up with the run around. I have been a loyal Pep Boys customer for over 8 years. Perhaps it's time to look else-ware for my auto and outdoor needs.

-by (May. 7, 2013)


I am greatly disappointed in my service from a professional auto repair company. I spent $2100 hundred dollars for a misdiagnosis and what I determine to be an injustice, very very unsatisfied!

-by (Apr. 15, 2013)

Unusually Pleasant Experience

From start to finish,very professional. The estimate for four tires for our 2010 VW Passat started in Maine, via the telephone.Suggestions where made on which tire would be good for the amount of driving we do in a year(20,000), and what discounts and promotions were available. When I got back from Maine, I called and made an appointment to visit with the person who had handled my estimate. To my surprise,the information was stored under my name in their computer. we compared notes and we actually found $10.00 less hiding in the price. I spent 33 years in the fixed operations of automotive dealerships, and needless to say, I was very impressed with their professionalism. Very uncommon,unfortunately in this business.

-by (Sep. 30, 2012)