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Racism in McD

I have tried to resolve this matter directly with McD ... I contacted customer service got an email with the wrong contact info, sent several follow up emails no reply.

I am tired of going into McDonalds in China and be referred to by a racist remark. When I try to order the staff frequently ignore me perferring to serve Chinese customers or say to me “TING BU DONG.”

-by (Oct. 13, 2014)

nevervgoing back

I will never go back to the McDonalds on canton road in akron

-by (Sep. 29, 2014)

Overall outstinding and enjoyable whether im going through drive through or eating in

I've been going to McD's for better than 20 years on Lake Blvd. in Redding Ca. and on Cascade Blvd. in Shasta Lake Ca. I have never had a bad experience at either one of them. Service is orders are always right and the inside is always clean...restrooms are pretty much kept up ...from the few times I've been in them. The friendly happy employees and my overall experience just keeps drawing me back.

-by (Aug. 18, 2014)

Wiggins, MS McDonalds

Horrible past couple times i could not get any service at the drive thru???

-by (May. 16, 2014)

It not terrible

Only notice issues real bad when they are backed up just like any normal when your in a hurry you get flustered and forget stuff. There for if I am asked to PULL-UP I always check the bag

-by (Apr. 20, 2014)

Bad manors

Lady was very rude at the counter

-by (Feb. 27, 2014)

Greedy for more money!! Store #1466 in VA

After I purchased my food in drive thru I decided I wanted a re-fill. So I went inside they told me I had to purchase another whole drink really!!! After spending all that money in drive-thru I Can't get at least one re-fill inside

-by (Feb. 5, 2014)

service awful

The mcdonalds near our college in waycross ga is the worst. Seems to get more worse everytime I go. Lucky if u get your food you ordered..not somebody else's. Never get your completed order. They dont ask if u want it upsized they automatically do usually cold if not frozen..the sweet tea tadte like its been there for over a yesr.

-by (Jan. 27, 2014)

Store # 21298

This is the first McDonald's I've ben to that was promt, friendly and filled my order correctly. Resheshing!

-by (Jan. 16, 2014)

Customer Service

I had great customer service and my brother works at McDonald's.

-by (Dec. 21, 2013)

11201 SW 72nd Avenue Tigard OR 97223

I've ordered food through the drive-thru several times in the past year. Every time the have gotten my order incorrect-you think I'd learn by now...tonight I ordered two ranch cheddar hamburgers but received two nasty hamburgers with some kind of chipotle sauce and corn chips. By the way, this particular McDonald's onlt accepts cash after 11:00 pm.

-by (Dec. 18, 2013)

bad service

I will no longer shop here because i had a awful experince the food i ordered was wrong so i called when i noticed they said i could come get a replacement when i returned i was treated awful and no replacement was givin to me

-by (Dec. 15, 2013)

policestate fast food

the other night was in mc's getting my oatmeal and coffee and goin wifi on laptop when there was a commotion, the young manager,david, at rhinelander mc's was harrassing an elderly gentleman who was washing up in the bathroom, the police were called and further harassed the gentlemen according to the dictates of a rather authoritian manager, this has happened before where david seems to want to exercise power over the peeps who frequent mcs and need to take care of personal hygiene, totally uncalled for and made my stay there rather unpleasant. corporate needs to reign in the abuse and focus of peoples nutritional needs instead and generate less garbage

-by (Oct. 16, 2013)

Irritated customer - burnet TX

I was in burnet TX, store #18472, telephone #512-715-0066.

This was the slowest visit to a 'fast food' restraint I've ever had. With a simple order of a small fries, drink, and a daily double the time of preparation of my meal took longer then sit down restaurants teach their wait staff and cooks to take. After already frustrated with the very poor service I unknowingly sat under a dripping A/C vent at one of the stationary tables. I would of been fine with the cent had the service not been so terrible before hand. Simply not acceptable and I will never be back to this location.

Date of visit was 9/19/2013. Time: 20:11.

-by (Sep. 20, 2013)

crappy customer service

The store manager, possibly named LJ was very impolite to us and even when I said thank you to her, note: more than once, she just ignored me. I know she heard me because the customer behind me said thank you to her and she was all polite to him and said "you're welcome!" When the person I was with went to the counter, to ask for a packet of mayonnaise, she rolled her eyes because apparently we were an annoyance to her. The southside mcdonalds in Bloomington, Indiana.

-by (Sep. 14, 2013)

Smelly place

I have been going to the McDonalds at 3299 N 18 ST, Waco, TX while the remodeling of the one at 1225 N Valley DR, Waco, TX. Although the staff are friendly there is a real bad smell at the coke machine and gnats. I have talked to the on duty managers two or three times. I arrive early in the morning just after opening, and have had to wipe old french fries out of the seat before setting down. These are problems that could easily be taking care of by cleaning the heads of the coke machine and making sure that the night crew does a thorough cleaning before they leave.

-by (Sep. 8, 2013)

NO Customer Service

Long Lake MN, Orono MN I went through the drive trough and orderd 2 mc-chickens, plain, ketsep only, and a large doctor pepper, and a #1 (big mac meal) with a doctor pepper. After paying and driving to the next window to pick up my order, they handed me the large doctor pepper and the bag of food. I told them I still needed the other doctor pepper, and they told me I had to pay for it. I told them I did with the big mac meal, they told me that I didn't....what, wait a minute all macdonald meals come with a drink and fries...the large doctor pepper I ordered with the mac-chickens, then I ordered the meal, he then went around the corner, I thought he was getting me my drink, but he was getting the order ready for the car.behind me and ran it out to them. once he got back inside, I asked again for my drink and he said he was going to serve the other customers first. What! I said, really I think I was here first and you guys screwed up my order, now your gonna make me wait....NOT....never will I go back to that macdonalds, with that kind of customer service! Oh, I never did get my drink with my meal....pssst....what a joke, and he told me that he was the store manager...bahahaha....good luck... NO CUSTOMER SERVICE or RESPECT FOR CUSTOMERS!

-by (Aug. 28, 2013)


Went to McDonalds yesterday and ordered the same order we order nearly every single and large unsweet to work had a coke...told them this am and all they said nothing else....i am there every morning....this was poor.....very poor.....i don't go there now and then i go there nearly every morning....very poor

-by (Aug. 21, 2013)

ice cream machines

Very disappointed, I went to the McDonald's on Yale in Tulsa Ok. once and the ice cream machine was broken. I returned a month later and the machine was still broken. I notified them that this was my second visit with the same problem and they informed me that the machine was being worked on. I returned 3 weeks later and found out the machine was once again broken. I dont understand how they have posters hanging in their store advertising ice cream specials and yet they have no machine available on three different occassions.

-by (Jul. 14, 2013)


e have the best McDonalds I have ever been in-and I have been in MANY in 60 years! Pulaski, Wisconsin!

-by (Jul. 7, 2013)