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The Embassy Suites in San Marcos. Texas is the most filthy place I have ever stayed in The room looked like it had not been cleaned in a week as far as the carpet is concerned. The bathroom smelled so bad I had to go and get room spray. The door to the bathroom stuck and was hard to open and shut. My husband and I are retired and are doing a lot of traveling. We will never return to the Embassy Suites in San Marcos, Texas.

-by (Oct. 3, 2013)


Hotel embassy suites

Police were called to remove me from room, I was notified less than one minute (1) before, the clerk (manager, since she was the only employee or so she stated, present) later learned they employed security.... must have been the 6 ft + man with dread locks in old dirty torn blue jeans and t shirt who entered behind the police to search my room...... She stated she was someone other than the clerk who checked me in (learned this was untrue, she was the clerk), and that she had received two(2) phone calls from Priceline requesting the room be provided as requested, she said she wasn't having it and I was to leave the hotel, she then quickly HUNG UP on me. Before I could walk back into the sitting area I heard this incredibly loud beating on my door maybe six or seven punches against the door.....I am dumbfounded trying to think is this someone breaking in? Or is this her?before I could walk to the door....additional beating and the door is no longer closed the police r there with this huge man with dread locks and scruffy clothes resembling homeless people breaking down my door, which did not lock nor have a handle that was not hanging limply from the door....& since the safety metal latch at the top had been pried open already, and it did not work. The door was not closed nor locked when I entered.....it was not possible.....I had closed and locked the door. Using only the second part of the dead bolt action of the doorknob, before I called and requested another room.... She told me that as a Priceline user I was not entitled to anything and I had to call priceline, I did. ..,, and less than 45 minutes from check in to the police breaking down the door, and escorting me from the premises, due to the three requests for assistance with the room. One by phone from me.... Two from Priceline, which so gravelly offended the clerk, that her judgement to change my room and then to put me in a damage room so that the scenario could b played out... Corporate u guys ever heard of psych tests ? They r simple short and effective in eliminating those individuals who have a need for 1 drama, but more importantly, those than have the need to, and see themselves as hero's. because with power, and unchecked at night with absolute power to NOT use the resources, to solve issues, but to construct a vehicle in which they will emerge a hero......all they need is a victim and a bad guy, or a combination there of.... Results....... They wanted me back, to show me what kind of hotel they were...... But they wanted me to pay for it, and were not interested in money back to me...... I had a week prepaid stay that did not transpire.

-by (Mar. 21, 2013)

maid service

I agree... Maid service does not announce themselves nor do they give you anytime to respond to there light 1 time tap on door before they are standing in your room. i went to front desk to tell them about this and was assured it wouldnt happen again only for it to happen the next day. So I asked to spoke with the manager who then asked me if i could put the do not disturb sign out.. Oh we were here for a month.... anyway I said then the room would not get cleaned. he then said can you put the lock on the door so they can not enter until you open it... I said why should I have to do that? He then said well I am confused on what you want me to do.. REALLY?? I said how about telling them to wait a second before they enter the room??? Give someone a chance to respond? Hello? His response was I will have the housekeeping supervisor knock on your door ech day..WOW is all I can say..

-by (Dec. 3, 2012)

Fire Safety for handicapped

Re: Embassy SuitesHotel, Cleveland-Rockside, Independence, Oh. Our reservations were made on June 28, 2012 for a stay from Oct. 4th thru Oct. 8th, 2012. We also had family members (Zingaretti) staying in another room also. We had asked for rooms close together and were assured they would be. We asked for a lower floor as my wife is handicapped to walk with a cane/walker. We called several times to remind them of our request. We arrived on the 4th of Oct. They put my family on the 7th floor, Rm. 720 and myself and wife on the 8th floor, Rm. 804!!! Couldn't change it as they were book up. Then we find out that there are at least 25-30 young age Hockey teams there. My wife was in bed when the fire alarms all went off around 9:40 p.m. My son made it to our room to help us evacuate somehow, as we are elderly.. Now needless to say, my wife couldn't go down 8 flights of stairs and of course the elevators were off. We stood outside our door and waited. Luckily, after 20-30 minutes they gave the all clear. Some one had damaged a smoke detector on the 6th floor..They had to replace it. Of course an apology letter was under the door in the morning. Had there been a real fire my wife couldn't have gotten out because they put us in a room on the highest floor. It's flabergasting and food for thought. It also says in their little paper at the front desk that children 15 and under need to be with a parent at all times. That is a joke. The kids ran the halls and played elevator tag for three days while the parents socialized. I have been with travel teams in the past but we kept control of our children. I had liked Embassy Suites in the past but did not have a good experience this time and the front desk people really weren't very apologetic or didn't care about the other guests that weren't with the teams. The teams were bad enough but to have the alarms go off and my wife not able to get out is the upmost upsetting. I hope some one takes note of this and changes things to make it easier on the elderly that make reservations months a head only to have our requests not met.

-by (Oct. 14, 2012)


I stayed in Embassy Nashville Tennessee airport. First the cleanliness was poor the the maid never knocked or announced herself at 8:20 in the morning scared us. We asked for some towels the towels had stains of rust or blood on them. The pool water was cloudy and the sauna on line was not even there was charged for four days instead of two days that I stayed wifi. I called the front desk and told them my room number and name and asked with whom I was speaking with and she would not give me her name very unprofessional told her about the over bill and I needed a new bill with the correct amount. I'm the one who planned the trip with some friends and the Embassy was a big disappointment.

-by (Oct. 2, 2012)